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Cold Thermogenesis in the News

Take a look at this story from the UK in which they put a baby in an induced hypothermic state, and he survived. The infant did not breathe for 20 minutes at birth! Many people find the mechanism of cold to be rather counter-intuitive, but it is deeply based in quantum mechanics. In fact galaxies collapse when the CO2 gas in them cools down to allow gravity to begin to act. What happens in space also scales to our biology. You just have to know where to look to see the effect in humans. Today, you have a great example of this in this blog.

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Cold Thermogenesis Store

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Webinar: Deep Cold Thermogenesis

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Cold Thermogenesis Easy Start Guide

Cold Thermogenesis Easy Start Guide COLD THERMOGENESIS (CT) This should gradually be added to the Leptin Rx reset protocol (not everyone will need this). CT training should be done at sunrise or after dinner. CAUTION: If you have a serious health condition, please consult a medical doctor before beginning a CT regimen. Immediately stop treatment if you experience light-headedness or a pale pink to white coloration of the skin. Cold Thermogenesis Benefits: BEFORE every CT session: Eat a high fat and/or protein meal Immediately drink 16-32oz of ice cold water. DO NOT drink more than 32oz. Face Dunking:What you need: skin thermometer, a timer, ice, and a bathroom sink or larger bowl. Remove make-up or facial products Get the water between 50-55 degrees Dunk your face into the ice water and hold as long as you can Record time and dunk again Continue for the next two weeks and work your way to using less breaths DO NOT let your skin temperature fall below 50-55 degrees Compression Shirt & Ice: Lay down flat on your back Place a 20-40 lbs block of ice on your torso (whilst wearing compression shirt) Try to extend your time 5 minutes a time until […]

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Cold Thermogenesis and the Epi-paleo Rx meet the Olympics

  By Georgia Rose Jack’s thoughts:  It gives me great pleasure to bring you a story I have sat on for the better part of 6 months.  What this young lady fought through to get to the pinnacle of sport is a testament to her discipline.  Most people her age would be watching video games, eating fast food and be wondering “what if“.  After reading her words for months,  it was not “what if” for her, instead it was, if only I could reach deeper.   We all can learn something from Georgia.  All of us could reach deep within us, to find what this young woman has uncovered. In my view, “if only” are the two saddest words in the world.  Georgia rose above conventional advice, and did something very few humans could do. Never mind that she was a 17 year old with an Olympic berth on the line and having a broken spine.  She did not settle for mediocre, she went for her dream.  She reached for something special in herself,  in the face of defeat.  We all may encounter many defeats in life, but we must not be defeated by any foe. In fact, it may be […]

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Cold Thermogenesis 13: The FAQ’s

The readers of my forum asked for a FAQ’s on CT and I decided it would be a good idea to make a short blog about this. They picked their top 25 questions and I decided to answer them for this blog. If you have any others, just ask in the comments section. I answer them all when I have time.

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Cold Thermogenesis 12: Getting Back “On Board” With My Message

Well, it has been a very interesting last few days but I am not the kind of person who looks in the rear view mirror to run my race. What happened happened and it will all come out in the wash eventually. I am a person who runs their own race by looking forward via the windshield as I step on the accelerator pedal to live my life. If we focus on the past we lose sight of where we are headed and the road to Optimal. A reader of mine, Dan K, sent this gem to me, “I heard the Dalai Lama once say in a lecture that our worst enemies are your greatest teachers because they allow you to examine the emotions of anger and revenge and then to transcend them. They give you the exact tools you need to elevate yourself to the spiritual energies that eliminate problems and provide solutions.” So today, I am moving toward the Paleo template and away from the “Paleo Radical Insurgency” who is steering the community into an abyss. There are too many people who need help and not the surrounding drama. The time has come to become, Epi-paleo, a term I mentioned at my Paleo fx speech, and that is what I will be building here on my blog and forum from here on out.

An event that appears to be a tragedy to one, might reveal the seeds of unlimited opportunity for another.

