Brain Gut 6: Epi-Paleo Rx

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Readers Summary:

  1. How should we consider eating our diets?
  2. What is the Epi-Paleo Rx?
  3. Why your brain health is linked to ultimate health.

This blog followed a very popular July 2012 Webinar that I put on for my members a few days ago.  The webinar was over two hours long and had a lot of Q & A done after it as well.  I promised my members I would get a quick blog post up for them on some of the core materials we covered. Today’s blog is delivering on that promise.

How to consider eating the Epi-Paleo Rx:

  • Always Respect circadian cycles and eat according to seasonality
  • Lots of good quality proteins (see below)
  • Lots of good quality fats (grass-fed/pastured animal fats – lard, tallow)
  • Liberal uses of seafood broths and bone broth made from ocean and grass-fed animals (to heal the gut)
  • Fermented vegetables and/or probiotics (to repopulate the gut with an Optimal Human flora)

The Base of the Protein/Fat Pyramid of the Epi Paleo Rx:

This diet is the best at controlling inflammation at the brain level to affect hormonal modulation and epigenetic expression

The levels of the pyramid are ordered from best choice for the human brain to next best.

 1. The base of the Pyramid is shellfish (oysters) other than crustaceans: Provides the most nutrient density of any food source for optimal functioning of the human brain.

2. The second level of the Pyramid: Crustaceans

3. The third level of the pyramid: Fish

4. The fourth level of the pyramid: Offal/organ meat of pastured/grassfed animals.  This is where micronutrient density is greatest in meats but not seafood!

5. The fifth level of the pyramid is where ‘modern day paleo’ begins its pyramid base at our 4th level: grass fed skeletal meats.

6.  Pastured eggs if there are no medical contraindications of inflammation like an AI*

7.  Seeds and nuts*  shading to omega 3 nuts is fine but this becomes important if there is a serious EFA imbalance only on direct testing

Fats: (in order of Optimal)

1. Spring and summer: Coconut oil, ghee, palm oil, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon fat, duck fat, pastured butter if there are no medical issue precluding its use, olive or avocado oils for salads, macadamia nut oils for mayonaise, raw cream if there are no contraindications*  When you eat seafood try to use MUFA’s as the added fat.

2. Fall and Winter: ghee, pastured butter, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon fat, non hydrogenated lard,  raw cream*  Stick to animal fats in colder months.  When you eat seafood try to use MUFA’s as the added fat.*

3. When you eat non seafood protein this is when you should add  your saturated fats to your diet to the greatest degree!! Grass fed red meat and offal come packed with saturated fats by nature and fish do not, by design as well as I laid out in the webinar.  When I eat non seafood protein and saturated fats, I tend to also add sea vegetables to the meal.  What are the Epi-paleo sea vegetables?  That comes later in the blog.  In the healthy human colon complex carbohydrates get converted to SCFA to increase our omega three content in our colon to diminish the risk of diverticulitis and colon cancer.  This is only done when the gut microflora is functioning well.  This can be re engineered by evolutionary dietary modifications to be covered in later blog in this series.

*These were covered in depth in the Webinar on this topic for members of our community.

Foods that I would totally eliminate from the Epi-Paleo Rx:

1. All grains no matter how they are prepared culturally.

 2. All US dairy (including raw US dairy)  because of the A1 casein problem and its tie to BCM-7 and its massive link to Hashimoto’s and  disease.  Hashimoto’s in not a static disease but a dynamic one.  This means you must pay attention to your thyroid panels and AB’s as you evolve through your life too.  One can use French or New Zealand dairy products if you can source them.

 3. All nightshades vegetables if you have chronic elevated inflammation and a low Vitamin D level: Datura, Mandragora (mandrake), Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade), Lycium barbarum (wolfberry), Physalis philadelphica (tomatillo) , Physalis peruviana (Cape gooseberry flower), Capsicum (chili pepper, bell pepper), Solanum (potato, tomato, eggplant), Nicotiana (tobacco), and Petunia. With the exception of tobacco (Nicotianoideae) and petunia (Petunioideae), most of the economically important genera are contained in the subfamily Solanoideae.  Read my caveat below about the dietary uses!

Many members of the Solanaceae family are used by humans, and are important sources of food, spice and medicine. However, Solanaceae species are often rich in alkaloids whose toxicity to humans and animals ranges from mildly irritating (most) to fatal in small quantities.

What are Solanaceae?  If you have an AI, DDD or DJD consider avoiding them:

A. American-grown soy! It has been hybridized with petunias, a nightshade, to be pesticide resistant (Round-Up)

B. All potatoes (NOTE:  this does not include  sweet potatoes because they are from the Marigold family)

C. Tomatoes (green are worse than any other type if you eat them as I do.  The lycopene issue is offset by eating other red fruits of veggies.  Watermelon for example blows tomatoes away as a source of lycopene.)

D. eggplant

E. sweet and hot peppers (including paprika, cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce, but not black pepper)

F. ground cherries

G. tomatillos and tamarillos

H. garden huckleberry and naranjillas

I. pepinos and pimentos

J. Only the cape gooseberry is a nightshade (Physalis peruviana),  Most gooseberries are not in the nightshade family.  They are in the genus Ribes and are related to currants.

K. Blueberries,  Strawberries, okra, artichokes, have some solanaceae toxin in them, but are not strict nightshades.  If you have arthritis or another inflammatory condition you might want to rethink the ‘dogma’ that surrounds them.  (kills me to tell you this too)

Caveat: Key point to consider and why I use some of these veggies/fruit in my Epi-paleo Rx in my e-cookbook: Most of the foods listed above have small amounts of the toxins in them.  If you are ill with debilitating arthritis, Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, biotoxin illness, or just have a high HS CRP normally serious consider limiting these foods.  In many countries around the world people have found a way around these toxins by slow cooking their nightshades at very low temperatures for long periods of time and that would keep the vitamins intact while making the fruits easier on the body. This is how I use nightshades in my sauces.  Nightshades have something called oxalic acid that depletes the calcium in your body. If you are already using pre and probiotics for your gut health then you know the meaning of the double edged sword.  Dairy has a lot of calcium, and if tomatoes take it away from our body , why not consider  have them together to create a balanced dietary effect? This is why many Italian dishes are prepared with the combo. As most of you know I am no fan of A1 dairy products for many reasons I laid out in the Epi-paleo Webinar (BCM-7 casein and DPPIV) but the point is that if you learn how to create a balanced environment in your body then you don’t need to avoid the foods you love.  This is what I learned about myself by doing quarterly testing on myself over 7 years.  When I saw my HS CRP and Vitamin D were unaffected by some of these things I ate them without regret and you should too.  That being said if you have an inflammatory condition,  like most of my patients have in my clinic, you need to rethink this food group carefully.  Take a look at this google document for some more information.

Here is a link for a good book on these substances.

Most of my spine patients with DDD and DJD  get told this information and it shocks them.  Most have never heard about it at all.  Here is a link to an arthritis foundation for you to research a bit more about this issue.

4. All fruits, WHEN they out of season for your particular geography.  In season, they are perfectly fine for you.

5. Optional cut of all fowl. For Optimal health if you can afford to limit fowl do so.  All fowl should be cutuntil your healthy with the exception of duck.  Personally I eat very little fowl but when I do it is wild duck or quail/pheasant.  I use duck fat much more than its meat.

6. All Legumes without exception even for cultural reasons.

7. Any saponincontaining food.  Alfalfa sprouts, Yucca, soy, quilla extract (Used to foam drinks like beer) chia seeds

8.  Avoid all sweeteners period.  Stevia is OK ( I rarely use it now)  if it has no maltodextrin or other additives.

9.  When eating non ocean bearing fats/protein consider adding Sea Veggies to the recipe:

A. Irish Moss (chondrus crispus, carrageen) is full of electrolyte minerals — calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Its mucilaginous compounds help you detoxify, boost metabolism and strengthen hair, skin and nails. In Eastern medicine it is traditionally used for a low sex drive because it helps support T3 levels to convert LDL to progesterone and not to cortisol.

B. Wakame (alaria, undaria) is a high-protein, high calcium seaweed, with carotenes, iron and vitamin C. It is used in Chinese medicine for hair growth and luster, and for skin tone because it optimizes thyroid function.

C.  Kelp (laminaria) contains vitamins the fat soluble vitamins A, B, E, D and K in high quantity, and is a major source of vitamin C from the sea.  It also happens to be rich in many minerals found in land based plants. This is why it made my top ten supplement list so long ago in the blog series.  Kelp proteins are high quality and present in abundance for a sea plant.  It is a brown marine plant, kelp contains sodium alginate (algin), an element that helps remove radioactive particles (think Fukishima Iodine) and heavy metals from the body.  Kelp can works as a blood purifier, relieves arthritis stiffness, and promotes adrenal, pituitary and thyroid health. Kelp’s natural iodine can normalize thyroid-related disorders like obesity and muscle fatigue seen in fibromyalgia cases.  Clinical pearl: people with herpes virus of any type:  It is a demulcent that helps eliminate herpes outbreaks after they have occurred.  Kelp is nutrient rich and a small amount gives a large clinical result often.

