Cold Thermogenesis 13: The FAQ’s

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Readers Summary

What are the top 25 questions on CT from my forum?

The readers of my forum asked for a FAQ’s on CT and I decided it would be a good idea to make a short blog about this. They picked their top 25 questions and I decided to answer them for this blog. If you have any others, just ask in the comments section. I answer them all when I have time.

1. What in the Heck is Factor X? [LisaAPB]

Because of the last extinction event on our planet the weather was changed in seconds to a cold earth and all life forms that survived that event had to navigate that environment and this survival was wired into the animals who survived and all their descendants epigenetically. Survival occurred by speeding up the reaction time to the environment. 67 million years ago this was an advantage. Today this is killing humans.

2. Isn’t CT mainly about activating, recruiting, and using brown adipose tissue (BAT)?

No, but it is a large part of it. CT also depletes glycogen like exercise does and this stimulates our IGF 1 and sex steroids to improve endotoxin clearance in the portal circulation, lowers FBG, lowers glycation and lipid perioxidation, and destroys elevated inflammatory cytokine arrays.

3. How do we know if we have adequate BAT to properly use CT?

Adequate BAT is not needed to begin it. CT will force your sympathetic system to induce BAT from WAT.

4. Does being cold adapted make one more intolerant of a hot climate in summer? [healthnut] +1 How will the sunny weather effect me biologically now that I’m cold adapted? +1

In my experience being cold adapted makes you more tolerant to heat of the summer. This has been the experience of the patients who have implemented this in my practice as well.

5. Since leptin is sexually dimorphic hormone in humans is cold adaptation different for men and women?

Yes, Women take longer to cold adapt than men because their generally have higher leptin levels than men. They can however offset this by increasing the amount of seafood they eat doing CT. I would not suggest cheating with fish oils and the closer your 06/3 ratio is to 4:1 the better your response will be to the cold.

6. Where does the 50-55 degree skin temp specification come from? Is this a specific trigger that has been shown or is it a rule of thumb? Is the energy through put more important or the skin temperature? It would seem that the body would respond to the energy demand of the pathway as well. If 50-55 degrees is a trigger then we should trigger it many times a day, but possibly would not need to be for the 45-60 minute durations of the ice baths, which could provide a strong energy demand of the pathway at lesser temperatures. Please expand.

It is quite simple. This is the temperature that the PNS cold receptors begin firing based upon functional MRI data and from direct recordings. This is set by mother nature in eutherian mammals. For humans the range is 50-55 degrees.

7. Is CT enhanced if done at temperatures that DON’T result in shivering? ie. Non-shivering Thermogenesis.

It can be depending upon the persons initial condition. Those who are obese usually don’t shiver but those with low BF % shiver quickly and deplete their glycogen stores pretty quick.

8. What are the signs/indications of hypothermia? If someone pushes themselves too far on the protocol, would mild hypothermia have any effect on the progress of cold adaptation?

CT should never induce hypothermia as the protocol is written. It is designed to only use the surface cold receptors at 50-55 degrees and does not utilize the deep cold receptors. This is why the protocol is safe. If one chooses to embark on Deep CT all bets are off and you need a spotter and a doctor to help you implement it. That is just not a safe choice for a beginner.

9. Please talk about how to maximize CT. Is there something to a compression garment or not? would we have to be moving, like in Vasper, to get this lactic acid/HGH benefit?

At NASA Ames Research Park, scientist Peter Wasowski has developed an alternative exercise machine called Vasper. The user wears compression cuffs on the arms and legs and core-cooling panels on the chest and head. During exercise, the machine traps large amounts of lactic acid in the body, stimulating the pituitary gland and producing more HGH or human growth hormone. [Lexi] +1
Vasper is a great tool but it cost some serious cash. I love it and it has been tested in deep space and the data behind it show the result is not just pure hormesis. My CT protocol is designed for the common man to do in their home to get results. A compression vest and ice water work too. It will just take more time than Vasper. If you can get access to Vasper, you’d be a fool not to do it.

10. How should you modify exercise while doing CT (donkjellberg).

Depending upon your issues and goals you might not have to alter anything, .if you’re severely limited by disease or illness CT can often replace exercise until you become more healthy. Checking with your doctor serially is a great idea here if you are not healthy and wondering when exercise can begin and what exercise is best.