On the Low Carb cruise I was going to present some of the things that happened in my mind at the base of Michelangelo’s David in help me realize that the missing piece to the obesity and insulin resistant story was the “off switch” in how we make fat and how we continue to make fat cells. Gary Taubes was scheduled to be the featured speaker for the cruise, but he could not attend, so Jimmy Moore asked me to step in his role. Gary wrote a book called, “Why we get Fat” but I clearly am not Gary Taubes, and I was not here to tell them why we get fat…I was going to tell you how to reverse being fat and insulin resistant…because unlike, Mr. Taubes, I have done it myself and pretty successfully. Obese humans have a difficult life to live. I know the life they live because I was one of them for close to decade. It is very hard to take advice from someone who has never had obesity. To understand the mindset one has to have walked in the shoes. Most of the people giving out advice however have not had a successful track history of losing the weight and keeping it off. The reason for this is they are prisoners to modern dogma of fatness.

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Cold Thermogenesis 11: Paleo FX To Practice

Today, I want to introduce you to someone who is a true ‘Paleo leader’ by stepping up to the the challenge I put to our community at PaleoFx conference recently held in Austin, Tx. Kevin Cottrell is one of the co founders of Paleo Fx. The leaders of Paleo fx have to be commended because the conference they were able to put on in 150 days of prep time was nothing short of remarkable.

The conference exceeded all my expectations and the reviews of many attendees have been stellar. The future of this community is tied to clinical application of what the science continues to show in the literature. For assimilation of the Ancestral Lifestyle to become mainstream we need to have more clinical conferences like Paleo fx, and we need to take them globally.

Today, I am breaking new ground and presenting to you my first guest blog written by Mr. Kevin Cottrell, who has agreed to share his personal story and personal medical history with all of you so that he may help you in some way. I think what he has agreed to do here is the most noble and worthy things to do to help our community and mankind. I am indebted to him for this chance to publish his story for you to consider.

The following post is written by Kevin, in his words, to share with you and yours, to help open your eyes and challenge your “own dogma and current intuition’ to help you reach for optimal health.

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Cold Thermogenesis 10: Is Good The Enemy of Great?

Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted. If you continue to act as you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind. We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens. Make your choices and you create your life.

It has been often said that the best lifestyle is the one based upon moderation. Do you really believe that? How do you define moderation? I think each person has their own idea of what moderation really means. I do not agree with this cliche at all. Why? Too many people use moderation as an excuse not to do their best for others. Why? Because it is safe for them to do so. Conventional medical advice often advocates the mantra, “everything in moderation” as its safety net. Even as a kid that cliche bothered me deeply inside.

Should a 350 pound man that eats 4 dozen chocolates at night believe this is “moderately” better than eating 6 dozen a night? Is it OK for a drug addict to be pleased when they only take 5 oxycontin instead of the usual dozen? Is it OK for the person with mental illness to only take their medications 5 days a week over 7 days a week? Is it OK for an alcoholic to drink five shots on a Friday night instead of the usual ten?

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Cold Thermogenesis 9: Theory Meets Practice

Many of you may not know this, but I was asked to do to a speech in Nashville in March of 2012. I have to say with about 6 days to prepare it was rushed, but it was a lot of fun. I want to publicly say thank you to Misty Williams and Michael Hart for making this happen.

In my talk, I told 1,200 people live on stage about the three thought experiments I came up with after reading, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I actually conceptualized the Ancient Pathway soon after the reading was done but where the thought experiments came to me, was at the foot of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, when I was looking at him from behind. I realized that the major difference between him and I, was the world we both were living had radically changed in 500 years. From this insight I realized that circadian biology was the the major difference in David’s perfection and my obesity.

From this spark of wisdom, I realized that obesity was an inflammatory brain condition. Because it was so, I could then reconstruct a signaling sequence to confuse my hypothalamus using signals from my vagus nerve and from the foods I ate using timing. Learning how the brain rewired in neural deafness using a cochlea implant made this easy game for me as a neurosurgeon.

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Cold Thermogenesis 8

Radical Theory #1: If our brains can rewire, then Einstein’s theories predict our biochemistry should be able to as well. My Leptin Rx and the modern cochlea implant definitively prove this in modern humans.

Radical Theory #2: Considering that 90% of the earth’s current biome lives in extreme conditions on our own planet today still, we might need to consider that what we think is “our normal environment” is not so normal for most of life on our planet or our evolutionary history. Life on Earth evolved in an environment much like we see on Titan today; in a deep ocean frozen solid at its surface with the capability of life buried deep with in it. The only escape was due to ejectants of water vapor from super heated water from underwater volcanoes. All these things are present today on Earth’s crust too. There is one major difference now between the two. We are a lot warmer today than when life began. There are others, but when one looks at Titan we see a frozen giant moon with a monstrous ocean beneath it.

