THE TAKE HOME:  This blog is a written account of a two hour live webinar I gave to members in Sept of 2016.  Most of them felt this information was so important that they voted 89% to publish this info for public consumption.  I will remind you all these members paid for this content so when you read it I hope you all thank a member.  Jamie Ward was the member who originally suggested that I take the filmed webinar and make it a blog for public consumption.  It took me a while to write it all down from the filmed recording I did in August of 2016.  The point of this webinar is to show you the sun is not bad for health bu the light man has created for modern man to live under is toxic for mitochondria and leads to the diseases that modern healthcare blames the sun for, The modern belief is that UV light, alone, causes melanoma and melanogenesis by the healthcare paradigm.   The reality is that this is a belief, but is it well supported in the literature? Today, 32% of Americans suffer from vitamin D3 insufficiency. There is far more risk […]

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  How is reality built?  You have to build time first before reality can exist.  How do proteins in our cells create time from nothing?  Answer:  They use “holes” in semiconductors to create an exciton.  An exciton is a particle that doesn’t exist for long timescales.  An exciton can form when a solar photon is absorbed by a semiconductor in a cell.  Semiconductors science are part of condensed matter physics.  This means “holes” in electrons is covered by this type of physics.  A “hole” is a quasiparticle consisting of the lack of an electron in a state; it is most commonly used in the context of empty states in the valence band of a semiconductor.  You may ask what is a quasiparticle? PHYSICS GEEKS:   Quasiparticles and collective excitations (which are closely related) are emergent phenomena that occur when a microscopically complicated system such as a solid behaves as if it contained different weakly interacting particles in free space. For example, as an electron travels through a semiconductor, its motion is disturbed in a complex way by its interactions with all of the other electrons and nuclei; however it approximately behaves like an electron with a different mass […]

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  Light does not have to obey relativity in the vacuum of space. It’s speed is constant everywhere it can run free. Topologic insulators are trappers and transformers of sun light on Earth.  This is why life manifests on this planet.  When light becomes trapped in your tissues, for the first time light speed becomes relative to tissue density and this alters the optics within proteins.  How much do you know about linear optics?  How about non-linear optics of cells?  DNA structure functions as an overlapping code to the DNA sequence. Rapid progress in understanding the role of DNA structure in gene regulation, DNA damage recognition and genome stability has been made in the literature now.  This has cast major doubt on how natural selection can change species or build complexity based upon new data.  So why does just 3% of DNA code for proteins?  What does the other 97% do?  Is “junk DNA” a control manual for how light can affect proteins to allow life to manifest in some way science is missing? NEO-DARWINIAN FAILURE: Human ‘junk’ gene sequences can promote translation of proteins made by the DNA code.  These translations are then modified in the […]

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