Take Home:  Vitamin D3 is just the chemical signal made after unpolarized light is captured by our skin and in the pill form, it does not the power of the sun’s light or photons.   Taking supplemental vitamin D3 is like trying to hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.  Man-Made EMR is Polarized, while Natural EMR is not Solar electromagnetic radiations (EMR) intensity incident upon a human body ranges normally between 8 and 24 mW/cm2 from the sun. This power density varies depending on the season, location, atmospheric conditions, altitude, and temperature of your local zip code.  This means the quantum yield of sunlight is always variable and never fixed.  A computer screen or your phone have it fixed at 5750K which is equivalent to solar noon in your retina and brain.  This is not normal. It leads to many biologic collateral defects. Today modern communication technologies have corresponding intensity from a digital mobile phone placed upon a human head during “talk” emission is normally less than 0.2 mW/cm2 .  This is a massive power difference.  This shows you power and intensity is not the key issue in biology.  The sun contain far more power than a cell […]

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READERS SUMMARY: ARE YOU AWARE OF THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE ADVICE YOU FOLLOW? Why you need to do your due diligence about the advice you take? Is sugar/fructose really toxic,  or might it be something else in your environment that you really need to detox?  If, as many say sugar is like an addictive drug, then I will say artificial light is akin to shooting heroin.  That make fake light something we need to detox. See the Rainbow? The one closer to Diane’s head, the blue range, that is the problem you really need to detox from.  Sugar should not be the real target.  Excessive blue light however is a signal that simulates an environment that is currently in a consistent excessive summer time signal, electromagnetically speaking.  Blue light destroys DHA levels in your retina and it inactivates mitochondrial electron tunneling at cytochrome c.  This causes massive flows and in cell water and swelling.  In fact, a study done in England in 2009 found that 40 percent of the light people absorbed during summer evenings was blue light.  In winter, the percentage dropped to only 26 percent of blue light during the same early evening time.  The amount of blue light […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. HOW DOES MYELIN DO WHAT IT DOES? 2. DO WE REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW MYELIN AND WATER CHANNELS WORK? 3.  WHY DOES MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS  REALLY HAPPEN? 4.  IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS  DUE TO A SHORT CIRCUITING OF MITOCHONDRIA BY EXCESS LIGHT?   Do you know the story of the Japanese AMA?  If not have a look here.  The Japanese AMA never have had a reported case of MS.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) in Asian populations is characterized by the selective and severe involvement of the optic nerve and spinal cord as well as low prevalence rates.  The Japanese eat a lot of DHA naturally.  Might this be why they have a different form of MS than the rest of the world?  Why is its incidence and prevalence exploding since 1960? Japanese people born after modernization in the 1960’s, the ratio of conventional to opticospinal MS has increased rapidly.  Technology has also exploded in Japan since 1960.  Let us explore the links. Multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory demyelinating disease, is a major cause of neurological disability in young adults in the developed world. Although the progressive neurological disability that most patients with MS eventually experience results from axonal degeneration, little is known […]

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READERS SUMMARY:   HOW DO MITOCHONDRIA REALLY WORK?   The funny thing about mitochondria is that everyone seems to know they are not working well in most modern diseases, but only a few know how mitochondria really work.  When most allopathic and alternative health practitioners talk about food, they talk about calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids.  You know what is ironic about these discussions?  Open up any biochemistry book and see if there is carbohydrate, protein, or lipid transporter on the inner mitochondrial membrane.  There is not.  But there is this thing called the “electron transport chain“.  Why is it that nobody in allopathic medicine or alternative medicine talks about electrons? All foods are broken down into electrons. This means that the input to our mitochondria are electrons. Gary Taubes quoted Hans Krebs in Good Calories Bad Calories by saying, ‘All three major constituents of food supply carbon atoms’.  Most biochemists, clinicians, and scientists believe that metabolism is all about the carbon cycle.  I think most of you realize by now that I do not agree with this.  It is all about electrons.  This is why input to the mitochondrion is called ETC.  The second reason is that Gilbert Ling’s […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1.  How do prions cause disease? 2. How does light in the brain work? 3. Why red light is critical in the brain? 4.  How does Fronto-temporal dysplasia and Gliobastoma multiforman link together from a prion point of view? 5.  How do all these  neurologic and mental diseases link directly back to the gut?     Today in part two of our prion blog, you are going to learn the single most important function of life’s design using quantum biology is shape adaptation in both proteins and in DNA. Shape change dictates tissue optics and tissue optics are all tied to the proper thermodynamic view of life. The reason now should be intuitive. Any changes in geometry alters energy profiles and physiologic function. The innate ability to alter protein geometry in real time enables nature’s machines to operate with the utmost efficiency. Cells and tissues allow us to morph proteins to allow life to happen properly. When we do it incorrectly, disease and death emerges. It is not hard to understand……it is just hard to believe. We do it by altering atoms using electrons and photons to move their shapes. Electrons and protons are made from leptons and […]