D.  Hijiki is a mineral-rich, high-fiber seaweed, with 20% protein, vitamin A, carotenes and calcium. Hijiki has the most calcium of any sea green, 1400mg per 100 grams of dry weight.

E.  Kombu (laminaria digitata, setchelli, horsetail kelp), has a long tradition as a Japanese delicacy with reported nutritional healing value. Natural healers use it is a decongestant for excess mucous and to helps normalize blood pressure. Kombu has abundant iodine, carotenes, B, C, D and E vitamins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, iron and zinc, and the powerful skin healing nutrient germanium, which is a pretty rare element in the human diet. Kombu is a meaty, high-protein seaweed. It is higher in natural mineral salts than most other seaweeds. I often add a strip of kombu to my bone broths and seafood broths.

F. Nori (porphyra, laver) is a red sea plant with a sweet, meaty taste when dried. It contains nearly 50% balanced, assimilable protein, higher than any other sea plant. Nori’s fiber makes it popular for sushi wrapping.  I do not eat any rice because its miRNA directly affects our DNA expression.  Nori is rich in all the carotenes, calcium, iodine, iron, and phosphorus.

G. Sea Palm (Postelsia Palmaeformis), American arame, grows only on the Pacific Coast of North America by Oregon and Washington State. It has a honeyed, salty taste that makes it tasty vegetable.  I like it with my cauliflower rice recipe form the e-cookbook, or as a summer or autumn salad topping.

H. Bladderwrack is loaded with vitamin K  and it is an excellent adrenal adaptogen and it helps sensitize us to insulin to because of its K2 like effects. It is often used today by Native American cultures broths and in sauna/steam baths for degenerative arthritis and inflammatory joint conditions.

I. Dulse (palmaria palmata), a red sea plant, very rich in iron.  The last two sea veggies are my favorites because they have the most iodine of any plants on our planet.  I was made aware of this sea vegetable when I was researching the Geritol solution for global warming.  It also has abundant protein, and vitamin A. What really makes it a specially balanced nutrient for a lactovegetarian paleo diet is that it contains 300 times more iodine and 50 times more iron than wheat products. Tests on dulse show antiviral action against the herpes virus.

J.Arame (Eisenia bycyclis), is one of the ocean’s richest sources of iodine. It often contains more iodine than seafood does!  Because of its high iodine content it can have major effects on women’s progesterone to estradiol ratio’s naturally.  If you are estrogen dominant you  might consider using this as become a staple in your broths and recipes.  Many natural healers use arame to help reduce breast and uterine fibroids, excessive bleeding, fibrocystic disease of the breasts, and ovarian cysts.  It is also quite helpful in cases of PCOS with acne and excessive facial hair.  It also contains a lot fat soluble vitamins and phytohormones, to normalize peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms. Arame is often associated with soft wrinkle-free skin turgor and tends to enhances hair growth and make your hair have an incredible sheen. The reason is because this veggie increase your free T3 to a dramatic degree when it is used regularly in your diet.

The moral of the story for your paleo template?  Most folks are more interested in being effective than right, when it comes to their diet. There’s a huge difference between Paleo solution and Epi-Paleo Rx when you are not well.  My site focuses in those in our community who are not well or ideal as they want to be.  You have an obligation to yourself only.  You can only change yourself.  You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.  Health improvements always begin with I, not we.

You can’t let a lifestyle movement become a dogma no matter how good it feels. Those of you who heard the July webinar got a lot more data behind these simple recommendations.  Share them with your loved ones and come back here and post your results as time evolves.  Your comments are important to future people who come read it.  Today smile at someone……..A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.  This will help lower your cortisol too and help you get well.  This is also part of the Epi-Paleo Rx as well.

The Paleo Template is a very good diet because it is is better at controlling inflammation than most other diets.  When I discovered the Epi-Paleo Rx seven years ago, I kept researching all the biochemistry links of why it worked so well in those with serious diseases and illness risks.  It destroys inflammation while providing the human with massive quantities of brain specific nutrients to rebuild your neural circuitry.  This current series is showing you how these dietary principles directly link to optimal brain health. Optimal brain health is a requirement for illness prevention in humans based upon our evolutionary design.

We are only as good as our weakest link based upon on our evolutionary construction blueprint.  Humans are unique because of their brains within the mammalian clade.   The Epi-Paleo Rx is how we evolved from transitional apes. You decide now what you want: effective or correct.

I’m just the guy with the flashlight on the road to Optimal.

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Additional Resources


  • (Why you might want to re-think Cordain’s data)
  • The Paleo Answer, by Loren Cordain
  • Cordain et al. Origin and evolution of the Western diet: health implications for the 21st century. Am. J. Of Clinical Nutr. 2005. FEB; 8(2):341-54



  1. Dali Dula says:

    Slam! This is it Jack. my last nine months here have been great, but this is really what people need. Do this and you will get well. Simple.Maybe not easy at first, but simple. I am already living this and it is fantastic. And for those people grumbling about having to pay or those who truly can’t pay the webinar is here for you to read. I am more than happy to pay. Thank you Jack. Your service is inestimable.

  2. @Dali…….This blog post has a simple message. It’s not always about trying to fix something that is broken…….sometimes, it is about starting over and creating something better.

    Thoughts to ponder.

  3. Melinda Fairchild says:

    Thanks for posting this. My brain is feeling a lot more fit since I’ve been making seafood my main protein source. I have a large store of pastured butter but it’s probably all A1 so I’ll become expert at making ghee with it. I have kelp “noodles” on order. I baked up a batch of nori sheets yesterday and my kids fell on them like they were starved, their bodies wanted a refill of those sea minerals.

  4. JK: “sometimes, it is about starting over and creating something better.”

    This just stopped me dead in my tracks. So true. I know I’m broken. I need help, but I don’t want to be fixed back to the way I was. I want to be better and made new. Thank you for giving me the insight to make that happen.

  5. Colleen Coble says:

    This is a FABULOUS post, Doc! Bam, what we need to do laid out simply. Love it!

    Now to find those seaweed things. I’ll probably have to look online.

    What if we can find GRASSFED raw dairy? I have a source.

    • @Colleen if it raw and you dont have Hashi’s……then it could be a OK. Just like we spoke about in the Webinar.

  6. Gretchen says:

    Colleen, If I remember correctly from the webinar Raw dairy is OK as long as it is A2 – which pretty much limits you to goats milk here in the US. Though there are some small farms that have cows that are A2 – but verification requires a genetic test.

  7. golooraam says:

    priceless – you did read my mind!
    had my alltime raw high yesterday

    a dozen raw oysters for lunch and a half pound raw scallops for dinner


  8. Colleen Coble says:

    Thanks, Gretch!

  9. mary jo friedman says:

    Wow, lots to ponder, more thoughts to change…thanks Dr. Kruse! I am looking forward to getting access to the webinar…

  10. golooraam says:

    thanks Dr. Kruse

    it’s funny, I am now craving raw scallops on a daily basis

    I am going to skip the serrano pepper tonight so I go a few days a week with no nightshades

  11. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    From my reading of Devils in the Milk by Keith Woodford on the subject of A1 he mentioned some breeds being mostly A2 and some being a mix.

    If anyone knows that list it wouldn’t hurt posting it. Sure without genetic testing to verify its not perfect but it would be good to know if your source of dairy is likely A1 or A2 if you go to a farm with certain breeds.

    I wish I could find out what breed is used in my Kerrygold…might it be possible to ask them? Or find out somehow?

  12. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    Please tell me you can get this for much cheaper? I can’t afford that. It sounds so freakin good though…bah. A shopping guide for the list such as where to find and what the prices are like would rock.

  13. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    I was reading this and no mention of anything about mitigation of this issue? Maybe it needs an edit to include information about Selenium and such. Maybe this being more accurate won’t help anyone…but maybe it could.

    An encyclopedia should be as accurate as possible. Someone with more knowledge on how this issue works should edit. 🙂

    • @Jon I covered the Hg and Se issue in my webinar…… members got my low down……..on this issue

  14. Priceless, thank you dr Kruse!!

  15. wally courie says:

    thanks doctor my keyboard has lost its period s’excuse this is devastating about tomatoes and peppers- i guess i have to get my reactive protein test done to see where my inflammation is- as far as non-crustacean shellfish, i would just say molluscs and darn i forgot the other one 🙂

    as far as kerrygold A1 or A2- kerrygold is not a company but a co-operative of irish dairy, it probably has A1 & A2 mixed in together- i see Jersey’s b/ also Holstein’s

    “The Irish Dairy Board (Irish: An Bord Bainne) is a state-backed agricultural marketing cooperative in Ireland. The firm owns the globally famous Kerrygold butter brand” wiki

  16. Thanks so much, Jack…wonderfully presented.

    U da man !!