11. Are saunas, hot tubs and sunbathing unhealthy? +1

Sauna are fine, Hot tubs without halides are great, and sunbathing for some people is fine, depending upon their diet, inflammation, Vitamin D levels and Vitamin D binding protein status.

12. After some point does the law of diminishing returns set in? How much CT would one need a week to maintain what they got if they are happy with it? Will I have to do CT daily for the rest of my life to maintain the pathway? Or once I’m adapted is there a different protocol?[Kpcst/Lexi] +1 CT & Age

Truthfully, I do not know the answer to this one. I have gone 4 months without CT and jumped back in and got immediate results. I will say that the younger one is the better the results of CT are, because the younger one is the more BAT they have to activate CT.

13. How does CT reduce/reverse inflammation? [Shijin13] +1

It does this by demolishing the inflammatory cytokine array or storm from disease or from obesity. This is why it is not just a hormetic effect because it has direct and long lasting effects on IL-6 and leptin.

14. How does CT reverse telomeres that are shortened? {Shijin13] +1

No one knows for sure as yet but based upon Dr. Elizabeth’s Blackburn’s cutting edge work (Nobel Prize in 2009) we believe that anything that decreases ROS at the mitochondrial level also improves telomere length and is better for health and longevity in cells and organs with a normal cellular terroir.

15. The big HCG connection.. I feel like 3 of us get it and the rest are trapped by their fear of fat plus HCG… If CT plus HCG will light the world on fire -And CT needs fat -Wouldn’t HCG + CT require fat in the absence of the “protocol apples”(ChimpChick)

Not necessarily true. We do not know what CT and HCG will do long term because it has not been studied……but several people are in the process of testing it and we will see what they all report back. I personally have zero experience with this.

16. What are the ranges you look for in the basic lab tests? (Please include differences for gender/age/menopause differences.) If we are tracking progress what other metrics would be useful? [Nonchalant/Garfield] +1

I am assuming here you are talking about hormones. The answer is simple. I want most people in the top quartile of their reference range.

17. Dr. Kruse. Related to this, you have mentioned in your blogs that additional benefits accrue from ” steepening the gradient.” could you describe some of these benefits along with the specifics of what you mean by “steepening”? Longer? Colder? More often? Your CT protocol mentioned that it was focused mainly on weight loss. What are the other protocols for other benefits (please describe them)? Thanks! [randychaps]

Randy, I can and have talked about it at length on the Webinar on Deep CT, but I can not talk about it on the website because some of those things are on the edge……they are things that one needs to be very careful with to get cutting edge results. What is posted about the CT protocol on 2/11/2012 is safe for people to try at home. Deep CT is another animal completely and requires a spotter and access to a healthcare professional for guidance in real time.

18. Immediate perceived side effects of CT for both men and women (donkjellberg).

The first one most report is better sleep and better recovery from exercise.

19. How should diet and CT be adjusted to adapt to seasonal changes? At one extreme, I understand winter should be dark, COLD, and hardcore keto. What about summer and diet, icy tubbing, etc? Can/should we ease up on the keto and cold? THANKS [Meyoolia] +1

If you’re healthy and fit without disease or issue eat a seasonal ancestral diet. If your sick, obese, or not feeling well use CT and a ketogeneic template to reverse your chemical clocks until your hormone panel approaches normal. Than get to a seasonal ancestral diet.

20. Why is it important to take Bitter Melon before CT and what is the recommended dose? [Marsha] +1

It helps stimulate BAT from WAT.

21. What are good methods of speeding detox? [Glamorama} +1

I went over this in my first webinar on the site, but the best way is observe your reactions and your skin for estrogen dumping……and as soon as you see it use foods first that help lower estrogens and then use supplements that I have outlined on the forum for you all. We’ve pulled them together in the Jack Recommends part of the site.

22. Should Vit D supplementation level track the CT season.(localad)

Great question. I think it should. I take no Vitamin D supplements during March 15-Sept 15 and I rely on the sun to get mine. I came up with these dates based upon by location on the planet and serial testing. It wont be accurate for everyone. In winter I use supplements.

23. How important is calorie restriction in CT?

Long term, it happens naturally. Short term, it is not important but as you go and use CT CRON becomes natural. It is the easiest form of IFing I know of and requires no training. It happens naturally to most people.

24. Are their any dietary changes that everyone should make while using CT?

Yes, avoid all alcohol at all times and eat 3-5 meals with seafood as you apply it.

