READERS SUMMARY 1.  HOW DO OSCILLATIONS AND VIBRATIONS GET TURNED ON AND OFF BY LIGHT? 2. DO WE NEED NUCLEIC ACIDS TO MAKE PROTEIN CHANGES? 3.  HOW DO WE MAINTAIN CELLULAR SILENCE WHEN WE SLEEP? 4. HOW DO WE ENTANGLE AND TUNNEL IN CELLS? 5.  HOW DOES THE SCHUMANN WAVE COUPLE TO ALPHA WAVES IN THE HUMAN BRAIN DURING NON REM SLEEP?   The implications of Tensegrity 12 is that oscillations and vibrations in cell membranes have radically different functions based upon the proteins and lipids in the cell membrane. So you might be wondering,  how does the modern world turn down or turn off quantum mechanics in cells naturally when we awaken? It does it by interfering with the vibrations and oscillations on cell membranes during sleep that act to re-tune the cell for proper signaling. Wakefulness creates the separation from the quantum realm. We need sleep to go back and refuel on these quantum mechanisms. Life uses resonant frequencies of both magnetic and electric fields to control the size and and shape of things a cell is made of to make sure it signals properly during daylight, but that ability is created in REM sleep where special clock […]

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Your 2014 Christmas Gift From us to you………….

READERS SUMMARY   Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from my family to yours.  I want to start with a video and then give you something to think about until 2015.   VIDEO   By the time I went to college at 16, I had tunnel vision and laser like precision to change my trajectory in life.   I knew the manner in which I grew up was not a long term growth option so I decided as a freshman I was going to change my world by transforming myself first. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30’s with a big lake house, a RV, an Escalade,  a Corvette convertible, with a new baby on the way that I began to become morbidly obese.  This was my first clue that modern day success was not going to be all it was cracked up to be.  Concurrently I had spent 25  years in training to become a neurosurgeon.  This super-stressful job AND the task of keeping up with Jones’s guaranteed that I would not remain well.  In all my training, not once, did I learn how all these choices where working below my perception to slowly decay my life.  As […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1.  WHAT IS LIFE? 2. HOW DOES THE SPARK OF LIFE BEGIN? 3. HOW DO WAVES BECOME OSCILLATIONS AND VIBRATIONS? 4.  IS A CELL A SPECIAL SOLID STATE TRANSISTOR  THAT USES ELECTROMECHANICAL AND VISCOELASTIC FORCES? 5.  HOW DID THIS SYSTEM BUILD THE CIRCADIAN BACKBONE OF LIFE?   What is life? Life begins where the environment first meets you.  This happens on the surface of a cell’s membrane. Life begins by creating wireless power transmitters in our surface membranes that work by collecting magnetic resonance and induction from our environment. This is how life becomes super charged.  The technologic problem using this method for evolution is that these transmitters have poor range to share their information. The reason is because of the inverse square law says that the intensity of electromagnetic oscillations varies inversely to the distance of the emitting source. The further away our skin is worse we can transmit this energy. So how did evolution fix this? She built cell membranes that could absorb mechanical vibrations. They don’t suffer from this limitation. In fact, when you harness vibrations and couple it to a piezoelectric transducers you can amplify weak signals. Piezoelectric and flexoelectric transducers convert mechanical energy […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1. WHAT IS A MAGNETIC MONOPOLE? 2. WHAT IS AN EXOTIC ATOM? 3. WHAT IS A “PROTON DISORDER”? 4. HOW DOES ELECTRIC CHARGE LINK TO MASS AND SLEEP QUALITY? 5. HOW DO YOU DEFINE  SCIENTIFIC TRUTH?   I mentioned in Tensegrity 10 the term “magnetic monopoles” brought forth by Paul Dirac.  A magnetic monopole could change its magnetic field and create electricity basically for free at very low thermodynamic cost.  Why?  Changing magnetic field has the potential of creating huge amounts of electricity. A moving magnetic charge or magnetic monopole, will have the ability to create electricity in the medium in which it is moving.  If the magnetic charge is large enough from the monopole it will create electric arcs at various points in this field and a stream of plasma may become available for us to transform into other forms of energy to use. Now this might be dangerous if left up to human ingenuity to weaponize it.  However, if we are wise, and somehow are able to channel and control the flow of this plasma, we might wind up with a source of unlimited energy.  Paul Dirac was no ordinary genius. Aside from formulating relativistic electron […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1.  HOW IS THE SUN AND MITOCHONDRIA SIMILAR? 2. HOW DO THEY DIFFER? 3.  WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT PROTONS? 4.  HOW DOES ELECTRON CAPTURE PLAY A ROLE IN THE STORY? 5.  HOW DOES BETA DECAY CHANGE PROTONS TO NEUTRONS AND WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS?     I have been hinting to you for sometime now that a mitochondria and the sun have a lot in common. Mitochondria release IR light. The sun releases full spectrum visible light. So let us examine why they are related and what makes them different. So why does the sun shine? Most people today believe the sun is is a nuclear fusion reactor that burns hydrogen gas to release the heat and visible spectrum of sunlight that supports all forms of life on our pale blue dot. Most people are clueless about the quantum processes at work that allow this to happen. In the sun particles can walk through walls. In fact, in all stars in our universe, they all emit large amounts of energy because hydrogen is a rogue element composed of one proton with a positive charge because its electron got stripped from its proton. Today physicists believe protons become able […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. HOW DO MITOCHONDRIA USE ELECTRON SPIN TO SIGNAL? 2. IS SLEEP A PROCESS WHERE ELECTRONS AND PROTONS ARE MADE QUANTUM COHERENT? 3.  HOW DO IRON AND SULFUR ATOMS PLAY A KEY ROLE IN THIS DANCE? 4.  WHY IS INFRARED LIGHT ALONE, CRITICALLY IMPORTANT IN ENTANGLEMENT OF FREE RADICALS? 5.  WATER EXPANDS WHEN IT IS COOLED, FEWER PEOPLE KNOW WATER CONDENSES WHEN IR LIGHT HEATS IT. I said in Tensegrity 5 blog post that my ten years of biohack taught me I had a lot to learn about mitochondrial function. Today’s blog gets into some of those details I have not shared yet. The story begins with solid state electronics. It turns out that mitochondria have a lot in common with electronic devices that use electric and magnetic fields to generate energy. In essence, mitochondria are ‘quantized heat pumps’ that drive life’s energy needs. ATP is a bit player in this story.  It works to slightly uncondense protein polymers so water can bind around their molecular substructure to power it with quantum information and energy. Let us examine how this process occurs. All food is broken down into electrons that enter electron chain transport. At each cytochrome protons […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  WHERE DID DHA COME FROM ON EARTH? 2.  HOW DOES MOLYBDENUM TIE TO SULFUR, NITROGEN, OXYGEN AND GLUCOSE? 3.  SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO BIO-HACK THE PERIODIC TABLE? 4.  HOW DOES BECKER’S DC CURRENT LINK PLANTS AND ANIMALS? 5.  HOW DID CO2 and O2 FIRST COME TO LINK PLANTS TO ANIMALS?   So you might be wondering if DHA is so critical to humans how did it show up on Earth initially?   In this series we have been bio-hacking the periodic table of elements.  Today we will hit the atom that has the largest atomic mass of any metal life requires.  It has 4 specific uses but each one is tied to mitochondrial functioning at some deep level.   The crucial presence of  DHA in eukaryote cell membranes begs this next big question, does it not?  What was the precursor to DHA in the 2 prokaryotic kingdoms?  Is that remnant atom still in us?   Might it be in our mitochondria? The short answer is before DHA we had another “electron sink” because of a transition metal called molybdenum (Mo). Molybdenum is the 54th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and the 25th most abundant element […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. WHY ARE VITAMIN D LEVELS REALLY IN RETREAT IN OUR MODERN WORLD? 2. WHY SUPPLEMENTING WITH ORAL VITAMIN D BE PROBLEMATIC FOR SOME? 3. HOW IS NATURAL ACTINO-THERAPY SUPPOSED TO WORK USING NATURE? Most people know that Vitamin D is made from certain wavelengths of sunlight in the UVB range. I covered that in detail here. Low Vitamin D levels can be caused by three different clinical scenario’s. One is due to low endogenous Vitamin D levels due to a deficiency in sun or in foods with Vitamin D.  This is rare today.   These cases will have a low vitamin D level with a low to normal calcium level. The second will be a low vitamin D level with a high calcium levels. This is usually due to a parathyroid tumor. This is also rare.   Low Vitamin D levels lead many clinicians say: “your vitamin D is low, and your calcium is a little high, I think you may have secondary hyperparathyroidism due to the low vitamin D, so here is a prescription for 10,000 (or 50,000) units of vitamin D. Take this high dose of vitamin D and come back in 3 months and […]