    Enjoy your stay by the equator …I am leaving the state tommorow so you can have it all to yourself…the cool mountains of NC beckon me.

  17. kathylu says:

    Good post, thanks! Guernsey cows have the highest percentage of the A2 gene in the US (about 96% produce A2 milk). They are often referred to as a heritage breed. Holsteins tend to be mostly A1 and Freisian, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn and Jersey are about 50/50. The only way to tell for sure if a cow produces A1 or A2 milk is to have a DNA test done. Most farmers won’t because of the cost involved. My strategy was to join a raw milk co-op (Amish farmers in Pennsylvania) that only have Guernsey cows. They believe the milk is A2, but don’t know for sure. That may be the best anyone can do in the US…or drink goat milk or skip dairy altogether.
    Some info:

  18. Lynn Chavarria says:

    I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to read. Forgive me if this is a redundant question..can athletic kids age 13 – 15 take the paleo supplements you recommend?
    Thank you for your time and giving

  19. Lynn Chavarria says:

    serrapeptase and nattokinase….good or bad? safe?

  20. Susan Moles says:

    Thank you so very much Dr. Kruse! My husband restarted the leptin reset yesterday. He is getting more determined to get better and better. Would it hurt anything if he went straight to the Epi-Paleo RX instead of going through the leptin rest first?

    • @Susan Moles…….it would make him several steps closer to the best man he could be. Tell him to begin NOW and never stop

  21. Nonchalant says:

    I was quite upset about giving up the raw, pastured local cream from Guernsey and Jersey cows (not tested), until I started eating seafood daily. Now I am so uninterested in dairy. 180 degree reversal for me.

  22. Nonchalant says:

    Jonathan, I picked up a package of that very same brand locally for about $5. At a mom & pop vitamin store. Also I found some arame today at the asian grocery store for even less (about $3). Different brand.

  23. Dr K, thanks for this great series, lots of – literally – food for thought.

    It is interesting to think of the diet that Terry Wahls healed her MS with. She really emphasised all the coloured veg, but also had fish/shellfish twice a week and organ meats twice a week. I suspect these were more value than the veg, though it’s all good.

    Eating raw/mildly washed veg also help re-establish some good gut flora types that you just can;t get from probiotics. Make sure you grow them yourself or know where they are grown.

    Interesting about the when to combine sat fats, and when not. I love seafood cooked in butter, but will be happy to do them in lard instead!

    • @Paul N. terry contacted me last night……..I am going to miss her at AHS 2012 but she is a rockstar. I want to be her right hand helping change the world of medicine. The brain is the key organ and the star of this series.

  24. For those of you in the US that are looking for some really good, grass fed, unpasteurised, A2 type cheese, (from *really* cute cows) you can get it mail ordered from here kefir cheese

    This cheese is cultured using real kefir grains – it is probably the best probiotic cheese you can get.

    Not cheap of course, but when you are not using it to cover pizzas etc you don’t need that much, and helping out just the sort of small family farming operation we’d like to see so much more of.

    • @Paul N health is always cheaper than sickness……..modern humans just never add the math up correctly.

  25. Hi Dr K. Thanks for the post, helps with all the notes I took during the webinar! Great info!!! One follow up re: New Zealand dairy… currently most of our NZ cows are still producing A1 milk (apparently most of the bulls are A2 and there is a move to make more/all of NZ milk A2, but currently that is not the case.) So unless your NZ is clearly marked A2, you can assume it is NOT. It will almost certainly be pastured, however.

  26. I am jealous of all the people who were part of the webinar. A random question I have is where do edible mushrooms tie into the epi-paleo diet. Evidence, shows that they existed in the rift zone, so surely a large brain(larger then we have now) would have made the connections and passed down the knowledge that you can eat certain shrooms?

    • @Bobert become a member and and stop waiting. Mushrooms rock and are part of it…….if you had my e-cookbook you’d see that. The cook book is Epi-paleo

  27. Nonchalant says:

    Wooot! Thanks for the cookbook update Dr. K!!

  28. Harmony Gates says:

    Jack, if you haven’t already, you must listen to this scientist, Elaine Morgan, who believes, with good evidence, that humans evolved from apes by going through an aquatic stage….that is why we lost the hair, have subcutaneous fat, etc. This is a must see…it totally corroborates why humans would thrive best on fish and shellfish….

  29. Bravo! You just outlined the Perfect Human Diet. catchy name for a book, no?

    • @Paleo dentist……one problem……the book/movie dont match this blog post. They match a paleo template because they made the same errors everyone in paleo did…….they did not look at the real difference maker between us and ape…… is our Brain…….and that is a big tell when you really look at what it takes to make one.

  30. Eric Hanner says:

    Is there a new update to the cook book? I sent a request for the latest version via the last message I got from the sales folks and I didn’t get a reply.

  31. Bob Smith says:

    @Jack -Since going casein free my intolerance, allergy and autoimmune symptoms are beginning to abate a scosh. I’m becoming less sensitive to things like the solanine in potatoes. I’m thinking your revelation in Brain-Gut 1 about the high tyrosine content of casein has a lot to do with it.

    My studies have shown that processes in the bone marrow, thymus, spleen and lymph nodes create and task leukocytes. They encode leukocytes with negative molecular images of perceived antigens. When these leukocytes encounter the antigens they are targeted for, they perform the function they were tasked for ……mark the antigen for removal, enshroud the antigen, etc.

    When my autoimmunity was increasing over many years I was constantly gaining intolerances to new substances. I had a sense that my immune system was seeking out new substances to make antibodies to, then attacking the affected tissue.

    Tyrosine is the body’s signaling molecule for tissue and protein creation. The organs which create tissue and protein ramp up the process with increased concentration of tyrosine. Since casein contains large quantities of tyrosine, consuming dairy products was probably increasing my immune organs’ propensity for creating antibodies.

    Thanks. It’s going to be fun re-testing some of the foods I thought I would never eat again. ‘Course it’s also fun feeling better.

    P.S. No, I won’t go back to eating SAD food.

  32. John Sorrentino says:

    Jack, your first point is to always respect circadian cycles and eat according to seasonality. I know you have talked about it before but surprised you didn’t hammer the fact that you should be up with the sun, eat early. Then eat you last meal before 7 PM. Isn’t that important when you are on the road to optimal?

    • @John S I do… my educational consults they get this loud and clear…….most have this issue and I explain to them in detail how to deal with it clinically at home. It is also part of the Leptin Rx and should be clear to most…….but it is not because humans think they are exempt from evolution because they can do things they should not be doing.

  33. Zorica Vuletic says:

    @Dali…….This blog post has a simple message. It’s not always about trying to fix something that is broken…….sometimes, it is about starting over and creating something better.

    Thoughts to ponder.

    I like this mentality, as it’s the direction I think I’ve been trying to take recently. Like I was wondering: If with this epi-paleo template if you could literally ‘fix’ someone with even possibly severe cases and just follow this template they get better without even knowing their labs per se and specifically addressing those problems, since the things in the epi-paeo RX have things that addresses all issues overall. I like this and it generates great optimism, especially for those who are still under 30. For example, maybe the fact I’ve been eating paleo and now epi-paleo for the next 20 years when menapause arrives, the symptoms won’t be so severe for me, despite decreases in hormones, but instead the hormones from brain and adrenals will be so sufficient and powerful enough to mitigate the drop in estrogen from the ovaries etc. This is what I’m hoping for…but we’ll see. (My constant attention to menapuase is due to my currently living with two older ladies gone through menapuase, lol. So I therefore see the consequences of VERY poor diet, drinking AND smoking and partying.) The only thing these two people did not experience is any weight gain, instead they lost weight with menapause when I thought women usually gain weight (which would probably be only MY unlucky fate)….anyways. It’s been tough, and life is moving on now….and I’ve stuck it out with my decision to eat right and be healthy…but let me tell you IT’S BEEN REALLY HARD! (Not the health part, but in the face of constant unhealth). Well, I suppose it makes for me being a stronger person.

    Thanks Dr. K for your support simply by writing all these blog posts with all the information and genuine help. You’re pretty much a life saver.

  34. oh my bad , I didi not realize that name was taken!!!!!!!

  35. golooraam says:

    ok, so this is interesting
    I am faaaar from perfect, especially when it comes to diet, but it appears as though all this shellfish and such is actually changing my tastes

    normally by Saturday morning I am craving a bunch of junk like coffee cake and pastries, but this morning I stared into the bakery window, and instead went to the butcher next door to buy 6 oz of fresh dungeneness crab meat for an omelette I am about to make

    small, but for someone who is slowly winning his over fat battle – a big deal

  36. Jack,

    What are your thoughts on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)?

    It seems to have some body fat management effects, has been suggested to be involved with insulin regulation, and has some anticancer properties (including brain cancer. This stuff is in human breast milk, so it must be important for something, and is also in ruminant milkfat and meat, but entirely absent from seafood.

    Perhaps not necessarily something we need as adults, but certainly seems to have lots of benefits?