25. Did you use your protocol to lose your weight or did you do more with CT?

I began with my protocol and as it worked I steepened the curve and monitored my responses. The steeper you go the more danger you incur.

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  1. Resurgent says:

    +100.. and thanks for clarifying Factor X for the one’s who could not attend the webinar

  2. dan han says:

    I feel an additional point is to keep omega-6 intake as low as possible during CT. When I started CT, i still ate some nuts and ate most paleo meats. But for the last two weeks, I’ve stuck strictly to seafood and ruminants (low in n-6) and I’ve felt much more tolerant of the ice bath. Interestingly, I was never a big seafood fan but after doing CT my body suddenly made me want to eat clams/shrimp/mussels like crazy. I used to hate those foods

    • @Dan Han most do but believe it or not as time as gone on I actually have to eat nuts to get my tissue O6 levels higher……because my 03 levels were too low……if your 03 levels go too low you can increase your subcutaneous fat. This is precisely how water based mammals add on their blubber layer.

  3. Hi Dr.Kruse,

    so you don’t recommend fish oils at all to improve the ratio’s or just that it is a less effective approach or there are side effects ?

    • @JimG I only use fish oils to get the EFA cell membrane ratios to 4:1 (06/3) which is ideal for signaling for land based mammals who respond to cold.

  4. Dali Dula says:

    Thank you again for continuing this blog as we all work the path to optimal. What constitutes deep CT? What should our doctors who have no understanding of this process be looking for?

    • @Dali I think that is something I will work on. I think I am going to be offering a CME series for doctors in the next year to teach patients and monitor them.

  5. Hi Dr Kruse,

    Can you recommend a brand of “liquid” krill oil? (I don’t do well with the additives in softgel capsules.)

  6. Damion Roop says:

    Jack, thank you for all that you are doing and posting. Is there any way for someone to pay now after the fact to view the recorded version of the webinar? We have several people here doing CT and a few of us have had sufficient experiences to cause us to push to what I suspect would be termed Deep CT and it would be wonderful to build on your foundation rather than poking around in the cold dark so to speak.

  7. Hi Dr Kruse,

    What test can be done or how can one measure inflammation? How can I tell if I need CT to reduce inflammation or if I am fine just following the diet you recommend? My weight is in the appropriate range.

  8. @Jack – Question on autoimmunity. I wonder where you stand on the autoimmune link to cancer. I seem to remember you writing that once autoimmunity sets in, a person is only steps away from being susceptible to cancer. I am assuming that this would be because of the increased stress that inflammatory state places upon cells, causing them to repair more frequently and replace more frequently as well, which means you drive them towards the choice of “immortality” in the form of cancer a lot faster.

    Would this be an accurate description of the process?

    To the contrary, I also seem to remember reading that being autoimmune protects you from cancer because your heightened immune state means that you are better positioned to kill off mutatated cells before they can mulitply and become a problem.

    Which is it?

    And if the latter is true, can we say that autoimmunity is possibly an evolutionary adaptation that will allow humans to survive longer in a truly cancerous environment (toxins, cellular stress, radiation, etc.)? I can’t remember if you’ve made such an explanation before. But in light of Factor X, I thought this might be a logical measure the body would take to give it more reproductive years when faced with cancer, which can kill you quickly.

    Your thoughts? Thanks.

  9. villjamur_stevenson says:

    Thanks Dr. Kruse for this great Q&A!

    In regards to #24 (ie no alcohol) – when is it safe to consume Malbecs?

  10. Krusing_to_Optimal_in_CA says:

    Why “avoid all alcohol at all times” with CT? And by all times do you mean, that day, that week, that month or ….? (knowing WHY helps compliance, with me at least…)

  11. villjamur_stevenson says:

    I guess that is what I want to know. If I do a CT immersion in the morning, can I have a Malbec that afternoon? Or do I need to wait until I eat seasonally and stop doing the CT during the summer months.

    • @Villjamur You could do that but you must realize that EtOH really can lower your tolerance to cold……you need to be aware of it. Everyone’s ability to clear alcohol is different and it is based upon the activity of their alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme……so there is no way to know where you fall. So you need to be aware of this before you do CT. As long as your informed of the risks ultimately you make your own choices. You are your own boss.

  12. From personal experience jumping into an ice-covered lake on New Year’s day, a shot of alcohol before the plunge reduces anxiety but induces cold. One year I had a few sips of champagne afterwards and thought I was going to freeze to death. Never again.

