Internal Stressors with Dr. Tim Jackson: Zeroing in on the Root Causes of Leaky Gut, Thyroid Issues, Adrenal Fatigue & More

You’ve been treating your “adrenal fatigue” for years, but if you stop your adaptogens, DHEA or other adrenal supplements, you fall apart. You’ve been addressing your leaky gut for a year, but if you stop your probiotics, glutamine, aloe vera, etc., your stomach begins to hurt and you get diarrhea. You gave up gluten, but your thyroid antibodies remain elevated. You can’t seem to warm up despite taking thyroid medication. Your cortisol and DHEA won’t balance, despite correcting your sleep hygiene/circadian cycle. You exercise several days per week, but the more you exercise, the fatter you get. What do all of these things have in common? Internal stressors!

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LISTEN NOW: FREE Community-wide “Heal Your Hormones” webinar with Dr. Tim Jackson!

If diet and lifestyle changes, supplementation or BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) haven’t taken you to optimal, listen to the replay of this community-wide introduction to Healing Your Hormones with Dr. Tim Jackson!

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Energy and Epigenetics 7: The Epigenetic Toolbox

The human genome is the first draft of what we might be, but our life experience within the environment we choose to exist is where the final draft of our book is written. An architect far smarter than us has given us that epigenetic toolbox, and we now have the ability to use it by altering our behaviors to change our lives and reverse diseases.

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Energy and Epigenetics 4: Light, Water, Magnetism

Today’s blog post is about the three laws of nature for all life anywhere on our planet. These are axiomatic laws not subject to debate, research or your beliefs. All decisions that life has made revolve around these three things. Reducing things to these three things is simple, but the application in how life and evolution has done it is very complex. Today, we begin to unravel the mysteries.

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Energy & Epigenetics 1: The Infant Brain is Unique

Today, we begin to examine levee’s 6, 14, and 26 in the Quilt document for the first time. We begin to show examples of these levee’s by examining how the human brain forms and functions in an infant. This example will act as an analogy to help us understand many other processes as the blog series rolls on.

There are many countervailing influences in life that on the surface confuse our intellect. They create the appearance of paradox, enigma, and myths, and mysteries. I find when we look at the world through the hull of a glass-bottom ship, to look through a kaleidoscope at the galaxies that exist on the edge of our mind, we begin to see the sense that nature makes from the chaos of the world. I like the irony that mysteries often create. Today, we are going to use some “other observations” we have all made to show you how the mysteries of our modern world might be solved asking better questions instead of settling for the answers we have been given.

The Human Infant

It is clear in modern medicine now that we can not have optimal human brain development unless we have a secure nutrient rich food supply for both mother and child. This relationship also needs to be maintained postnatally for several years after birth until neuralation is successful. It does appear in modern neurosurgery research that human brain development is programmed genetically to a certain extent, but is more malleable then we thought because of the new science findings of epigenetics. This is also more apparent in humans than other mammals because our brain is so complex that even small changes in functional regions can lead to massive clinical changes that become apparent as the child develops. Autism and spectrum disorders are a good example of this phenomena.

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EMF Rx: The Top Ten EMF FAQs

Soon the EMF Rx will go live in our March 2013 webinar so in advance of it, I wanted to give the EMF FAQ’s for everyone to review before you listen to the webinar. I expect there to be many questions once the webinar is released. Hopefully this will answer many of the questions you might have as the series moves forward.

These may make a lot more sense once you listen to the EMF Rx in the webinar. They will really sink in after you hear our EMF expert that we are bringing on to the site for an extensive long term look at the different aspects that EMF causes in our modern world, but here is an appetizer of what is coming.

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EMF 7: Quantum Prometheus

If you remember my podcast several years back, I told you the disease that got me interested in all this was osteoporosis. This is a disease I treat a lot as a spine surgeon. I discussed Wolff’s law in detail in the EMF 1 blog. When I realized that Wolff’s law was null and void in leptin resistance states in bone, something else radical appeared to me. I knew that Leptin Resistance signaled inflammation, and inflammation could be seen as a positive charge and loss of a negative charge on MRI’s, fMRI, and MEG studies. I also realized that MRI or NMR should show an increased flair signal on T2 weighted MRI images signifying an intracellular water loss coupled with a loss of collagen and of ATP. Collagen makes up the main protein of connective tissues in all mammals, typically 60–70% by weight. The water and collagen constitute a liquid crystalline matrix in which every cell in the body is embedded, making this system the ideal medium for intercommunication in eutherian mammals. Within this matrix we have learned about proton and electron superconduction that not only feed the underlying mechanistic pathways that most biochemistry recite but they also feed a rich “wet chemistry” that is fundamentally based upon special qualities of water. It turns out water has some prodigious quantum flexibility when it is confined in closed spaces that make it do some unique quirky things that no classic chemist would predict. These things are all predicted by quantum electrodynamic field theory. One such quirk is the use of water reverse micelles around proteins that increase enzyme action and kinetics by the order 10 to the 10th power based upon the pioneering work of Frank Mayer and Jim Clegg. Classic physics and chemistry thinks of water in its bulk form only because that is all the classic sciences can explain about it. In quantum coherence, where water acts as a total cohesive unit because it has infinite chemical freedom, water becomes highly structured chemically, from its bulk form to do some amazing things, to become extremely flexible in phase transitions between ice crystals and liquid crystals and gas vapor as it gets confined in small diameter nanotubes in our cells. Water dynamics and actions are quantumly altered as it is confined within nanotubes it develops properties that allow it to collectively work dynamically within reverse micelles and in proton superconducting cables that align along collagen in the cells cytoarchitecture to allow for super fast semiconduction. This has been reproduced by many physics and molecular biology researchers in electron photomicrographs and X-ray diffraction studies. The most amazing property water develops as it is confined in these nanotubes, it becomes a super catalyst that organic chemistry has missed, because it accounts for the energy of activation of biochemical reactions and enzymatic kinetics. It is not ATP that does this, ever!! ATP has another more critical function. It unfolds protein in cells to open water binding sites to form these super conduction cables to create 100% energy efficiency.