    • @Paul N CLA has some good findings and studies behind it but there are others that say it is not real helpful. My stance right now is eat well and do not supplement……you just cant out supplement a bad diet.

  37. Vincent McConeghy says:

    Dr K

    I’ve taken tart cherry juice to relieve osteoarthritis with good result, perhaps..should I discontinue?

  38. Caroline Cooper says:

    @ Jonathan Swaringen: You will find this US source of seaweed cheaper especially if you buy larger quantities, like one pound:

    These guys in Canada are not cheap but I really liked their kelp flakes which I used as a “condiment” on the table beside the sea salt:

  39. This is a comment about ‘A2 milk in the US’ for the ‘Ask Jack’ thread that is closed. I am a member of Miller’s Organic Farm in Pennsylvania and they are not 100% A2. They are in the process of removing the A1 cows, but they are not there yet (from August 2012 newsletter).

  40. Hi Jack,

    I wasn’t thinking of the supplement form, I did mean the real stuff that is in real food.

    The natural form of CLa (cis9, trans 11) is what is in dairy fat, while the supplement form is trans10, cis12, made from sunflower oil. Studies seem to show the benefits of the natural form are not replicated by the supplement form!

    When grass fed cows are supplemented with small amounts of linoleic acid (e.g. canola) they actually produce more CLA in their milk – normal grain fed cows, of course, produce less, and have less in their bodyfat. It is probably similar when chickens get some linoleic acid too.

    Seems to be an advantage for (grassfed) butter/ghee over coconut/palm oil, such that it is worth including, though not to the exclusion of the other oils, which have their own benefits too.

    Unlike the omega 6 seed oils, which have plenty of problems, there don;t seem to be any problems, and many, many unique benefits, to the various types of animal fats – I feel sorry for the vegans.

    Scallops in lard for dinner tonight, eggs in (homemade, cultured) butter for breakfast, along with copious amounts of homegrown leafy greens, home made pickles, and some home made kombucha – doesn’t get much better than that!

  41. A few times a year during a spring tide, my husband and I will go to the shore. He looks for scallops while I collect mussels from the rocks. It never dawned on me to collect seaweed as well but I’ll do it next time. There are loads of varieties of shellfish that people have either forgotten about or don’t realise are good like razor clams or winkles. This is mainly due to people trying to cook them and overcooking them. Either raw or no more than a minute in the pan is the only way they’ll taste good. I’m not sure how prices compare but seaweed products can be bought at an Irish site

    • @E Little minds are interested in the extraordinary in life; while great minds in the commonplace……….its your place to decide which is extraordinary and what is commonplace now.

  42. Legumes are on the avoid list. Does that include green beans?

  43. Paul Herbert says:

    Great podcast – Thanks. In reading a number of paleo books I often wondered why people would wonder around digging up roots and hunting animals when the sea was full of much easier to catch food. Your theories make much more sense.

    Question on blog post: You state: “When you eat non seafood protein this is when you should add your saturated fats to your diet to the greatest degree!! Grass fed red meat and offal come packed with saturated fats by nature and fish do not, by design as well as I laid out in the webinar.” You want us to add lots of saturated fat even though the meat is packed with saturated fat?

    • @Paul Herbert If you want to this is the best time to do so. This is why all my sauces are very heavily slanted toward saturated fat in my e cookbook

  44. I keep saying the same thing in my comments, but here it goes again…this is just fantastic. I’m an herbalist and my research and client specialty is pregnant women. Every time I see a pregnant mama now, I enthusiastically tell her to eat fish, lots of it. Interestingly, I just read an old issue from Mothering Magazine, which now exists only as an online information resource, but the article I read, which was about first foods for babies, talks about all these different old and indigenous cultures spanning the globe, and nearly every single one, except for Great Britain and America, fed fish in some form as a first food for babies. It felt like a “no sh*t” moment. This is my new path to pave–changing the paradigm in America on how Mothers eat during pregnancy, and how babies are introduced to food. My kids are not very happy with my change to a fish-based dinner most evenings of the week, but once its all cooked up and ready, they eat it with gusto. They are still young enough to not be paying attention to how it is affecting them. I am, on the other hand, very aware of how all this seafood if affecting my brain. This is super serious stuff. I’ve been recommending all these different herbs to clients over the years (adaptogens, which are also very powerful), but now I know that unless one is including copious amounts of seafood in the diet along with the adaptogens, one will not realize the full benefit. Dr. Kruse, I am so thankful for the information you are freely sharing on this site. Thank you.

    • @Kristi Keep sharing it because we need as many starfish as we can get in the battle for Optimal Health

  45. Paul Adams says:

    Dr. Kruse,

    You once advised me that,given my set of circumstances, i.e. epilepsy, osteoporosis, long-term phenobarbital therapy, etc., I should make coconut oil my “main diesel.” Should I stick with this or follow your advice of using CO in summer and switching to animal fats in winter?

    Thanks for the great blog!

    • @Paul Adams Paul you have special needs……the blog post is meant for a general person information. When people do educational consults with me we customize this Rx for their needs……no one patient is avg. They are unique to them.

  46. golooraam says:

    Hi Dr. Kruse

    I just came back from a wedding this weekend and got a lot of compliments – thank you so much for pushing me to seafood. I now love having it on a daily basis.

    After my workout today I will dining on raw ono (wish me luck, never tried this fish raw) and raw scallops.

  47. will boyden says:

    Thanks to all for the headsup on the possible connection between Hashimotos Disease and some US cows.I forewarned my local WAPF chapter and , of course, Sally.

  48. Gene Kalmens says:

    Dr Kruse, two questions:
    1. Is microwaving considered safe/slow cooking? I microwave a huge mix of raw vegetables, which include eggplants, to the point when they become soft, and add coconut oil with yellow mustard and spices when ready. I eat it with a can of sardines/wild salmon/herring for breakfast. Will it detox the eggplants?
    2. When you say “if your vit D level is at least 50,” do you mean just the natural level? I supplement vit D and my blood level is above 60, so do I meet the condition or not?

    Thank you! Your guidance is transforming my life.

  49. Gene Kalmens says:

    Dr Kruse,
    Regarding microwaving, do you consider it unsafe in general or not a good enough way to remove toxins from vegetables like eggplants?
    Thanks again!

  50. Marijke says:
  51. Andrew Wainer says:

    Is it ok to eat non local organic vegatables like from whole foods? Maybe not 100 percent optimal but if farmers market is not available right at this moment?

  52. Jonathan Swaringen says:

    @Marijke I’ve heard that Green beans have less of what makes legumes an issue. I don’t think it would be bad to have them sometimes. That just my opinion though.

    Most other beans give me gas issues and such…green beans have no effects that I can tell..possibly because of their lower lectin content and whatever else is negative in other legumes.

  53. Nonchalant says:

    What do you think of Spirulina? I think it’s a freshwater algae though.

  54. Zorica Vuletic says:

    Wow, I totally enjoyed my dinner tonight!

    Raw scallops with lemon squeezed over them. Using chop sticks I dipped them into my own home made Asian sauce.

    I had a salmon steak cooked in coconut oil where the skin got crispy and the flesh was tender as ever.

    This was coloured with steamed brocolli.

    Ok, I just needed to let everyone know how much I enjoyed my dinner. lol.

    Seafood is honestly…the BEST!

    (O, and earlier, I cooked sardines in bacon grease). 😀

  55. Hello friends. I am really getting alot out of this series. I listened to the webinar and took notes. What do you think about apple cider vinegar? I drink a Tbs. in water each day. I believe it provides good bacteria. What about ph balance? I am also eating organic sourcrout. I am almost over my addiction to supplements. This is BIG for me. I would appreciate your thoughts, Dr Kruse. I really find this life changing. Thanks for everything!!!!!

  56. I am positive for anti nuclear antibodies. I presume this means I am autoimmune. Otherwise I stay very well, thanks to paleo and now epi paleo.
    1 Is Dr. Mercola’s whey protein powder okay or is that classified as dairy?
    2 I have been putting 2 raw eggs in my protein shake every morning along with MCT oil. I am wondering, following the webinar if this is a good idea. Should I avoid eggs if I am autoimmune?
    3 Just to clarify the dairy discussion, If I live in Canada are goat and sheep cheese are okay?

  57. Resurgent says:

    ..” You have an obligation to yourself only.  You can only change yourself.  You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.  Health improvements always begin with I, not we.

    You can’t let a lifestyle movement become a dogma no matter how good it feels. Those of you who heard the July webinar got a lot more data behind these simple recommendations.  Share them with your loved ones and come back here and post your results as time evolves.  Your comments are important to future people who come read it.  Today smile at someone……..A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.  This will help lower your cortisol too and help you get well.  This is also part of the Epi-paleo Rx as well.”

    Golden words, Jack.. And straight from your heart.. Thank you !