  13. James Collins says:

    Hi Jack, how does the Toba catastrophe theory of a super volcano induced volcanic winter/1,000 year glaciation period 69,000-100,000 years ago affect your KT theory?

    The Toba theory, if true, is linked genetically with a drastic human population drop to a theorized 3,000 to 10,000 individuals, which are the ancestors of all the people that have been involved with genetic testing today.

    So substantially newer than the KT impact, and a direct impact on modern man. A period of cooling, low food, glaciation, etc. for humans to survive through. Potentially wiping out competitors/human variants that couldn’t adapt fast enough.

    • @James it strengthens it. The reason is that at K-T the animals that survived it had to navigate the environmental cataclysm and did. So if a similar environmental event occurred again this epigenetic program would be re expressed and selected for. I believe this is precisely what occurred because even today in modern humans we see a radical change in DNA expression to a cold environment even thought humans never evolved into a cold environment 2.5 million years ago. It tells you that the program remains in us from our ancestors and it is still capable of expression when we face those situations. I do not think they are ‘hormetic only’ as some do because of the changes we see in our DNA expression suggest this is a long term adaptive action based upon an epigenetic change it induces.

  14. Rob Hamilton says:

    I’m in for the CME course! Please keep us posted.

  15. Tom Field says:

    I’m in for the CME course as well. Fascinating blog. Any role on leaky gut and patients with contact dermatitis?

    • @Tom if you use the search feature on the blog you will see blog I have written about those issues already.

  16. @Jack- is there a way that a leaky gut can epigenetically jump from father to daughter?

    • @The Kid My response is yes…..but this is where the research is looking now because we just do not have that answer yet. But it does appear that gut microbiota is seriously affected by epigenetic alterations.

  17. @Jack- my daughter has patches of rough skin. We thought it started as a reaction to her last vaccination, as the injection sites got really rough in a bumpy kinda way. But since, she’s got recurrent rough patchiness and it gets red sometimes. Her cheeks get rosy for no reason (she doesn’t CT yet).

    So I am wondering if the skin is an early tell of leaky gut and autoimmunity in a baby? Oh, she also broke out in urticaria all over her body twice. We think it had to do with some almond flour product she ate.

    Any thoughts?

    • @The Kid I would definitely talk to the pediatrician about this….not sure what to make of it honestly.

  18. @Jack – I read somewhere that if you have a leaky gut, you might want to take probiotics. Anything to this? Any reason someone with a leaky gut might not want to take probiotics?

  19. @Jack – Sorry, that was supposed to read “might NOT want” in the first line above. Sorry.

  20. Vickie Kiernan says:


    With the adrenal fatigue, how much CT should I be doing to stimulate aMSH and DHEA and any idea how long it will take to start working? This assumes I eat keto of course.

    I am able to do the whole body now but still can’t go longer than 30 min at 53 degrees. Am I supposed to suck it up and shiver to get more time?

    Thank you!

    • @Vickie If you feel well and are sleeping well after the CT session this should tell you you’re answer. The only way to tell is to test. DHEA is a lot cheaper than alpha MSH. You can check blood or saliva levels on the DHEA as long as your not supplementing with DHEA.

  21. Eric Hanner says:

    Jack, My fasting bs has climbed to around 145 recently. I quit glipizide 2 weeks ago but still take Metformin 2X a day. Any idea what might be the cause. I’m straight paleo except for a little cream in the scramble. No breads or grains for 4 + Months. I’ve lost45 lbs and feel good. Could my liver be slow to recover? I’m still mostly doing the Leptin Rx. BaB, skip lunch half the time, try to eat by 6PM, sleeping deep and well. Ideas?

    Thanks Jack
    PS: BTW after the election here in Wisconsin, I decided to have two single malt scotch drinks. First in 4 Months. I remember reading recently your admonishing drinking and CT. After 2 drinks I could barley walk. My balance was gone. I wasn’t impaired mentally very much but damn if I could stumble off to bed in my joy at the outcome.

    • @Eric That result was worth it! LOL. Be careful with booze and high blood sugar and cold as I have warned many. I think your BS should moderate with time. I do think it is related to your liver leptin function and the control of the PEPCK enzyme. If your BG stays up check your HS cRP……if it is up you will have lots of trouble keeping your BS low…….and as it falls your BG will improve. CT will help lower your CRP too!