All life on our planet came from the oceans first. We know this to be true as well. And because of this, studying extremophile forms of life here on earth today might explain the complexities of how biochemistry allows for life to exist at all in a thermoplastic environment.

What the bio-astrophysics found on Titan with the Cassini Solstice mission, may be a huge clue that life first adapted to extreme environments and then was naturally selected and adapted to a cyclic warming trend on our planet’s crust over time.

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Cold Thermogenesis 7

CT-7 is about how we are shaped by our environment by the evolutionary erosion of time that our ancestors faced. All life on this planet is shaped by two major variables in our environment: the sun and the seasonal changes. No matter the place present on earth, there are always alterations in these two factors that are cyclic, and always accounted for by all living organisms at some fashion. In some mammals, like man, it is accounted for centrally in the brain and peripherally in our organ ultradian clocks.

This is why we have different patterns of aging in certain organs. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes a tremendous amount of sense because life is using the “knowns” of its environment to construct a reality that will ensure its survival. This is the basis of epigenetic signaling that we now know to be the major genetic modifier of the genome of all animals.

The major signal transducer in Epigenetics is found in the cellular signaling in our cell membranes that interact with the environment and our inner hormones that signal our epigenetic switches sitting on our genes inside the nucleus. Since it is clear that our cold adapted pathways use sensory afferents to signal to open the Ancient Pathway, I think it is time we just have a blog in the CT series that discusses what a normal 24 hour day is like in a human circadian biology.

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Cold Thermogenesis 6: The Ancient Pathway

The best way to describe this pathway to the lay public is to explain this is how evolution allows for ideal form to meet function in a tough environment. This environment is likely the primordial environment for life on our planet. This makes astrophysicists excited, because life might also be evolving in places like Titan. After all 5 extinction events on this planet geologist have told us they were followed by an extended cold climate. In cold mammals live longer. You will find out more about why this happens in Energy and Epigenetics 4 and 5 blog posts.

The pathway uses very little energy from ATP and gives a whole lot to the organism who uses it. Fat burning is required and it is tied to a biochemical pathway that paleo forgot to speak about. But it requires cold temperature to be present and used commonly. In the pathway, the less effort you give, the faster and more powerful you will be when this pathway is active. People who live in this pathway can run a marathon with no training. They can lift unreal amounts of weight with little training. Their reserve and recovery are just incredible. You have to see it to believe it. Many will say cold thermogenesis a hormetic process, when in reality it is created using a coherent energy source due to something called the Hall effect. When we have had extinction events on Earth before, the events usually affect the evaporation of water in some fashion from the surface of lakes and oceans. It also affects the transpiration from the forest trees, plants, and flowers and this change cools the air. You must understand how climatology works here; liquid water needs to absorb a lot of latent heat to in order to evaporate, so it sucks energy from the atmosphere to make this energy transfer. This loss of energy from the atmosphere directly cools the planet and this preserves the charge on life’s inner mitochondrial membrane and in the nanotubes present in our cells that contain water. This is how life lives long in the cold.

Those people don’t realize this because they do not live in this pathway for the majority of their life, and few studies have been done to say otherwise. The link above is recently added to this blog post. It seems science is now proving me correct in my theories of extinction events.

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Cold Thermogenesis 5: Biologic magnetism

My first encounter with thermoplasticity in human biology

I first became aware of this seeming paradox as a neurosurgical resident in my first year of training. We were doing a real “gnarly” brain surgery case. It was a young mother who had a massive basilar tip aneurysm. Back in the mid 90’s before endovascular coiling procedures we use today, this was the most risky operation that existed in all of medicine. I spent a month prepping for this case. We had to enlist the cardiovascular surgeons to come in and surgically open the patients chest wide open to stop her heart on purpose temporarily and place her on complete cardiopulmonary bypass to stop all the blood flow to her brain. We had less than 20 minutes to then place a clip across the aneurysm to save her life. To complete this herculean surgical task, we had to fill her entire chest cavity with ice to preserve her heart muscle and cool her core temperature so that we could have 20 minutes to complete the brain surgery. Simultaneously, we would open her skull and split the Sylvian fissure in the brain and approach her basilar artery in the geographic center of her head and attempt to put a clip on it without disturbing any of her surrounding anatomy. The best mental image I can give you for this is the ultimate game of “Operation” you used to play as a kid. You must avoid hitting the sides or the nose lights up!!!! One problem in this case, in this game there was live bullets. This maneuver was deadly if not performed correctly the first time. This is one of the most delicate surgeries one can do on a human. Moreover, even if we were successful with the clip obliteration of the aneurysm, we had to restart her frozen heart, get her off cardio pulmonary bypass without an air embolus and awake. In this case everything went well until the last part and this taught me a lesson I would never forget. She died after the operation was a complete success. Her head was already closed up surgically and dressed, the intraoperative angiogram looked awesome, and we restarted her heart and got her off cardio pulmonary bypass without any evidence of a stroke and then she died suddenly.