    All our agreements, all our disagreements, are just finding ways to remain the way we are, not to change. People’s whole lives are devoted to one work: how not to change. They go on saying, “I don’t want to be miserable,” and they go on doing things which make them miserable. They go on saying, “I want to change,” but if one looks deep down in them, they don’t want to change. In fact this express desire that they want to change is again a trick not to change, so they can say to the world, “I am trying to change and I am saying loudly and shouting loudly I want to change, and still if nothing is happening what can I do?”.. Dogma at it’s best.

    Here is my message for everyone. One cannot change, one can only allow change to happen. Trying to change, you will never change. Who is trying? The old. Look at the inner logic of it: you are trying to change yourself. It is almost like pulling yourself up by your own shoe-strings. What can happen out of it? Nothing is possible. You cannot change yourself, because who is this one who is trying to change? It is your past. It is you.

    But you can allow a change to happen. What can you do to allow it? Please don’t agree or disagree with Jack. Just listen! Just be here. You just let his presence function as a catalytic agent. You just get infected by him. You just catch the disease that he has.

    So just allow him the way so his energy can start functioning on your energy. It is not a mind thing, it is a total affair…so that you can start vibrating in the same wavelength – even for a few moments.

    Those moments will bring change, those moments will bring glimpses of the unknown. Those moments will make you aware that there is optimal beyond health. Those moments will give you a feel of what it is to be in a kind of meditation. Those moments will allow you a little taste of Tao, of Tantra, of Zen. Those moments will bring the possibility of change, because those moments will come, not from your past but from your future.

    Bless you Jack..!!

    • @Resurg I like it……Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted. If you continue to act as you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind……We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens. Make your choices and you create your life.

  58. Resurgent, thank you for your wise words!

  59. Jonathan, thank you. I had a vague recollection that green beans are not as bad as the dried pulses.

  60. WeAreDevo says:

    Per your post #55 you might be interested in this study:

  61. Andrew Wainer says:

    Dr K.

    A couple questions I didnt know where else to post. I’ve been eating a primal diet lifting heavy stuff/sprinting for over a year now. I’m 26 yrs old 175 lbs and 6’0″. I’m confused about carbs. In your SO YOU COMPLETED THE LEPTIN RX? WHAT’S NEXT? you talk about eating carbs in the morning. Part of the problem is I live in South Florida and seasonal local produce is mostly available in the winter months. I’ve been reading a lot of your stuff and cut out most carbs/exercise and also eating a lot more seafood/shellfish which is great. I live by the beach so I think I’m going to start doing some sprinting swimming walking instead of going to the gym. Is it bad to exercise less so we need less carbs or am I off base with that? At one point i was just supplementing carbs with a ton of sweet potatoes but I’m thinking maybe I should add them back in the summer months but with breakfast instead. I can get organic berries from out of state right now but i dont know if thats the right route to go either. I’ve also been going to bed earlier and waking up without an alarm clock which is great, along with COLD. Any help I would appreciate and thanks so much for answering questions its really great that you do that. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of doing paleo.

  62. Gene Kalmens says:

    For those of us who are not native speakers – when you are talking about fowl, this also includes poultry, correct? So chicken and turkey should be optionally cut then. Do chicken livers count as offal and can be eaten or rather be avoided?

  63. Ray Brown says:

    Dr Kruse, I have been following the Paleo diet for two years, your protocol from March this year, including CT and now seafood 5/6 days per week. I haven’t had a psoriasis attack for 13 months but last week had a mild one followed by a very painful psoriasis arthritis attack in my foot…what am I doing wrong?

  64. Gene Kalmens says:

    Dr K, another question – would there be any contraindications in EpiPaleRx for those with APOE-4? I wonder whether seasonal fruit should be limited in this case.

  65. Question about the sea veggies… Is it also recommended for those with Hashimotos to eat seaweed? Some say that iodine will exacerbate Hashis.

  66. Ray Brown says:

    Dr Kruse, I gladly would if I could. England does not appear to be as advanced as the USA. I have not been able to find anybody that tests for the things you analyse. But as a general point, if all health is personal and dictated by the environment and protein content, it maybe without testing I will never be able to cure myself even if I follow your protocol.

    • @Ray You need to come on my forum and meet Corvus. He lives in London and he gets all this done without much issue. Maybe he can help you.

  67. Ray Brown look up Sarah Myhill or the Breakspear Hospital (Herts)

  68. Inger Larsen says:

    if you believe you will never be able to cure your self, that is exactly what will happen. If you believe you are able to, you will always find a way. I am very confident your health will steady improve if you just follow the protocol 100 %. Do raw fish and shellfish too.. heads and all included, organs, mackerel-head-smoothies and such. They are so healing. Better let go of the thought your food have to please your taste-buds all the time (at least in the beginning until you get used to a new taste).
    I am sure Jack meant, he cannot tell what is going on with you without seeing your labs, not that you cannot be healthier! Read his answer again and you will see. Looks like we read/see what we believe… 😉
    I cannot afford many labs eather but it does not matter to me at all, I just do all the good things I know and I feel the difference!

  69. Ray Brown says:

    Hello Linz, thank you for that helpful response.
    Hello Inger, thank you for your response. Mine was not a negative whine, but an
    Understanding that optimal health is a very personal issue and tests are essential. It’s not a matter of affording labs, it was knowing where to go. That may have now been solved. I am extremely positive I will rid myself of this. But without the tests I don’t think its possible to be optimal.

  70. will boyden says:

    I have good CT news!

  71. Sue Cummings says:

    Dr. Kruse, recommendations here make infinite sense. My only question is the amount of pollution big-brained humans have dumped into the ocean & therefore seafood/seaweed. Sardines, once considered smallfry and therefore clean, are now listed among the highest foods in PCBs. How do we account/adjust for the damage modern environmental toxins deliver in otherwise optimal food?

    • @Sue its a great pointy but here is what most paleo lovers forget……..seafood is 5-7 times as nutrient dense as land based foods (see Cordain’s own work as proof of it) … even with the negatives with aquaculture and pollution there is a serious upside to the Epi paleo Rx as outlined here in this blog. In the webinar I got into how within seafood you should make decisions…….about different seafood.

  72. will boyden says:

    I did the ice on chest CT for about 5 weeks. My dry mouth
    problem disappeared, I also experienced great Circadian sleep , and a great feeling of wellness. I then tried the cold bath for about a week and my bad symptoms came back.
    I went back to the ice on chest and my problems dissapeared. Hormesis?

  73. Jack,
    an unrelated question. Does your protocol have any influence (or healing possibility) for glaucoma??

    • @Werner glaucoma is caused by a blockage of the canal of Schlem so any reduction in inflammation helps. I have no direct clinical experience with glaucoma.

  74. Nonchalant says:

    Can color blindness be improved by diet?

    • @Nonchalant I can only speak for a few of my patients but it has in some. I happened to be one of those people in whom it occurred.

  75. Nonchalant says:

    It seems that there is very little communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious mind controls all of the physical body, but it does not know anything other than what it senses directly and indirectly. It doesn’t know that dinner will be an hour late today, it doesn’t know why I may be working at midnight, it does not know that it is winter, when I live in heated comfort. It does not know that the pills I am ingesting have vitamins and minerals and essential oils, because they do not taste like spinach or salt or fish. Modern life must be a bit perplexing, to the unconscious mind.

    • @Nonchalant…….modern life destroys the unconscious mind…….and this destroys our ability to thin slice our world.

  76. “not if you preload with Selenium……and the Epi paleo Rx does precisely this.”

    Thanks Jack for the answer. Just to make sure I understand… Is it correct then to say that those with Hashimotos can eat the sea veggies as long as they eat lots of Selenium first (or eat Selenium with the sea veggies??). If one eats according to the Epi Paleo Rx, they could to accomplish this.

  77. I am getting so much out of this… Like Dr Kruse says, “the gold is in the coments” Anyone out there… I seem to be okay with coconut oil but not coconut milk. Does anyone else have this experience? It seems to me that Dr Kruse says he does NO milk of any kind including almond. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  78. Thank you for your response, Dr Kruse. I am really struggling with Raynouds syndrome. It is worse in summer due to a/c on all the rime at work. I am a hair stylist so my hands are always wet and cold. I take NO medication and eat epi paleo. Lots of coconut oil etc. Magnesium at bedtime. Otherwise not other supplements Any suggestions?

  79. Thank you for your response, Dr Kruse. I am really struggling with Raynouds syndrome. It is worse in summer due to a/c on all the rime at work. I am a hair stylist so my hands are always wet and cold. I take NO medication and eat epi paleo lots of coconut oil etc. magnesium at bedtime, no other supplements Any suggestions? I have ANA so that may be a consideration. Thank you so much

    • @Bonnie if youre ANA is positive you need to focus on an AI Epi paleo Rx and make your EFA ratio 4:1. That is critical for long term health in your case.

  80. Jodi Wibel says:

    At the webinar you touched on the issue of seafood/shellfish allergies, and said something about reversing them possibly? What did you mean by that?

  81. Erica Schaefer says:

    I’ve been wondering about the 4:1 ratio. Is the 4 the omega 3 or omega 6?