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The Redox Rx: How to Improve Your Redox Potential

Redox potential is the gain of electrons in our cells to help energy transmission flow efficiently. Detoxification is directly linked to the redox potential of any cell. In my Redox Rx, I’ll give you a summary of the redox potential to help you understand the concept and steps you can take to improve your redox potential.

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Energy and Epigenetics 7: The Epigenetic Toolbox

The human genome is the first draft of what we might be, but our life experience within the environment we choose to exist is where the final draft of our book is written. An architect far smarter than us has given us that epigenetic toolbox, and we now have the ability to use it by altering our behaviors to change our lives and reverse diseases.

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Energy and Epigenetics 4: Light, Water, Magnetism

Today’s blog post is about the three laws of nature for all life anywhere on our planet. These are axiomatic laws not subject to debate, research or your beliefs. All decisions that life has made revolve around these three things. Reducing things to these three things is simple, but the application in how life and evolution has done it is very complex. Today, we begin to unravel the mysteries.

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Energy & Epigenetics 1: The Infant Brain is Unique

Today, we begin to examine levee’s 6, 14, and 26 in the Quilt document for the first time. We begin to show examples of these levee’s by examining how the human brain forms and functions in an infant. This example will act as an analogy to help us understand many other processes as the blog series rolls on.

There are many countervailing influences in life that on the surface confuse our intellect. They create the appearance of paradox, enigma, and myths, and mysteries. I find when we look at the world through the hull of a glass-bottom ship, to look through a kaleidoscope at the galaxies that exist on the edge of our mind, we begin to see the sense that nature makes from the chaos of the world. I like the irony that mysteries often create. Today, we are going to use some “other observations” we have all made to show you how the mysteries of our modern world might be solved asking better questions instead of settling for the answers we have been given.

The Human Infant

It is clear in modern medicine now that we can not have optimal human brain development unless we have a secure nutrient rich food supply for both mother and child. This relationship also needs to be maintained postnatally for several years after birth until neuralation is successful. It does appear in modern neurosurgery research that human brain development is programmed genetically to a certain extent, but is more malleable then we thought because of the new science findings of epigenetics. This is also more apparent in humans than other mammals because our brain is so complex that even small changes in functional regions can lead to massive clinical changes that become apparent as the child develops. Autism and spectrum disorders are a good example of this phenomena.

