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Most of you may know that the last two weeks has seen some major changes in our website.  Behind the scenes the changes have been greater.  I was not going to let the cat out of the bag for several months about the latest biohack but life has a way of changing our plans.

I have been struggling with some big changes that I have to make in my own life.  I decided that too prod me along to make a decision to get me to act I was going to do something to facilitate that process. Something happened that changed the complexity of the bio hack.  The day after Thanksgiving my father in law, had a stroke that involved 3 separate parts of his cerebral cortex.  The deficits he got shocked him and his doctors and he got no answers from his medical team.  I could not be with him during this time because I was away completing my own bio hack on change.  I just wrote the Change Rx.  Many of you might have thought it was “hookey” because the comments were sparse.  I think the comments were light because the transition of the website has been quite painful for us both.  That is a story for another day………

My father in law is in the hospital now after suffering a stroke the day after Thanksgiving when I left for my bio hack.  He is a former New Orleans chef who has lived a very long and full life.  I went to see him this afternoon after I came back and we had a long heart to heart.  My wife was concerned about what I was going to say because he is fragile now.  If you know me personally, I am pretty cutting to the point regardless of the situation.  This is her Dad and she is scared and she loves him. She knows the man she sleeps with too, however.  I am truthful to a fault no matter who you are, especially when it comes to your health choices.  Pic was in a bed with a deficit because he refused to listen to his son in law for a long time.  Did he have to admit it for me to know…….nope.  What we spoke about got straight to the point.  He and I spoke frankly.  He was lacking electrons from his brain.  This is why he had the stroke.  It also belies why bad choices were made.

I was and am detached from my own family.  Pic is now part of my family.  What happened to him pisses me off because it was preventable.  Pic had all the data from me. He could not listen.  He would not listen because of choices he made in his life that were taught to him.  The reasons why matter little now.  He and I both agree on this.  I told him I was going to write about him tonight and he asked me to include his story.  The Change Rx was a 30,000 ft view of how I view change. Tonight is his a 30 foot view of how change really happens in the human brain.

My father in law is a great man.  He has no idea I how I love him and respect him.  I never have told him this before I wrote this tonight.  What happened to him makes me angry.  I am angry because he would and could not listen to me.  I knew after seeing him in the hospital I had to write this for him, for his kids, my family and for you to understand how choices happen and why change only follows when you choose to change.

Pic said to me today if he had of known what life was like on the other side of a stroke he would have listened to me closer and taken my advice to heart.  He is now worried about his kids and his family, because he sees that are headed to his fate too.  What has happened to him has now radically altered his thinking.  He fears it is too late for him and his kids and their friends.  He now realizes he was socialized to be reactive and not proactive with regards to his health.  Looking at his numb arm and leg and listening to his slurred speech have brought him closer to an ultimate reality.  Do not feel bad for Pic. He is 85 years old and has lived a life more full than most ever will. He is a former chef from New Orleans who has been socialized by beliefs that food is about the experience and taste over the biologic concerns.  He comes from a family who routinely lives over 100 years old.

For the first time in his life he now realizes that his genetics is not something he can count on any longer.  His choices, and his epigenetics have cast his die.

This blog is about choices and how they are made.  They are born based upon our dopamine levels in our brain.

Pic is simple man with a simple education. He does not understand jack shit about biology or epigenetics, but this stroke has given him insight that his behaviors and choices over his life clearly have trumped his genetic lineage now.

I stood at the base of Pic’s bed with tears in my eyes and my voice crackling………..trying to comfort a man I cared a lot about when I was pissed off as one could be.  I realized it did not matter how much I knew about keeping him well until he knew how much I cared for him…..It was apparent he did not know this until today’s visit.

The core of Pic’s problem was life long choices and procrastination that subjugated his health.  He has kids and friends and family who have also fallen prey to this insidous brain disease.  Poor choices are all tied to a problem with dopamine signaling.  In fact most of us faced with change of any kind have to deal with these type of decisions.  Procrastination is a huge hurdle for any change we face in life.


Right now for me I am facing huge changes of my own choosing.  What have I done to face it……?  I forced change on myself.  How did facilitate hard change and decision making?  How did I grease the skids for a tough decision?  I decided to do a biohack to alter my own brain dopamine levels to increase my ability to adapt to tough change.  If you re-read the Cold Thermogenesis two blog, and see the video in the beginning of it it speaks of increasing productivity of thought.  I decided to put that to the test on me.  I went above the 63 degree latitude on our globe and entered a man-made hole in the ground that was 1 mile deep, pitch black, and freezing cold while I scantily clothed, to see if I could adapt to a change I did not want to accept quickly.  I have recently decided to make a radical change in my own life that most people would not be able to understand.  It was done in a calculated fashion, it was decisive and it was a good decision based upon the variables at hand but I continued to struggle mightily with the choices I had made.  It ruined my behavior, my sleep, my persona, and my health.  Did I fall back to revert to mean I was already living in the face of abject failure?  Nope, but I did want too.  I was already at the point of no return.  So what did I do?  I decided to try an experiment to increase my dopamine levels in my brain to help me overcome the decision and choices I had made.  Do you think this sounds bizarre? Watch this video then:


I needed something to help me get past this decision and procrastination to get me to the other side of my fears.  So I volunteered to go in a deep dark hole for 24 hours to overcome the inertia of my choices and to avoid procrastination.  I did it to raise my brain dopamine levels.  Did it work?

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  1. Wow. What surprises me most is I understood almost all of this. It is both simultaneously exhilarating and frightening.

    I’m starting to get a glimmer of what is “wrong” with me but I’m also seeing some positive movement on fixing it because I have been trying to keep up with you. My thought processes are coming back to life, for one thing, and I find it so easy to just eat the good stuff. I have no cravings (not even popcorn), no desire to eat the junk. I sleep so well it is amazing (even though it could and will be better). There’s more but I’ll save it for my journal.

    I’m truly sorry about your FIL. My heart goes out to you and your (and his) family … please wish him well for me and tell him thank you for urging you to write this.

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