  82. Many tests can be ordered directly from Genova Diagnostics (Need to know what you want to order and good credit card).

    Genova Diagnostics Europe, partnered with our parent company Genova Diagnostics, is the global leader in medical diagnostic testing, with physicians and patients all over the world using our tests and distributors more than 20 different countries.

    To locate a Genova Diagnostics international distributor, please Click Here to view the interactive world map.


  83. At Bonnie, the coconut milk is fructose. You should join the forum, folks help each other all the time.

  84. period not comma

  85. Chris M. says:

    Wait….what????? Coconut milk is “fructose”?

    It’s coconut and H2O, right? Or do you mean too much can spike blood sugar from the carb content?


  86. I’m talking about the white stuff, not the clear.
    The clear idk about. I think its usually adulterated so I don’t drink it unless its from a nut.

  87. Zorica Vuletic says:

    @Bonnie and @ Lee: It’s not the sugar content, but it’s canned and processed so this is what people have a reaction to (if they have a reaction). If you eat the flesh of a coconut straight and/or squeeze it to get ‘milk’ you would not get such a reaction.

    Perhaps there could be a BPA free canned coconut milk if you look carefully.

  88. Zorica Vuletic says:

    Haha! I had a banana with my sardines, mussels and eggs this morning. It’s summer…why not!

  89. Chris M. says:

    @Dr. Kruse —- Native Forest said there organic coconut milk is in BPA free cans, so it’s ok then?

    Also, games meats are ok too e.g., elk, ostrich ? (5th level, i know)

    Thanks much,

    PS and just too afraid to do my seafood raw though with Fibro and multiple gut issues!

  90. pete hall says:

    Dr. K,

    So this is roughly a high protein, mid/low fat, low carb diet? but heavy on seafood/shellfish.

    Is there an ideal ratio for the macronutrients? thanks.

    • @ Pete I think it is a high fat moderate protein diet. No there is no ratio for micronutrients…….just eat Epi paleo food.

  91. Okay Dr Kruse. I am starting to get this. I am on my 6th read of this post. As per comment 92: I am ANA positive but no active disease that I know of. Eggs and Whey are out now, dairy was almost nil before anyway. Since I live in Canada, is grass fed butter okay for bulletproof coffee or do you consider that A1 dairy.? This has become breakfast since eggs and whey are out. I am following epi paleo. I am totally stoked on this. Looking forward to you reply… Thank you!

    • @Bonnie cut all A1 dairy including butter. In my coffee called Optimal coffee in my e cookbook I use Coconut oil to replace dairy because everyone can use it including those with an AI.

  92. Of course it is and I have the e cookbook. I will start today. Thanks so much. I do give blood about 4 x per year. I haven’t seen any posts about this yet. Do we need to watch out for high iron or just give on principal. Do you donate blood?

  93. @Mike Thanks for the email. I heard about AHS 2012 oyster comment. I also saw the tweet of the person you mentioned and I know full well about the stance on hormesis. This is what I will tell you about adrenal fatigue in this arena with cold and the Epi-paleo Rx that no one’s solution can remedy:

    Try reading Dr. James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue:The 21st Century Stress Syndrome and look where he mentions EFA’s and AF. Seems poster boy missed that lecture.

    “The right balance of essential fatty acid intake contributes significantly to
    adrenal recovery, as well as to your general health. For optimum health the
    best balance of essential fatty acids is a 4:1 ratio of omega 6’s to omega
    3’s. An epi-paleo diet is the best and evolutionary package that was delivered to our nearest transitional ape ancestors. Buy the faileo facade if you want……..but EFA’s are how we interact with our environment. Many of these guys looked at the surface argument and not at the neural chemistry before adopting everything Cordain wrote in his original book. Much of what Cordain wrote is correct and his latest book is excellent. Much of it has a lot to be re discovered. In his book as I outlined the Epi paleo Rx is in there and he is unaware of it. He is no expert in human brain evolution at all. Dr. Cunnane is that expert, and has pointed that out to those who have looked at the data. The human brain separates us from other mammals. The current version of the ancestral diet is not totally complete when you have the total perspective.

  94. Just found this site last night, anxious to get started changing my life. I have Hashimotos, am obese, had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, lumpectomy and radiation for breast cancer this year. I am fatigued beyond belief, short of breath, brain fogged and bordering on depression.
    Is it possible to purchase the webnairs that have already taken place? I’m sorry I can’t afford to become a member at $48 🙁
    I’d like to contribute somehow though, the time you’ve given here is incredible.

    • @Kay Wood I would tell you to come on the forum and meet the amazing members of this community. We all pull one and another up by the bootstraps.

  95. MARK CARL says:

    Jack –

    I have been eating VLC paleo and doing intermittent fasting for about the last 6 mos. as I am trying to lose bodyfat. I also resistance train 4 x’s/week.

    My latest CMP showed elevated BUN (36 – ref range: 6-24), elevated BUN/Creatinine ratio (39 – ref range:9-20), and elevated urinary uric acid (1118.0 – ref range: 250.0-750.0). I also showed elevated serum calcium (10.9 – ref range: 8.7-10.2). My serum uric acid (UA), however, is normal (4.6 – ref range: 3.7-8.6) as is my creatinine (0.92 – ref range 0.76-1.27) and eGFR (95 – ref range >59). There is no protein in my urine. I do not have gout. These levels have gradually increased over the last 6 mos.

    135g of daily protein to maintain lean mass is by no means excessive, especially for someone who trains, so I cannot understand these markers have increased.

    On a side note, I had passed a 3mm calcium oxalate kidney stone back in March. For stone prevention, I am drinking about 12 cups of water daily and taking approx. 5g potassium citrate to alkalinize urine. I urinate 1500-2000cc daily.

    I realize that red meat is moderately high in purines (which can elevate uric acid), but I love my grass-fed beef and buffalo and would hate to give them it up.

    Any reason why serum calcium is elevated? My last PTH was normal.

    Before resorting to meds like allopurinol to decrease urinary UA levels, any pearls you can share?

  96. MARK CARL says:

    Also wanted to add that my avg carbs are <50g (grain-free) and the fruit I eat is small handful of blueberries. I get no fructose from anywhere else.

  97. Zorica Vuletic says:

    @ Mark, doesn’t seem like you have to ‘give up’ red meat at all on epi-paleo. It still has a place on the ‘pyramid’. But increasing your seafood and fish and SEA VEGGIES seems like first in line. So the old traditional way where it was fish like only 1x/week or 2-3x (usually less by most standards), well just flip that and make grass-fed beef/buffalo to 2-3x/week…so not giving it up, but getting the other stuff you need first.

    I just came back and re-read this blog. Glad I did.

  98. Dr. Kruse,
    For some reason, whenever I up my intake of iodine, via seafood, my skin reacts pretty significantly and I break out in horrible cysts… This always happenes whenever I eat something with iodine, kelp giving me the worst reactions… I wonder if this a detoxing effect or it is a sign of something else? Is is due to heavy metals? I do have a history with mercury from fillings (which I had removed) and also lithium 5 years ago.

    • @Ray F that is a a sign you may have halide issues. Consider having your doc get you a urinary tox screen for halides. F, Br, CL.

  99. Regarding the chicken/fowl issue…….read this:

    Fowl is foul. Me and this guy are on board.

  100. Stephen Ross says:

    You say here that the foundation or first pillar should include shellfish and crustaceons followed by fish, etc. would you say that shellfish and crustaceons are necessary for optimal assuming I have a good abundant source of freshly caught wild sardines? Sardines seem to be the truth when it comes to omega 3s and they are super low in mercury, etc. could this be optimal instead of crustaceons/shellfish?

    • @Stephan they good but not as nutrient dense as oysters. Oyster are the perfect food for a mammal with a big brain……..NOTHING EXCEEDS IT.

  101. Hi Jack, i am a pescetarian so i’m obviously pleased you feel a pescetarian diet is optimal 🙂 one thing my research into this type of diet has found is that with a number of molluscs you need to be wary of cadmium content. Mussels are esp. a problem. do you have any opinion on this, seeing as moluscs are the priority ‘layer’ of your epi-paleo rx diet?

    • @Rob being a pescetarian is not Epi paleo……may sound like it but it is not accurate. The see veggies really up the game on iodine and protect us from a multitude of oxidation when we constantly eat it. Mussels can be a problem but you could do a heavy metal screen once a yr to check it. I dont eat them enough to worry about it. Maybe twice a month. More in fall and winter.

  102. Thanks for the quick reply Jack. Just to point out that offal is typically also very high in cadmium as well (esp. kidney, where cadmium tends to accumulate and damage in living creatures inc. humans).

    Thanks for clearing up the fact that your idea of the perfect diet contains lots of sea veg as well. I also love most sea vegetables, esp. dulse. I used to consume a lot of hijiki years ago as it had the best taste and texture IMO, but then i found out that studies were showing potentially dangerously high levels of arsenic so i cut right back on it. For example, see here on one popular brand here in the UK

    Do you think it might be prudent to have a continuously low level chelation therapy going on whilst following your template, such as oral DMSA which appears to selectively chelate toxic metals and not essential minerals?