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EMF 7: Quantum Prometheus

If you remember my podcast several years back, I told you the disease that got me interested in all this was osteoporosis. This is a disease I treat a lot as a spine surgeon. I discussed Wolff’s law in detail in the EMF 1 blog. When I realized that Wolff’s law was null and void in leptin resistance states in bone, something else radical appeared to me. I knew that Leptin Resistance signaled inflammation, and inflammation could be seen as a positive charge and loss of a negative charge on MRI’s, fMRI, and MEG studies. I also realized that MRI or NMR should show an increased flair signal on T2 weighted MRI images signifying an intracellular water loss coupled with a loss of collagen and of ATP. Collagen makes up the main protein of connective tissues in all mammals, typically 60–70% by weight. The water and collagen constitute a liquid crystalline matrix in which every cell in the body is embedded, making this system the ideal medium for intercommunication in eutherian mammals. Within this matrix we have learned about proton and electron superconduction that not only feed the underlying mechanistic pathways that most biochemistry recite but they also feed a rich “wet chemistry” that is fundamentally based upon special qualities of water. It turns out water has some prodigious quantum flexibility when it is confined in closed spaces that make it do some unique quirky things that no classic chemist would predict. These things are all predicted by quantum electrodynamic field theory. One such quirk is the use of water reverse micelles around proteins that increase enzyme action and kinetics by the order 10 to the 10th power based upon the pioneering work of Frank Mayer and Jim Clegg. Classic physics and chemistry thinks of water in its bulk form only because that is all the classic sciences can explain about it. In quantum coherence, where water acts as a total cohesive unit because it has infinite chemical freedom, water becomes highly structured chemically, from its bulk form to do some amazing things, to become extremely flexible in phase transitions between ice crystals and liquid crystals and gas vapor as it gets confined in small diameter nanotubes in our cells. Water dynamics and actions are quantumly altered as it is confined within nanotubes it develops properties that allow it to collectively work dynamically within reverse micelles and in proton superconducting cables that align along collagen in the cells cytoarchitecture to allow for super fast semiconduction. This has been reproduced by many physics and molecular biology researchers in electron photomicrographs and X-ray diffraction studies. The most amazing property water develops as it is confined in these nanotubes, it becomes a super catalyst that organic chemistry has missed, because it accounts for the energy of activation of biochemical reactions and enzymatic kinetics. It is not ATP that does this, ever!! ATP has another more critical function. It unfolds protein in cells to open water binding sites to form these super conduction cables to create 100% energy efficiency.

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READERS SUMMARY:   1. A QUESTION DURING AN EDUCATIONAL CONSULT STIMULATES A DISCUSSION 2.  HOW DOES ARTIFICIAL LIGHT DESTROY THE SIGNALING OF THE CORTISOL/DHEA/MELATONIN AXIS? 3. HOW DOES ARTIFICIAL LIGHT AFFECT  THE GUT FLORA? 4.  CAN ARTIFICIAL LIGHT AFFECT HUMAN BIOLOGY DIRECTLY? 5.  IS BODY COMPOSITION TIED TO ARTIFICAL LIGHT AND IMPAIRED SLEEP CYCLES?     Question asked to me during an educational consult: I still don’t understand the significance of the prolactin surge especially in older people like me. Since I am post menopausal, what happens if I eat carbohydrates within 4 hours of going to sleep? What does it have to do with leptin resistance? I am neither a science person, so is there any way to explain it in less technical terms?     BEFORE WE BEGIN TAKE A LOOK HERE AND TELL ME IF YOU THINK EVOLUTION HAS A PLAN FOR THIS?   I hope everyone realizes that artificial light has only been around on our planet since 1924.   Just so we are clear. Chronic artificial blue light is equivalent to chronic excessive carbohydrates because both contain excessive photoelectric energies.  This alters mitochondrial functioning after a period of time because our mitochondria evolved expecting a […]

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Brain Gut #5: Paradigm Drifts Paradigm Shifts–Epi-Paleo Rx

Geeks: The implications of Brain Gut 4 mean that to develop a brain seafood is required part of the program to maintain it. Nutrients and many other environmental factors have also been found to influence epigenetic programing of our DNA either directly or indirectly via metabolic sensors. Peroxisomal proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR’s), the vitamin D receptors, and the retinoid X receptors (RXR), and the retinoic acid receptors (RAR) are all examples of the nuclear receptors that interact with the brain cell membranes to control inflammation and metabolism all over our bodies. It turns out that PPAR’s are the receptors that are at the crossroads of where inflammation and metabolism actually cross. These are specialized lipid sensors that pay attention to our balance of omega 6 and 3 levels. 3% of the human genome is directly or indirectly controlled by the endocrine functions of the Vitamin D system. This shows you how environmental signals are intertwined into the expression of DNA in humans. The Epi-Paleo Rx controls inflammation at a hormonal level in the brain better than the more famous paleo diet.

Non Geeks: What we eat is really damn important when you have 3 lbs of lipid in your head called a brain. If you eat outside our design you get sick.

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Hormone CPC #1: DHEA

This blog post was created for my members who just heard my webinar on bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement. It is specifically designed to further our discussions in that talk.

