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THE BLOG TAKE HOME: Tinnitus is commonly known as ringing in the ear of a person.  It can be very annoying and the noise intensity can vary from person to person.  Tinnitus arises when  mitochondrial capacity or acoustic fidelity are disturbed to remove some built in flexibility of the acoustic aparatus.  The basis is an altered energy flow from mitochondria some point source in the acoustic system. Is the point source in the external auditory canal where skin melanin are?  Is there a pigment relay center on the coclea that the brainstem pays attention to in Ammon’s horn?  Yep.  The colony of mitochondria in Ammon’s horn can be thought of “looking for the right frequency” from the environment so that the mitochondria in the brain stem can properly  tune into the sound program in the environment of the person.  It needs the afferent reflex arc to do this properly.  This is accomplished when the inner mitochondrial membrane can make energy easily by increase tunneling speeds to become the ideal antenna for sound waves.   When acoustic mitochondria are “tuned in” properly they become better able to use beta oxidation for fats and the TCA cycle for glucose. This process begins […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  The Warburg redox shift is well known but what causes it is not understood. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen. Warburg was the first to find out that cancer cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.  We’ll discuss where the defect really lies in this mitochondrial disease. Metabolism is the process by which cells convert relatively simple extracellular nutrients into energy and building blocks necessary for their growth and survival. In cancer cells, metabolism is dramatically altered compared with normal cells. These alterations are known as the Warburg effect. One consequence of these changes is cellular addiction to glutamine during this redox shift in mitochondria. In 1924,  German biochemist Otto Warburg who observed that cancer cells undergo a high rate of glycolysis and lactic acid fermentation, even under normoxic conditions. One interesting facet, from a chemo-therapeutic point of view, is that, in a large number of cases, cells undergoing a Warburg effect exhibit a marked dependence upon glutamine and glucose, to the extent that these cells are referred to as being ‘glutamine or glucose addicted’. Glucose catabolism is not specific enough to tells us more about the source of this redox […]

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This year Ruben and I were invited back to Vermont, at Shelburne Farm to give talks about quantum biology. The meeting was sponsored by the Latner family foundation and Weston A. Price foundation. Last year organize Dave Hollenbeck stuck his neck out and invited me to a food first event to talk about how light generates the entire food web using photosynthesis. When I received the invitation last year I was shocked because I thought my message was a bit at odds with the modern WAPF movement. After meeting Dave and Tre McCarney in person I realized why they asked Ruben and I to come whisper to their tribe. They saw that quantum biology is likely the missing link to modern WAPF dogma. Light had to be connected to food because of how photosynthesis creates the entire web of food we rely on. Food is really light energy in a different form because the light in food has been slowed down in the plants to make things we eat. Foods are just frequencies of light when you get right down to it. Few people see food this way. A “mitochondriac” does see it this way. It turns out photosynthesis builds […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  Melatonin controls mitochondrial DNA and Dopamine controls how we decipher and sense time between the inside and outside world.  Making melatonin in the eye is the most critical surface for humans.  Melatonin controls all regeneration of the photoreceptors in man except the Muller cells in the eye.  Both of these chemical molecules are made by sunlight as it collides with aromatic amino acids in our eye to slow light down.  That is how they link to one another.  Now this blog tells you how they work in a cell. The same elements in the sun that emit spectrum are the same elements used in living tissues. This is strong evidence of molecular resonance at work.  When our bodies have ample supplies of electrons from DHA and water it is infinitely more healthy to go out in the sunlight where high intensity visible photons control the electric structure of the living body in cells by creating it and replenishing it wirelessly using proteins as light antenna’s.  This is how the light of the sun programs atoms in is to do the things required of life on planet Earth.  That energy and information is buried in the frequencies of […]