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READERS SUMMARY:   1.  WHY IS WATER SPECIAL? 2. WHAT DOES HYDROGEN DO TO MAKE WATER SPECIAL? 3.  HOW DOES HYDROGEN AND IODINE PERFORM MAGIC IN US? 4.  HOW DOES ALTERATIONS IN EPIGENETICS HAPPEN IN GERM LINES? 5.  HOW DOES THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY AFFECT THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS?   HOW DO MITOCHONDRIA IN CELLS COMMUNICATE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT DIRECTLY? Simple, it is a function of how well we can build our hydrogen bonding network in our cells. Life is all about water having a memory and water memory is all tied to the flow of protons and electrons within us. All information is tied to the actions of light within water to pass information and energies in the environment to mitochondria. In my recent talk at the Bulletproof conference, I spoke in depth about the magnetic magic of diatomic oxygen. It is paramagnetic and naturally drawn to mitochondria because of the strong electric and magnetic fields that create nano magnets of mitochondria. You might recall that mitochondria are filled with H+ ions in its matrix…….for a deep reason. Hydrogen is the other side of the equation for water and for life . It too, is special in its […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1. WHAT WENT DOWN IN PASADENA WITH MY CURRENT BIO-HACK? 2.  WHY THE LEPTIN RX IS A PROXY FOR THE PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT AND COLD THERMOGENESIS A PROXY FOR MAGNETISM 3. ARE YOUR MITOCHONDRIA NANO-ELECTROMAGNETS THAT DRAW O2 AND DHA TO TISSUES WITH MITOCHONDRIA? 4. HOW DOES HYPOXIA SIMULATE CHRONIC EXCESSIVE UNCOUPLING TO MAKE FOOD INTAKE A USELESS METRIC? 5. HOW DO YOU CONTROL FLOW IN YOUR LIFE AND MITOCHONDRIA AT THE SMALLEST SCALE?   My name is Jack Kruse and my day job I am a neurosurgeon. My night-time job is bio-hacking my own N=1. I got into the biohacking business by accident ten years ago. I got ill for the first time in my life. After researching my specific issue I began to do serial life-hacking on myself. I came up with something called the Leptin Rx and Cold Thermogenesis.  The Leptin Rx concerns itself with the photoelectric effect and CT is a synonym for your magnetic sense contained in your mitochondria. From my decade of biohacks I learned three fundamental things. 1. My understanding of science was too narrow and superficial 2. The environment dictates how genes are expressed 3. No one really has a clue how […]

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