  22. Hi Jack,
    I’m just checking on how your patient with craniotomy with headache did while using Raynex Thermal Hood. Would this hood be benificial as an option to use for future surgery in your practice and did the patient experience comfort and pain relief during recovery? Do you have any suggestions for modification in the design? I appreciate all suggestions.
    Sincerely, Myrna

    • @Skinnycrisps Excellent. His wife has migraines and she wants to try it so I am very interested in her N-1 for this issue.

  23. Hi Jack,

    I am still having trouble understanding epigenetic forces. If an indigenous parent with perfect teeth and arch formation started consuming “the displacing food of modern commerce” and conceived a child that later developed crowded teeth, is this an example of epigenetics? The indigenous parent’s DNA didn’t change but the gestational environment of the fetus did, causing the smaller arch and crowding teeth. Is it the placental environment of the fetus that will produce this drastic inter-generational change?

    Sorry, for the inarticulate question. I don’t know enough to ask a better question.

  24. Nonchalant says:

    Caroline, that was an excellent question. 🙂

  25. Just want to update Dr. Kruse…My wife was prediabetic with FBG bouncing between 105-124ish back in the winter. Since CT in March, she’s now in the 70’s. Mine has dropped from 85-90 to 63 yesterday (on keto-paleo LRx + CT)

  26. Chris M. says:

    Hi Dr. Kruse,

    After reading, am I understanding you’re saying the best way to bring iron levels up is to consume offal?

    what about in the interim, I need to supplement immediately as I’m experiencing breathlessness, hair loss, fatigue and an inability to focus.

    On my current test results, my RDW is high as is my CRP (HS) (it’s chronically high) and my B12 was too low,– the iron is probably because I was cycling on bioidenticals and never once considered my iron levels.

    Or maybe…. I should just use blackstrap molasses in the interim, while I’m figuring out where to find grass-fed offal, how to cook it, etc? (except I have leaky-gut and candida issues)I want to get my level up immediately.

    I didn’t see anything on the “Jack Recommends” page for iron.



    • @Chris M the reason you do not see anything on there is because I do not like iron supplementation. I like people to get it from food. I use US Wellness Meats liverwurst and that is on the Jack Recommend list. I also like their red meat products. I would warn you if you drink coffee avoid it for a while because coffee binds to iron in the gut. If you do break down and supplement with iron do it with vitamin C because the acidity in the gut helps you absorb it better……so does eating fruit. Fructose and Fe are bedfellows in our gut physiology for absorption.

  27. Chrysalis says:

    @Chris M, I had the exact same symptoms you have – major shortness of breath and fatigue, lack of concentration plus the occasional episode of racing heart. When I was finally tested for B12 it was very low (below the lab’s reference range). I supplemented with B12(sublingual methyl form, 1000 mcg twice a day) for 2 weeks and all my symptoms disappeared. Lab test showed that my B12 was in the lower mid-range after just 2 weeks. I continued supplementing @ 1000 mcg per day for about a year after, just to be sure.

  28. Chris M. says:

    ok great, thanks! it’s just that I’m so fatigued, and with my fibromyalgia, I just want it elevated yesterday! 🙂 and I also did do a search for foods high in iron and it says, oysters, clams and mussels are too, so I can do those as well until I get some liverwurst from US Wellness (or….maybe…. Whole Foods carries a brand of grass-fed, then I could pick it up today, I can check on that too)

    thanks again!


  29. Weila Smith says:

    Chris M, your symptoms are nothing to play around with. Are you under the care of a hematologist? My mother had steady blood loss from the GI tract that she kept putting off doing anything about. She ultimately needed a transfusion to tide her over. You need to be under a specialist’s care right now.

  30. Patrick Griffin says:

    Iam a ‘beginner’ in this (CT). All I do is go the Pacific Ocean about 20 mins most days, actually I was already doing this all winter ‘for some reason’ and only recently even found out about CT. Anyway my questions is could/should I now ‘graduate’ to say super cold showers say every morning? I have lost 45 pounds just doing my thing (Paleo plus the Ocean) but I have one troubling symtom……….when I get up from sitting down I almost pass out sometimes, dizzy, vertigo etc. I am worried that once I may fall down with ugly consequences. I would appreciate feedback from Dr Jack or really anyone who knows about this. Thanks

    • @Patrick My bet is your are low on cortisol and aldosterone…..both are secreted from the adrenal gland… can test for both or you can treat yourself over the counter with Sea salt and some rhodiola and see how it goes.