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  IS NUTRIENT DENSITY FROM A USDA CHART IMPORTANT IF IT IS OUT OF CONTEXT FOR THE SPECIES IN QUESTION? 2. PALEO SAYS PUFA’S ARE BAD.  ARE THEY REALLY; OR IS OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THEM LACKING? 3. WHY IS IODINE A CRITICAL FOR A HUMAN? 4.  IS GETTING A HASHIMOTO’S DIAGNOSIS LIKE GETTING A CANCER DIAGNOSIS? 5.  DO WE HAVE A GIANT PHARMACY IN OUR HEAD? We recently heard about nutrient density in the Brain gut 5 blog.  It seems all of a sudden it has become a hot topic in the paleosphere too now.  The one issue however that is not well understood or talked about enough in my opinion is putting this key factor in proper evolutionary and scientific context.  When someone uses the FDA and USDA massive databases to look at foods with the highest nutrient densities to make large assumptions what is best and what is not, you might be smart to begin to question if that is a wise assumption to begin with.  Let me explain.  The tables are measuring nutrient density of foods against other foods and not against the species of animals eating those foods.  What it does not do is taking into […]

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Brain Gut 6: Epi-Paleo Rx

This blog followed a very popular July 2012 Webinar that I put on for my members a few days ago. The webinar was over two hours long and had a lot of Q & A done after it as well. I promised my members I would get a quick blog post up for them on some of the core materials we covered. Today’s blog is delivering on that promise.

How to consider eating the Epi-Paleo Rx: Always Respect circadian cycles and eat according to seasonality, Lots of good quality proteins (see below), Lots of good quality fats (grass-fed/pastured animal fats – lard, tallow), Liberal uses of seafood broths and bone broth made from ocean and grass-fed animals (to heal the gut), and fermented vegetables and/or probiotics (to repopulate the gut with an Optimal Human flora)

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  READERS SUMMARY: WHY EARLY HAIR LOSS MIGHT BE A GLUTEN/GLIADIN PROBLEM? WHY YOU SHOULD NOT USE A NUCLEAR WEAPON TO TREAT A MOLEHILL? WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF PLAYING A BIOCHEMIST ROLE IN THIS PATHWAY? WHEN TREATMENTS ARE WORSE THAN THE ORIGINAL CLINICAL PROBLEM? WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN I HAVE HAIR LOSS BEFORE STARTING DRUGS?   Every so often, I have decided to post a blog about an interesting clinical picture that I think may help our community out.  Today we are going to cover a clinical topic that came up a while back on Paleohacks about a young male patient about his recent hair loss.  I think this topic is timely because of the recent literature that is now coming out about the drugs that disturb the distal androgen pathways, and how they can wreck the Hypothalamic Pituitary axis on a permanent basis.  I have heard many doctors on public radio shows (Sirius Doctor Radio to be exact on their dermatology show recently) and in blogs say that these hair sparing drugs do not cause any long term problems with a males fecundity or libido.  In a nut shell, I am calling bullshit on that.  This statement […]

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine of Your Life?

I was in a lounge watching the news last week and began to over hear a group of dermatologists talk about the new FDA rules set down for sunblocks that will go into effect in January of 2012. There was unanimous agreement among them all that sunlight was the source of everything that was bad in their world. One of the doctors said to another that, “no human should be out in the sun and they should just take vitamin D3 from the drug store instead of getting it from the sun.” It was at that point I knew this was going to make a blog post about this. Apparently no one realizes that photosynthesis supports most of the food chain on this planet? And we are the mammal who has an energy hog in our head that needs energy. Since our skin is derived from neuro-ectoderm and we too use photosynthesis to make Vitamin D for our protection from poor electron dense foods in summer maybe we better re think this position.

It is beyond me why the sun is so vilified. We could not have evolved past single cells organisms without it. We all learned that simple fact in school. But now with advanced degrees and plaques on our wall, are we going to blame all skin diseases all on the sun now? I definitely don’t buy this conventional wisdom. So I decided to begin to add pieces to the immunity levee in the QUILT because of this conversation. And before we start let me be clear. It is better to get Vitamin D3 from the natural sources before a supplement in my opinion. But there is a catch to this pearl of wisdom. First, review this link on natural Vitamin D production.