    • @Rob white Next Tuesday EPCOTx webinar on the gut will tell you about the natural treatment for arsenic……Garlic. 3-5 cloves a day.

  103. Hi Jack. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of garlic. I have PubMed’d a few studies and indeed it seems that garlic is a potent chelator of a number of problem metals, inc lead, arsenic, and cadmium. Cilantro and basil seem to be pretty good as well. So plenty of pesto on my seafood with added cilantro and extra garlic it is then!

    I read around on a few sites that some folks regard herb-based chelators as ‘unpredictable’ in that they can remove deposits from one part of the body and re-deposit them somewhere even worse, like the central nervous system. I dont know if theres any truth in that, but maybe you will cover than in your webinar, which is will make an effort to listen to! 🙂

    BTW, is there any solid evidence that garlic de-synchronises brain wave patterns? I’ve seen this supposed issue crop up several times before with little peer-reviewed evidence.

  104. Dr. Kruse, you mention an e-cookbook here:
    “CAVEAT: Key point to consider and why I use some of these veggies/fruit in my Epi-paleo Rx in my e-cookbook”.
    However, I cannot find it in your online store, or, anywhere else on the web. I think all this information is overloading me. As a future executive, life is complex, and I have a lot on my plate, so, reading 100’s or 1000’s of pages of theory is great, and I’d never have time for that.
    I prefer a short and sweet version, “Hi, I’m Dr. Kruse, I’m highly respected, and know a lot about the brain chemistry, if you want to know more about how awesome I am, please click here and I will drown you with enough information to keep you awake for weeks, or, if you already know I’m awesome, click here to buy my e-book, and supplements I recommend (although, in my articles I talk about how whole foods are best, supplements are second best if you do not have the means to cook the foods I recommend in my e-cookbook, or my cookbook”.

    Seriously though, where is/are your book(s) hiding?

  105. I read this paragraph completely on the topic of the comparison of hottest and
    previous technologies, it’s remarkable article.

  106. Dr. Kruse! What a ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ you are in this sea of tainted minds and greedy hearts…Just got your book and will most likely finish it by tonight what with all the excitement! I had cancer last spring and have been in remission since June 2014. I should stress that you can eat this way and feel great, look great, etc. but the REAL success comes when you likewise do some ‘detoxing’ of negative or abusive relationships because after all, it’s next to impossible trying to eat your food and go to bed at a decent time when you have all these people naysaying and/or worse, bullying you for your efforts! It took relocating to Hawaii (for at least a year or two) to fully heal myself body, mind and soul and establishing the foundation of a healthy lifestyle FIRST and this required that I end several very unhealthy relationships. Now to questions:
    My daughter was born with insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome has had fatty liver in the past (cured with a low-carb diet) and now has borderline thyroid issues. Should she follow this diet and also do CT (she’s 12)??? Our doctors from Oregon were naturopaths and prescribed a natural form of synthroid called Thytrophin by Standard Process. We were also taking ThorneFX Labs liquid vitamin D/K2 combo and their probiotic. What, if any supplements should we both be taking? I plan to start my own wellness practice and site soon and wondered if you had a ‘certification’ (Mark Sisson has one) to further endow me with credentials of some sort? By far, your body of education and reeducation has been the cornerstone in my confidence as a guide and mentor – can’t thank you enough! I’ll eventually become a member and will watch future webinars.

    ~Amy (Alohi) & Amelie in Kauai

    • @Amy Thanks leave me a review on amazon! If she is has thyroid issues seafood is key but you need to bio hack her environment. I would tell you to come on to the forum and begin that side of your education.

  107. Hi Jack
    I have learnt so much from your youtube vids and now your blog, so appreciate the massive knowledge you share. Would you know if South African dairy was A1 like U.S.A. dairy? I am a 53 year old female whose health went to the dogs after my husband passed away (always enjoyed good health before that), I have managed to climb back up, by eating low carb and high fat according to your epi paleo, and now running. I still have hot flashes which are terribly uncomfortable, and my eyes seem to be getting worse, had mercurys removed 4 years ago, and I find I crave a certain greek yoghurt (grass fed) is this a good sign or bad, I cld just live on it. Really wierd.
    would so appreciate your feedback
    kind regards

    • SA dairy is the same as the US but they do have more A2 cows then the US has. You have to ask the suppliers. I also would tell you about the menopause symptoms you need the morning UV and IR light via the eyes and skin. Read Ubi series 22-24 to get details.

  108. oh and I should mention I have a fair amount of EMF exposure everyday, I work on my laptop for 5 -6 hours a day, always try to switch off when sun goes down but I run a bed and breakfast and have wifi for the guests.
    kind regards

  109. Dear Dr Kruse,

    What’s the verdict on carrots and parsnips if they are in season? From what you have written it seems they might be allowed because they do not seem to be part of any of the “avoid” categories.

    Also, any tips on avoiding NSP with oysters? (

    Kindest Regards,


    • Anything in season is good…….with one caveat. If you live in an area with a deep population density I would shade closer to ketosis and look for clues about the quantum yield of sunlight in my town. Easiest way is to go to the optical shop and ask them if they have noticed a surge in myopic Rx’s. If so…….move.

      Place like NOLA where I live vet their oysters like crazy so I would tell you shade toward Gulf Oysters.

  110. Jack, what is your position on the coconut oil virgin vs refined debate?

  111. Hi Dr. Jack,
    I have been following your posts recently as the only doctor who could illustrate the true causes of melasma. In one of your posts you explained that anemia doesn’t allow the ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin from the full spectrum. Yet, in your article above, you are almost recommending cutting most of iron sources for anemia as part of paleo diet (eggplant; tomato; strawberries, also bellpepper, and grains essential for kidney and some containing niacin (black lentil, as I read before). Am I confused?

    Thank you so much.

    I would appreciate coping the reply to my email .

    Thanks a lot.

    • Eggplant peppers etc have carotenoids in them that block UV light assimilation on your skin. That is why. Anemia lowers hemoglobin and porphyrins in your RBC’s doing the same. That is why.

      • Thank you so much Dr. Jack for your kind clarification. I have one more inquiry, if you can help. I have just read that rice water contain PABA or Oryzanol that protect from harmful UV rays. Do you have any idea whether they block all UV rays or just the harmful ones? If they block the harmful ones, then perhaps one can wash his face with rice water prior to sitting infront of the computer or before exposure to noon sun if inevitable. Also you recommended exposing our skin to all the UV spectrum. That doesn’t include the noon sun, right?
        I do appreciate your kind response and feedback. Thanks in advance.

  112. Jack, I have a question, specifically about my current condition. The fantastic information you have presented in your blog has helped me a lot deal with the condition, and even avoid a drug treatment for the most part, save for some valerian root.

    I ceased drinking alcohol, after most of 20 years, save for a year in prison, The detox in prison took place in a hospital, and the foods I was given were very simple and not the solanace/allium/bread that was when I got moved out of the hospital after they took no account of my sensitivity to light in stopping my sleep.

    After close monitoring of my symptoms in response to foods, I determined that not only was carbohydrates, including starch, triggers of the onset of the delerium tremens symptoms, but also, proteins. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are strilkingly similar to the effects of methamphetamine, even the hyperthermic delerium, the role of glucose in the high (which now to me seems like a sickness).

    You of course are aware of the fact that the liver can convert – indeed, must convert, the excess amino acids into glucose. Thus, especially with fish, and my current metabolic dysregulation. So I am inclined to suggest to you that in fact marine foods may not be 100% good, if they are not very high fat, like cod, snapper, and hake.

    In my quest to avoid seeing ‘good doctors’ and take medications and pay money for their ‘knowledge’, and pay drug companies for their poisons, when mine is already superior to theirs, thanks to you, and a simple root suffices when one accounts for the influence on sugar with glutamate levels and delerium (I am not sure what the neurochemical basis of this is, except I would hazard the guess that it is anoxia), I have had thtis opportunity to study a deeply dysregulated metabolic system, from the subjective standpoint.

    I had to do this when I was in prison for that year, when I started to develop chronic allergic asthma, which extensive challenges with singular food items, eventually determined that, in order of approximate speed of onset and intensity of symptoms, Brown Rice, Wheat, Dairy, Solanacae, Allium, and Melon fruits, so it was natural for me to start to recognise the causal chain between what I ate, and how I felt.

    I am, in fact, at this very moment, testing futher on lightly cooked egg yolk, heavily fried mushrooms. I know, not exactly totally isolation test, but I did already test egg yolk, and at first it was beneficial, similar to salmon, but then the symptoms started up. Obviously I am very hungry, but if the food makes me ill so quickly and obviously, I have to be very careful.

    A salad with coconut oil and ghee, a lot of lettuce, 3 fried yolks, just fried enough to fully set, at low temperature, heavily fried mushrooms, and Gerand Sea Salt, with a splash of vinegar, is this afternoon’s experiment.