She received two units of cooled banked blood because our surgical team felt she lost some ability to carry oxygen in her blood because several of the monitors showed she had a low oxygen carrying capacity of her hemoglobin. This concerned us because we were worried about her risk of having a stroke because of low oxygenation due to her loss of blood flow for 20 minutes when she was on full bypass.

So we did what any surgeon would do. We gave her blood to restore her oxygen carrying capacity and the oxygen monitors showed her oxygenation had totally returned to normal. We were all happy until I noticed her pupils were fixed and dilated when I was putting on her dressings. She also had blue fingers. And then all of a sudden she got a fatal heart rhythm, and she died right there in my arms. I was devastated. I will never forget talking to her family later that day.

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Cold Thermogenesis 4: The Holy Trinity

I just want to thank Sean Croxton for asking me to present at Paleo Summit today. The ideas discussed began with a podcast I did with Jimmy Moore, #474. Before I begin here today, I strongly suggest you listen to the Jimmy Moore podcast I did in May of 2011 as a primer for this blog post. It’s going to be a long one, so open a glass of wine as the sun sets tonight. However, I think you need to hear it all tonight since I have your attention from the Paleo Summit. I have planned for this day for some time. I am humbled to share this with you all. It was hard for me to write.

If any of you remember when I first gave my initial thoughts on leptin publicly, it was on a podcast I did with Jimmy Moore in May 2011. I discussed the things that transformed my thinking back then. Most of the time I spent with Jimmy, we talked about leptin. In the beginning of the podcast, I mentioned a person who saw me injure myself as I stood up to give a lecture, and told me she knew precisely why I hurt my knee. At the time, I thought I had a good handle on these modern medicine principles she mentioned so I was a skeptical of her thoughts. She told me when I got home she was going to send me a few papers and a book to read. The book was called “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari.” She was emphatic that I read the book before the papers. Then, she told me to read six specific papers in the order they were numbered and then reflect on what I had just read.

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Cold Thermogenesis 3

Evolutionary strategy is based upon finding an environmental niche and exploiting it. Evolution is based upon change and the natural adaptations to it. Today, we are going to explore how some environmental triggers might open a “biochemical trap door.”
Why is circadian biology critical?

For evolution to work, a cell first must adapt to its environment. So the first thing any living cell would see in an earth day is a period of day and night. It also has to find food to make energy (ATP). In addition, it has to control its own cellular division. The epic battle for the cell is the circadian cycle has to “yoke” the metabolic cycle to its growth cycle. Most people know that the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), is the circadian pacemaker that monitors this dance between darkness and light and the seasonal cold and hot temperatures in our environment. Evolution apparently agreed with this assessment, because we now know it to be true.

What most people do not know is how leptin plays a massive role in regulating it. Research has revealed that leptin can induce expression of a neuropeptide gene called vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) through the VIP cytokine response element. VIP actually is what sets the circadian pacemaker to light. Leptin yokes metabolism and sleep to the light and dark cycle. When temperature becomes the dominant environmental trigger and not light cycles, leptin induces endothelial nitric oxide synthetase (eNOS), that shuts down the photic effects of VIP on the SCN. This means that leptin forces the SCN not to be able to use light any longer to yoke circadian cycles! Once temperature begins to yoke the circadian rhythms, some very special things happen to our biochemistry that normally does not occur in other environments. These are ancient epigenetic programs that are hardwired into the DNA of every descendant of a eutherian mammal. We are descended from these animals.