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  Most modern technology works electronically by making electrons do the things we want them to do on semiconductors.  All electronic semiconductor circuits work on the basic idea that any given electrons can influence the control of other electrons and holes adjacent to those electrons.  This implies that we can use one current to control another in a specific way we want to engineer.  That is what a transitor gave mankind in the technology revolution. What happened 600 million years ago was biology’s Big bang and lead to a technology revolution by changing a bacteria into a mitochondria that could reverse the photosynthetic process.  What was the stimulus to this change?  I believe incident light was the stimulus that lead to this change.  I think this new release of UV light from the sun was slowed down by parts of the cell that led to structural change of things with mass inside the cytoplasm. Our class star is expected to undergo this frequency change in midlife.  600 million years ago the sun was in this mid life time span.  UV light spiked and made the surface skin of the planet more transparent to sunlight.  This had a massive impact on […]

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THE TAKE HOME?   If you’re fragile and your decisions on light hits your cells hard, you break because of poor free radicl signaling. If you’re properly connected to nature and life hits you hard, you withstand more and… eventually… you break because your mitochondria redox withers. But if you’re anti-fragile, your mitochondria become chronically and properly connected wirelessly to the sun and directly to the Earth surface and this makes you resilent and built to be far from equilibrium. THE REALITY OF POOR LIGHT CHOICES We have a big problem in sports with players getting more CTE, ALS, and many other neurodegenerative diseases. Bob Mackey a Hall of Fame NFL TE died of front-temporal dementia. Why is that?  Most people today have blamed chronic head injury for his outcome, but is it 100% accurate?  Could some other stimulus have set the stage for this injury? The NFL’s use of RF and microwaves to communicate to player before and after and during the game is one of the major things putting all people in this environment at risk. It is not just the players at risk, it is everyone around the game who uses light freuquencies in ways we fail to […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog and the March 2017 webinar together in conjunction were designed to fully address the “hard problem” in explaining human consciousness. The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why we have qualia or phenomenal experiences—how sensations acquire characteristics, such as colors and tastes.   Is consciousness is entangled to your MOM in some way we fail to visualize??? We get all of our mitochondria from our maternal lineage. In order for us to be here today, you had to have been 10 years old at one time, right? The hard problem for this conscious idea is to be able to return to that time at anytime in your life. No one can take us to where we were at 10 years old. You can’t even point to where you were 10 years old exactly, but you can remember this time via your memory. In this way, consciousness allows humans to time travel in reality. This is no metaphor. It is a hard core fact of reality of mankind. This idea is absolutely empirical but too few realize how incredibly fundamental it is. In order to be here now, you had to […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  Women are designed to be more sensitive to the environment so they can pass vital information about the environment to their germ cells and future offspring to set their epigenetic programs.  This implies they are more sensitive to native EMF’s by having lower levels of myelination in their CNS/PNS.  This means that women during their fertility spurt in life are aging faster, and time on a relative basis, time is actually sped up for them.  Is menopause a way to recapture this lost time? So how is this aging process slowed down for them as their life evolves?  Menopause is nature’s catch up program to gain time by augmenting the grounding effect in their blood plasma.  How does this occur?   Massively lowering their estrogen in a short time scale allows women to recapture magnetic flux from the sun via their blood using iron as an intermediate. Fertile women can put the brakes on this process with breast feeding because it also lowers their estrogen levels.  This blog is not about fertile ladies but those in menopause.  This process augments the magnetic flux and quantum yield of sunlight in the blood by energizing the blood plasma as […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog contains a lot of the science that went unsaid in the 2017 February webinar and is designed to fill in some blanks for members on this topic. He who controls the sun properly can bring blood flow to the choroid surface (RPE) to energize red blood cells and the hemoglobin present in them.  This is how phototropism works in the eye.  The choroid/RPE has many correlates to the phototropism in plant chloroplasts in leaves.  The choroid of the eye is primarily a vascular structure supplying the outer retina.   The outer portion of the retina is where the photoreceptor melanopsin is loosely covalently bound to retinol.  Melanopsin/retinol controls the neural signaling  along the central retinalhypothalamic tract.  This tract connects the retina to the  suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which controls the circadian mechanism.  This tract continues on and connects the retina and SCN to the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus.  The leptin system, in turn, controls all growth and metabolism of the organism and this system controls the circadian release of hormones from the pituitary gland using specific light frequency changes present in AM sunlight.   He who controls the frequency of sunlight via the eye, calls […]

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