    Also, I think it is pertinent to mention, that for alcohol withdrawal treatment, low light levels are also helpful, in diminishing the inability to sleep. In fact, after I blocked out the light, and even when sitting in front of a computer monitor with the brightness turned down to as low as possible without becoming illegible, Since low light levels help, I am thinking that there is a light trigger involved in the glutamate, and indeed, I think I am confirming that now, as the hot-head/headache effect is rising the longer I am in high light conditions.

    As an aside, I wanted to point out something to you, related to your evolutionary biology hypothesis. As you know, the human body clearly has two distinct metabolic modes, which I am calling ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’, for obvious reasons.

    Summer means strong light, high temperatures, readily available sugar laden foods, most notably fruit, and in generall, a much lower need for energy from food.

    Winter means dim light, frequent cloud cover, cold, very little anything containing carbohydrates except root vegetables, long periods of time indoors, even, out of reception of the Schumann resonance, and the primary sources of food are the few winter adapted animals that do not hibernate, such as Deer, rabbits, most birds (think about that one for a minute!), sheep, and obviously, lots of fish.

    I also want to then mention that you talk about this metabolic state, and extensively refer to it as a fairly broad panacea, and I believe you are right, for most of modern diseases. They are not modern diseases, they are diseases of the endless Summer. Strongly heated houses, electric light, high EMF, in general (though naturally, this cannot happen so much, there is night and day, winter and summer.

    However, for the humans that live in the tropics, it is pretty close to being an endless summer. How have these equator dwellers adapted? Dark skin, dark irises, very, naturally strong metabolism (except for more than 2 or 3 generations living away from the equator, these equator people rarely are obese, and usually just are naturally fit and energetic).

    So, where I am digging with this, to wind this up, is that if we are facing a cataclysm, and nuclear winter is far from off the table, a replication of the extinction event of the Dinosaurs, that perhaps you are missing some ingredients in your Rx. Namely, diminished light exposure (does not need to be pitch dark) that EMF in Winter mode is not going to interfere with circadian clocks, as has been discovered with people living for long periods underground, we have an internal 25 hour clock, and this timing itself makes you wonder about when this non-external-reference dependent Summer metabolism developed, perhaps once the earth spun a little slower.

    Furthermore, from my experiences with proteins, which are converted into sugars, I am unsure, what other way can the liver eliminate them other than converting to glucose? Perhaps made into uric acid instead?

    And one last thing. You talk a lot about non-photic life forms that depend on very harsh chemicals and solely infrared light. In the scenario of the dinosaur extinction, we would be talking about the equivalent of deep winter angle sunlight levels, which would mean very little photosynthesis, and without photosynthesis most grazing animals would die out very quickly. The sea, as well, would be very sparsely populated with blue green algae.

    Therefore, the bottom of the food chain in the K-T extinction, would have to have been these extremophiles. There must therefore also be a chain of probably currently rare species whose metabolism is incompatible with a warm, bright environment like today. This chain of life would reach up to the coastlines, where the mammals and later, in ice ages, humans would have migrated, to eat these fish.

    There is more. Depending on the extreme of the cold, if the temperature remained, in such times, during the ‘summer’ around 10-12 degrees C, it would be sufficient to support the proliferation of fungi, who by no coincidence, would also have an ENORMOUS source of food in the form of dead forests, whose leaves no longer make sugars. So another food, and a reason to go to the ground and walk on two feet, would be to gather mushrooms, away from the ocean.

    Therefore I suggest more amendments as well to your scheme. Mushrooms should be a high position. Cold conditioned vegetables like Brassicas survive in an Ice Age summer. The fish species that would have probably adapted to a diet of a mixture of the sparse algae and extremophiles predators, would have a very important feature: very high fat content, since this buffers against the cold. And I believe you may find it plausible that during the rapid ERV mutation process at the seaside, that humans may have mutated rapidly into cetaceans.

    That in fact, you might be wrong on this being where our ancestors came from, but rather, that the cetaceans came from a common ancestor, and in fact *we* are adapted to living in cold forests and mountains, during such times that the primary food source would have been fungus and animals adapted to this source of food, which does not extend very far. There would of course be no evidence for the bone collectors of any of this, since the ocean is full of electrons, has enormous latent heat capacity, and nothing would be possible to find down there anyway, except in the case of a massive seismic activity causing the fresh corpses to be covered in silt and mud and sand, and thus preserved as with bog mummies.

    This fungus hypothesis also may link to Terence Mckenna’s assertion that psychedelic mushrooms may have been a conditioning factor in the emergence of large brains, and it is an interesting fact that most species of psilocybin fruit at a trigger temperature of 10 degrees, with frequent rain, and they grow on rotting wood, which would have been abundant in equatorial ice age ‘summer’, which was probably maxed out at approximately this temperature.

    Since viruses do travel as an epidemic, the marine viruses could still have travelled rapidly towards the human population inland, in the half dead former tropical rainforests. And you are aware of the fact that there is fossilised trees in Antarctica?Such a rapid movement of a landmass to the pole seems inconceivable to me. I think much more likely is a change in the tilt that provides for poles with warm enough conditions for a temperate rainforest such as I describe, and you assert is the original home of our ancient protohominid ancestors.

    I hope I just dropped some idea-nukes on your head in this article, and same for everyone else.

    I am testing the hypothesis soon, by altering my living environment so that I avoid sunlight, completely, only ever going out at sunset, sleeping completely according to my internal clock’s bedtime cycle (I suspect it is, as it is with babies, ! 5 hour cycles, and thus 5 sleeps and 5 wakes. to grow mushrooms in my darkened environment, preferably wood growers, and ideally, underground, and putting a simple heat exchanger to keep the fungus production chamber at the ideal 10 degrees, to take the cold conditioning to an extreme where I am able to sit in a dead cold bath for half an hour (no added ice, just cold bath), and if I have to go out in the light, completely cover my body and face, wear goggles, as though I was a vampire sneaking around in the daylight. And of course, lastly, to replace every LED illuminator in electronic devices, including displays, removing the blue LEDs and replacing them with red, or if tricolour, replacing with a bicolour red/green. The interior of my dwelling would thus only have these spectra, so that I do not activate the blue light receptors that I suspect are part of the Summer metabolic ttrigger.

    Obviously I may need some type of income to achieve this, but you will have to agree with me, that this lifestyle would make me resistant to circadian disorder from EMF, also. So my lifestyle and income would necessarily come from computers.

    • Your theory is interesting but you’ve missed some key points. Dopamine is low in all addictions. When dopamine stays low a long time because of environmental shift it will begin to affect deeper nuclei in the brainstem. The local cereulus is one. It is called cereulus because means blue in latin. It is blue because in this nuclei dopamine is changed to noradrenalin to work properly. When this is combined with no AM sunlight at the visible to UV-A transition (which your lifestyle caused and prison reenforced) Despite reduced levels of noradrenaline and increased cortical beta-adrenergic receptor binding in the ETOH addicted brain, there is controversy regarding the effect of chronic alcohol consumption on the noradrenergic neurons of the locus coeruleus (LC). We now know the link between the eye and the locus cereulus is tyrosine hydroxlase defects that lower the conversion of dopamine to Noradrenalin. It appears the first problem is the lack of dopamine creation combined with the lack of POMC which after time lowers beta endorphin release and this destroys the tyrosine hydrolase conversion to NA. The substrate and produt are both low and this shares massive overlap with many addictions including carbohydrates and protein. MsKenna theory holds no water when you understand the eye clock gears of the SCN and the long and short loops that are needed to allow the SCN to run at higher speeds. This is a key to your theory here because this mechanism is now well known and has to be account for by your mushroom story. Why do people tend to believe in fantastic stories? Due to a chronic low dopamine state. Why would you attmept to use this on yourself? Same reason. If you think I am being dismissive I am not. Read this paper here: This mushroom theory has been around a long time has no biologic scientific basis because of the Clock mechanism.

  113. Hello Dr. Kruse,

    I am new to this website and am trying to get a sense for things.
    Forgive me, but aren’t shell fish and crustaceans bottom feeders and, essentially, the garbage-eaters of the ocean? Wouldn’t they carry more toxins due to this, including mercury? I have seen instances of people developing allergies, and severe allergic reactions, to shell fish (where none existed before) after eating larger quantities.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Thank You

  114. Keith Christensen says:

    Jack would you consider this safe for pregnancy? My wife is having a lot of trouble with fat in her abdomen. She’s only gained a little weight in her arms back and face since the beginning of pregnancy. 3rd child, she’s 30yo. Her labs are all normal as far as cholesterol, blood sugar, A1C. Not sure about thyroid.

  115. Tudo que o diabético precisa saber sobre a sua alimentação ´que aqueles petiscos, tais como, por exemplo: os mariscos e até mesmo aqueles famosos caranguejos ou camarões.
    guia de alimentação para diabeticos


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