DHEA has been an enigma to the public and to most physicians. I never once heard about this hormone in four years of medical school, seven years of residency or in any endocrinology lecture from my training. The general public did not learn about DHEA until 1996, when its benefits were mentioned in the media and several popular books that showed up on daytime TV shows. Most in mainstream medicine continued to ignore the science these books contained because they were not found in the usual ways via journals and continuing education classes. You actually had to be on the lookout for this information. With a busy medical practice, this is no easy task. DHEA became credible to the medical establishment when the New York Academy of Sciences published a book called DHEA and Aging. That book provided scientific validation for the many life-extending effects of DHEA.

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Cold Thermogenesis 9: Theory Meets Practice

Many of you may not know this, but I was asked to do to a speech in Nashville in March of 2012. I have to say with about 6 days to prepare it was rushed, but it was a lot of fun. I want to publicly say thank you to Misty Williams and Michael Hart for making this happen.

In my talk, I told 1,200 people live on stage about the three thought experiments I came up with after reading, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I actually conceptualized the Ancient Pathway soon after the reading was done but where the thought experiments came to me, was at the foot of Michelangelo’s David in Florence, when I was looking at him from behind. I realized that the major difference between him and I, was the world we both were living had radically changed in 500 years. From this insight I realized that circadian biology was the the major difference in David’s perfection and my obesity.

From this spark of wisdom, I realized that obesity was an inflammatory brain condition. Because it was so, I could then reconstruct a signaling sequence to confuse my hypothalamus using signals from my vagus nerve and from the foods I ate using timing. Learning how the brain rewired in neural deafness using a cochlea implant made this easy game for me as a neurosurgeon.

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How Does The Leptin Rx Work?

Many people have contacted me about “why” the leptin Rx works and “how” does it work. Many people in the blogosphere have made some claims that much of what is in the leptin Rx is a rehash of the work found in some diet books. Well, today’s post is being done to show you the science underneath my recommendations were formulated and made. None of the underlying science I will mention to you about neuroplasticity will be found in any diet book mentioned in any blog post that I know of. Most of you know I am a neurosurgeon, and as such, I was dramatically influenced by two world famous neurosurgeons named Wilder Penfield and David Kline. Dr. Penfield was the first neurosurgeon to use electrodes on the brain to map it prior to surgeries to avoid neurologic damage during tumor removal. Dr. Kline was and still is the pre eminent world expert in peripheral nerve surgery. I happened to train with Dr. Kline in New Orleans, and got turned on to his work, Dr. Penfield’s work and the work of Dr. Merzenich in the early 1990’s before leptin was even discovered. Dr. Michael Merzenich work on sectioning the median nerve in the hand and seeing how the brain remapped its sensory territory in the cortex via micro-electrodes was brought to my attention by Dr. Kline while I was a resident.