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Cold Thermogenesis 1: Theory To Practice Begins

Today, we are going to bend your mind a bit by explaining to you many of the things you might be believe as biologic truths published in biochemistry books today are in fact truths, when certain environmental truths are held within a constant range. Yet, they change tremendously when certain factors are altered. Often the biophysical changes do not even have to affect the thermal coefficients of the biochemistry in the hypothalamus. Just the perception of the environmental change from the brain is enough to alter the chemistry as is the enzyme and proteins existed on the top of Mount Everest or on the ocean floor in the coldest environments on earth. When biochemistry was observed in living cells and described, the scientists rarely considered these effects on our biochemistry and how it may alter the cellular terror. Our hypothalamus rewires too many stimuli, and it appears that temperature is a major factor in the rewiring protocol of our brain. Evolution has clearly needed to use this in the past for some reason. Our job as enquiring primal bio-hackers, is to figure out why and how this might have happened.

In essence, they looked at the complex biologic machinery from a standard Newtonian platform. Most scientists know that Newtonian physics explain much of what we observe in the physical sciences here on earth, and that quantum mechanics best describes the physics of subatomic matter of matter in space on a universal scale. When QM theory is adapted to many biologic systems, some puzzling things emerge that are hard to explain. Complicating matters, we have few ways to measure the quantum effects within biologic systems to test how they may affect living cells. This does not imply in any way that quantum mechanics does not apply to biologic systems, because it clearly does. It is often buried in the biochemistry equations that biochemists use to describe how living cells make order from the complete chaos that rules matter. This implies the effects might be difficult to discern or measure with current techniques we have, and this is why we have yet to uncover them in biologic systems. The brain clearly uses quantum mechanics to operate. This is not a controversial point at all in the scientific world.

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The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol

The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol should be added gradually to the Leptin Rx rest protocol. This blog post is additive to the Leptin Rx, and is an evolution extension of it for those who need it. I hope you all realize that not everyone will need it. Some will need it because they have special needs that they face. This blog is designed for those who have been previously left out of the reset protocol. Those people are gastric bypass patients, HCG users, those on exogenous steroids, chronic pain patients, and those with T2D and metabolic syndrome, as a few examples.

Prolonged and controlled local peripheral skin cooling can induce selective “damage,” and increased hypothalamic signaling by forcing adipocyte apoptosis and subsequent loss of subcutaneous fat without damaging the overlying skin or the underlying muscle layers. This means that acute cold cause rapid leptin sensitivity! It means that fat is forced to liberate leptin from fat cells to slowly lower its serum levels as long as the cold stimulus is applied safely. This is new scientific information that was first carried out in pigs in 2008, and subsequently tested in humans and found to be quite effective for fat removal in certain selected areas of the body.

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THE TAKE HOME:  IS THE UNCERTAINITY PRICIPLE EQUIVALENT TO THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS?  I’ve written extensively about this subject and about Maxwell demons and the curious case of the linkage of Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle to the second law of thermodynamics. My belief is that all topologic insulators, especially the one buried in mitochondria, are very tiny Maxwell demons that can skirt the second law of thermodynamics by making the ledge of that larger in ways we do not observe.  This occurs because of the scale of the changes that increase this energy ledge are mush smaller than the macroscopic objects that human can process with their senses.  Recently physicists are now beginning to realize that small quantum systems do not act like a cup of hot cup of coffee or a star in space.  Two recent studies are now aligning with many of the things I teach my members. Your mitochondria are a lot smaller than a cup of coffee and a star………just saying. HYPERLINK The second recent study in H-theorem was written that also supports my beliefs. Hyperlink. The second law of thermodynamics was really brought to prominence by Ludwig Boltzman in the 1870’s. Boltzmann published his celebrated […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  HOW DO PLANTS AVOID CANCER? 2.  WHY DO WE GET IT? 3. WHY DON’T WILD ANIMALS GET CANCER? 4. WHY ARE ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY SUSCEPTIBLE TO CANCER? 5.  IS FOOD AND EXERCISE ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE, OR IS IT LIGHT?    Let us quickly review why is the bending of blue light a modern problem? It has massive implications of how fast or slow the circadian clock in the central retina operates. It is driven by blue light detection via melanopsin and the retinol cycle. These neurons project directly and exclusively to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) and then onto the leptin receptor.  This circuit is a giant semiconductive circuit that use both light and electric signaling during night and day. Light synchronizes mammalian circadian rhythms with environmental time by modulating retinal input to the circadian pacemaker— SCN of the hypothalamus. Such photic entrainment requires neither rods nor cones, which until very recently, they were the only known retinal photoreceptors. We covered the details of the eye clock earlier in this series. Today, we know that retinal ganglion cells innervating the SCN are intrinsically photosensitive. Unlike other ganglion cells, they depolarized in response to light even […]

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