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. What determines our ultimate health fate? 2. What exactly is epigenetics? 3. How does an autoimmune disease begin? 4. Is multiple sclerosis tied to gut inflammation? 5. What is an inflammasome and why is hypomethylation so critical? My first post on epigenetics seems to have stimulated a lot of talk based upon the emails I received. I think we need to dig a bit deeper into this area because it is now clear scientifically that epigenetics really determines our ultimate health outcomes. In fact, it is the easiest way to alter our genomes by modifying our dietary choices. To begin let’s simply define what epigenetics is in 2011. Epigenetics is any mechanism that affects genes without chaining the nucleotide sequence of the DNA. The two major ways epigenetic modification occurs via our diet is via methylation of our DNA or of acetylation of our histone proteins. The amount of methyl and acetyl groups come from our diets. For example, when we have low methylation in our diet, our DNA becomes hypomethylated. Lower levels of methylation correlates with development of higher rates of cancer and with autoimmune conditions. Obviously, none of us wants to get cancer or autoimmune […]

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Your VAP = Brain Gut Axis Function

When most people get a VAP they think heart and lipid study. I do not. I use this test to assess levee 5. Most people in the paleo world associate a leaky gut with a gluten problem. I do not. The VAP test is the best test to use to assess the function of our gut and how leaky it is based upon the fuels we are feeding it now. If you really dissect your VAP you can learn a lot about what you should be eating and you should not be eating based upon your current cellular homeostasis. Most people think a diet is static. I believe a diet must be dynamically altered based upon the testing feedback we receive from our body. As most of you know I use a quarterly lab draw system to assess my own health to make dynamic changes as I see fit. So today let’s talk about the uses of a VAP test.

The basis of the brain gut axis is the protective effects of great liver function. I think the real defender of “leaky gut” is not the brush border of the intestine but it is the liver. Why? All humans are subject to direct assault of inflammation via our intestines because it is the most common way the environment reacts with our body. This is also why the immune system is ready for defense right behind the brush border. We already know that diseases like celiac destroy this first line immunity. Well, a good liver will protect a leaky gut and the brain. Most endotoxins gain access to our portal circulation but they rarely ever get to our general circulation to cause the real damage because our liver won’t allow it to occur based upon its design. In fact, endotoxin binding in the liver is increased by exercise, testosterone, estrogen and even occasional alcohol use. These things all increase our HDL particles too. A high HDL is a sign of good liver function. Remember that HDL particles actually bind inflammatory endotoxin particles to increase our immunity from oxidation from many sources. This is why a high HDL level confers general health and well being across the board. Moreover, VLDL and chylomicrons also protect us from inflammatory damage as well. This biologic process is at the seat of why we see higher cholesterol levels in the face of cellular stress or infection.

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Why Sleep and Leptin are Yoked?

To begin to understand how sleep interacts with metabolism, we need to understand a bit about neuroanatomy. In sleep, the cerebral cortex is in a state of cortical synchronization. In wakefulness, several subcortical regions of the brain stimulate the cortex to remove this synchronization. When we undergo slow wave Non REM sleep (drowsiness) there are a small group of neurons in the hypothalamus called VLPO neurons that are GABAergic (inhibitory) and they fire on the subcortical areas that are stimulating the cortex. In doing so, these VLPO neurons bring about cortical synchronization. After sleep begins, NREM sleep gives way to REM sleep. During REM sleep there is a coordination of cross talk between the grey matter brainstem nuclei while cortical synchronization is maintained. This is quite complex coordination of events that occurs in the brain while we sleep. A common disease of dis-coordination of sleep is Narcolepsy. In other words, the tracts that normally control the stages of sleep occur out of sequence and cause people to fall asleep and lose muscle control in wakefulness. Narcolepsy occurs because we lose a specific set of neurons in the hypothalamus that effects this coordination of signals. These neurons are called the hypocretin neurons (HC). These neurons are found in the ventral lateral hypothalamus in a small area that also control appetite and feeding. These neurons also effect loops that effect feeding. There is no set point. When we lose HC neurons we set up the neurochemistry that becomes resistant obesity. The dopamine tracts are the direct targets of the HC neurons. We don’t see obesity as a common phenotype when we see tumors of surgical ablation of these dopamine outflow tracts. This is the main reason many do not believe there is a set point for obesity. The hypocretin neurons sit scattered through many MSH cells (also involved in obesity). The HC neurons make two peptides called (hypocretin 1 and 2)HCrT1 and HCrT2. In the literature, these peptide hormones are also known as the orexins so you do not get confused. These peptides are remarkably similar to gut incretin hormones that help tell the brain what type of foods are present in the gut. Another remarkable trait of the hypocretin neurons is that in the human brain there is only 50,000 total HC neurons in an organ with over one trillion cells. And they appear to be very new in mammalian phylogeny. It appears mammals handle sleep and energy metabolism very differently than the rest of the living. The small amount of HC neurons, however, project widely all over the brain. We now know that the hypocretin neurons control the stability of wakefulness or our arousal. It appears they may also control energy metabolism via leptin function.

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