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Leverage Your Competitive Advantage in your own Health

Career health planning should leverage your current assets, set course for you and your family in direction of your aspirations, and account for the realities that modern life brings us. We can not control all the fake food created, artificial light, and genetic alterations of our naturally occurring foods. The problem is for us these three puzzle pieces are always changing, and are often their real biologic effects are not fully known today.

The best we can do to “protect our house” is articulate educated hypotheses about each subject using our best data. We need to craft a document for our health like we do in estate planning, to navigate these risks to our future. A personal “health trust” to keep us healthy, if you will. In asset protection, we seek to protect our gains using legal constructs to keep the state from taking our money so we can leave it to our family and friends of our choosing.

All of our “personal health estate plans” should contain and lay out behaviors to avoid the sorts of assumptions that may subjugate out health and our families health. Good “personal health estate planning” documents make them explicit so that you can track them over time and make adjustments based upon your outcomes and how the data may evolve our beliefs. Essentially, you want to make explicit the things that need to be true today, for your plan to work for your lifespan. These hypotheses should lead you to specific actions and behaviors to make this reality happen as you had planned.

Corporations often have broad missions like maximizing shareholder value, but many a CEO has also realized that, maximizing shareholder value “is not a strategy that tells you what to do when you come to work every day.”   Similarly, you may have broad aspirations for your health, like many others do in our country: for instance, we want to “help interesting people do interesting things” or “design human ecosystems to keep others healthy from themselves.” But real health planning means plotting the specific steps it will take to make those aspirations happen.

Make Learning a Priority in your Plan

Many people defer  the long term gratification of collecting a big salary by spending decades of time obtaining formal education in school. Many believe formal education is needed to get the highest paying jobs.  This is no longer true.  A high school dropout can make more money in the short run than the guy stuck studying geology. For example just look at Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as what is possible with outside the box ideas.  One thing is clear, in the long run, logic dictates, people with a foundation of health knowledge and skills will collect more health assets and most often live a more healthy life.

What is true in the world of computing is also true in health.  You do not have to go to school for 25 years like I did, to learn how to stay healthy and avoid disease today.  Today that information is awaiting those of you make learning about your health a priority today.  Most of what I learned in my training can be found on the web these days.  The hard part is collecting it all in one spot for people to learn from.

That is why I now blog.

I look at it as the first evolutionary medicine on-line living textbook for people to access for free.  It is not designed to be static, it is dynamic, because health learning always changes as science evolves.

Science never stands still, only our thinking about it does.  This concept is true in modern business today too.  We need to adapt it in our own healthcare estate plan. For example there’s a similar belief in IPO’s today.   Most modern technology companies focus on learning over profitability in their early years to maximize revenue in the later years.  Just look at the history of Microsoft, Intel, Apple, and most recently Google.  This is contrary to how modern healthcare works.  We spend more the last year of life than we do at any other point of our lifespan.  That is pure lunacy to me, but I will let you decide that for you.  Maybe, if we begin to “health plan” smarter when we are younger we can avoid that trap of thought?

Unfortunately, for far too many of us, focused on learning end points at our college or professional school graduations. We read about stocks and bonds or randomized controlled clinical trials in medicine instead of books that improve our health or our minds. We compare our health and our salary to those of our friends and family members, instead of comparing life lessons learned by all to remain well. We allowed bad thinking to infect our neural networks over the last hundred years.  It is as if we invested in the stock market first and totally neglected investing in ourselves. What good is becoming a billionaire in life and dying at 40?  We were taught to focus, in the short term, on hard assets instead of soft assets of life. This is a primordial mistake in modern humans.

I’m not suggesting you remain a starving, gruffy grad-student forever;  you do need to earn money and build economic and HEALTH assets. But what I am suggesting is begin to prioritize your health estate plan now that offer the best chance at learning about yourself, your species, and the world you have to exist in now. If you do this now, not only will you remain well, in the long run, but your life journey will be more fulfilling. Start, by beginning to ask yourself, “Which health estate plan will grow my soft assets the fastest?” Even simpler: “Which plan offers the most learning potential for wellness for me now?”  Once you make the choice follow  it with zeal.

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