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Quantum Sleep (October 2013)

Everyone knows that sleep’s important. But why does sleep happen? How does it happen? How does it work to regenerate us? In this webinar, we’re going to explore the answers to all three questions and so much more.

This webinar will give you the complete Quantum Sleep story in humans; we are leaving no stone unturned. Many of the concepts we’ll explore in this webinar have been touched on in the blogs over the last several months … this webinar is going to weave them all together. We’re going to see how sleep is heavily affected by chemicals and transition metals, as explored in the September 2013 webinar (which you may want to listen to before you dive into this one!).

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Managing Your Energy with the Mitochondrial Rx (January 2013)

Our mitochondria is the powerhouse of every cell in our body. It’s responsible for energy and ATP production, they produce ATP, and without mitochondria, we die because no cell in the body will function. When your mitochondria isn’t operating efficiently, it affects EVERYTHING and its inefficiency is a contributing factor to things like: cancer, weight gain, infertility, gland efficiency, aging and all it’s related symptoms, ADD / ADHD, depression, fatigue, poor sleep, diabetes, heart disease, Chron’s and other GI diseases, CFS, muscle aches and pains and methylation issues. There is a lot of dialogue in the medical community (especially functional medicine) about leaky gut. But the next wave of dialogue is going to be about mitochondria. Mitochondria efficiency is key to telemore biology and ant-aging. And the great news is — you can measure it, and very intentionally optimize your mitochondrial efficiency to ferrari status.

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Books Recommended by Dr. Kruse

book-TheEpiPaleoRx book-The-Body-Electric book-The-Origin-of-Species book-PowerSexSuicide
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The Epi Paleo Presciption The Body Electric
by Robert Becker
The Origin of Species Power, Sex, Suicide:
Mitochondria and
the Meaning of Life


book-electromagnetism book-crosscurrents books-whatislife
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Electromagnetism and Life
by Robert O. Becker
and Andrew A. Marino
Cross Currents
by Robert O. Becker
What is Life?
by Erwin Schrodinger


Supplements Recommended by Dr. Kruse

supplement-Pregnenolone supplements-RLipoicAcid supplements-AcetylLCarnitineArginate supplements-MagnesiumCitrate
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Life Extension Pregnenolone Life Extension Super
R-Lipoic Acid
Life Extension
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate
 Life Extension
Magnesium Citrate


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Qunol Mega CoQ10
Super Ubiquinol Dietary


Other Products Recommended by Dr. Kruse

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Bulletproof Coffee – 12 oz.
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