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READERS SUMMARY: ARE THE SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE LEPTIN RESET DIFFERENT FOR HCG USERS? WHAT ARE THOSE SUPPLEMENTS? WHAT DO THOSE SUPPLEMENTS DO? WHAT SHOULD HCG USERS CONSIDER OVER A STANDARD PALEO/PRIMAL TEMPLATE? I decided to add this post for the many readers I have that use HCG. To say that I have been inundated with emails about this topic would be an understatement. I think from my public comments at MDA and PaleoHacks about HCG, people have wanted to know a bit more about why HCG patients react differently than a regular paleo patient would. I think is best explained by the following example. Patients given coumadin by their doctors have to be treated differently for osteoporosis in my clinic. Most of you know I no longer use the bisphosphonate drugs as a first line treatment for this condition. So if a patient is on coumadin, I cannot offer them high dose Vitamin K2 therapy because coumadin depletes vitamin K as a side effect of its mode of action. This why so many people on long term coumdin treatment suffer from dystrophic calcification of their arteries in their aortic tree and coronary vessels while simultaneously having extreme osteopenia. So these […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. WHY IS PALEO PROTEIN CRITICAL TO CARTILAGE AND TENDON REPAIR? 2. HOW DOES PROTEIN HELP REPAIR CARTILAGE IN INJURY AND DEGENERATION? 3. WHY ARE B VITAMINS CRITICAL TO THE PALEO TEMPLATE? 4. WHY A PALEO TEMPLATE IS BEST FOR A PREGNANT MOM OR A YOUNG CHILD? Today, we are going to go back to the top ten Paleo supplement blog and begin to talk in depth about why protein and B Vitamins are critical components to a paleo template. This is covered in levee 14 and 24 of the QUILT. One of the facets of this lifestyle is becoming active again. To become active and remain active requires a person to have optimal functioning cartilage, tendons, and muscle. As most of you know, I make a living operating on these structures, so I think have a pretty good understanding of how to make them optimal both before and after I have to treat them. This topic is also near and dear to me, because a meniscus knee tear is what got me to adopt this new lifestyle. If you listened to my podcast with Jimmy Moore, you might remember that I would not have any surgery until […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. HOW DOES CONCUSSION, MSG, AND NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE ALL FIT TOGETHER? 2. WHO IS AT RISK? DOES AGE MATTER? DO I KNOW ANYONE WHO HAS HAD THIS? 3. IS ANCEL KEYS A PLAYER IN THE MSG NIGHTMARE TOO? 4. HOW IS ALS TIED TO CONCUSSIONS AND TO EXOGENOUS and ENDOGENOUS EXCITOTOXINS? 5. ARE CONCUSSIONS, AD, ALS and MSG BASICALLY THE SAME DISEASE? In the first two blogs (1) (2) in this series we looked at the fundamental neurobiology of how excitatory neurotransmitters and exogenous food additives can cause human disease. We discussed that the mechanism of disease progression is affected by age, species, and the energy status of the neuron at the time of exposure or injury. Today we are going to explore how acute neurologic aspects of cranial trauma relates to progression to long term neurodegenerative disease. We also must remember that these athletes, soldiers, and high school students are simultaneously ingesting huge amounts of MSG and aspartate in a standard American diet. I would hope that every person reading this would avoid exogenous sources of excitotoxins going forward. This is especially true if you have sustained a traumatic brain injury or a concussion in your lifetime. […]

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Vitamin D: The Sunshine of Your Life?

I was in a lounge watching the news last week and began to over hear a group of dermatologists talk about the new FDA rules set down for sunblocks that will go into effect in January of 2012. There was unanimous agreement among them all that sunlight was the source of everything that was bad in their world. One of the doctors said to another that, “no human should be out in the sun and they should just take vitamin D3 from the drug store instead of getting it from the sun.” It was at that point I knew this was going to make a blog post about this. Apparently no one realizes that photosynthesis supports most of the food chain on this planet? And we are the mammal who has an energy hog in our head that needs energy. Since our skin is derived from neuro-ectoderm and we too use photosynthesis to make Vitamin D for our protection from poor electron dense foods in summer maybe we better re think this position.

It is beyond me why the sun is so vilified. We could not have evolved past single cells organisms without it. We all learned that simple fact in school. But now with advanced degrees and plaques on our wall, are we going to blame all skin diseases all on the sun now? I definitely don’t buy this conventional wisdom. So I decided to begin to add pieces to the immunity levee in the QUILT because of this conversation. And before we start let me be clear. It is better to get Vitamin D3 from the natural sources before a supplement in my opinion. But there is a catch to this pearl of wisdom. First, review this link on natural Vitamin D production.

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. What determines our ultimate health fate? 2. What exactly is epigenetics? 3. How does an autoimmune disease begin? 4. Is multiple sclerosis tied to gut inflammation? 5. What is an inflammasome and why is hypomethylation so critical? My first post on epigenetics seems to have stimulated a lot of talk based upon the emails I received. I think we need to dig a bit deeper into this area because it is now clear scientifically that epigenetics really determines our ultimate health outcomes. In fact, it is the easiest way to alter our genomes by modifying our dietary choices. To begin let’s simply define what epigenetics is in 2011. Epigenetics is any mechanism that affects genes without chaining the nucleotide sequence of the DNA. The two major ways epigenetic modification occurs via our diet is via methylation of our DNA or of acetylation of our histone proteins. The amount of methyl and acetyl groups come from our diets. For example, when we have low methylation in our diet, our DNA becomes hypomethylated. Lower levels of methylation correlates with development of higher rates of cancer and with autoimmune conditions. Obviously, none of us wants to get cancer or autoimmune […]

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