  31. Chris M. says:

    @ Chrysalis – thanks for that, I am on sublingual B12 methyl as well and you’re right it is helping — I too am below the reference range for good levels – I did find a good wellness Dr., she’s A4M trained and actually listens to what I’m saying when I’m talking symptoms

    @ Dr. Kruse, ok, so I went over to US Wellness and wow! that liverwurst is like an amazing combination of offal (which is why you recommend it:) it’s sort of like one-stop shopping for offal, making it super easy!

    also, in the interim instead of supplementing with iron, a woman at work sent me across the street to the deli for chopped chicken liver spread, which was really good!

    question on the liverwurst, is the honey in it a concern for me with my candida or do the benfits supercede that issue?

    thanks much!


    PS don’t know if it’s been mentioned here but there is a website “Offal Good” with chef Chris Costentino teaching about offal and learn to cook with it — I thought it was very interesting (loved the title)

    • @Chris It could be……but so far I have not had any patients with candida have a major issue with it because the intestinal absorption fo rcarbs is altered in the face of the chemical in offal……our guts like fats and proteins over carbs…….another evolutionary clue to what we should be eating.

  32. Chris M. says:

    Ok, sounds good…as I was typing this, I wondered if it has occurred to you how much we appreciate you and your willingness to help us, day after day, month after month!

    Thanks again 🙂

  33. Dr. Kruse,

    Similar to Patrick, I also seem to have orthostatic hyotension. (my regular BP is 115/75) Is the supps. you recommend enough, or would you recommend the Adrenal Rx?

  34. Meghan Miller says:

    I’ve been a bit off the paleo wagon and have had alcohol on several ocassions this past month due to birthdays and other social events. Think I can attribute some weight gain to the festivities, so assuming more Leptin Resistance with this. Would you recommend doing the Leptin Rx for a short period to help get back on track or anything else in particular?

    • @Meghan It is not really a leptin Rx issue… is a leaky gut issue. Read the latest blog on 6/10/2012 and follow some of the links. I bet it helps you.

  35. Meghan Miller says:

    You’re the best!

  36. will boyden says:

    my new diet:greens,abou100gfish,coconutoil,lemonjuice,
    etc(per meal)starting two weeks ago.Primarily low ‘sweetness factor’.
    Great improvement!!!
    I used to wake up to urinate and drink morewater 2,3
    times a night,and dry throat.NO LONGER.I sleep 8hours.
    I also go to bed around 8pm(no tv it’s been garbidgedized,kiddiedized,etc).There isn’t much worth watching.
    I also’darked’my sleeping room.It’ almost photo lab quality.
    I have 1.0 HC-CRP,but 75 reverse T3.
    I do a lot of exercise, and generally feel pretty good.
    I also try to worry as little as possible.
    My digestion could be better.I’m 80.
    Jack your great.I want to send you some money.How can I do it(I have Paypal).

  37. Gary Hopper says:

    Dr. Kruse,
    My son Arthur (17) and I (42) are fascinated with the CT since we read your blog. We have been following Dave Asprey and been “Bulletproof” for over 9 months now and were introduced to you through him. We started off with your protocol with dunking our face in ice water but skipped the second step and went straight to the bath because we didn’t want to spend the $ on the vests etc.. Started with (daily) baths at a temp 55-65 degree’s with legs hands and head out) We are now able to stay in 34 degree water for nearly 10 minutes (legs, hands and head out) and increasing a minute a day. Skin is very red right when we get out but feel amazing afterwards. I wasn’t sure if this was ok or not as long as we feel ok, or if it is better (safer) to stay with 40 degree plus temperatures.
    Also, I’m a little confused, when you say to keep your skin temp at 50 degrees or higher, how do you measure that? We purchased an infrared thermostat but when you take a body part out of the water it begins to warm up almost immediately. But when it is in contact with 30 or 40 degree water it is the same temp as the water. Are we just doing this wrong and is our body supposed to adapt to the point that our skin stays at 50 or above even when in direct contact with a lower temp water? We haven’t gotten any irritations on our skin at all, it just burns a lot around the neck when we do the 34 degrees and I was getting some cramping in my forearm so I took it out a little to warm it up. I guess my question is, is there a limit on how cold the water should be, or is it just a timing issue, i.e. if we make the water colder we stay in less time and as long as we aren’t getting any skin irritations and our core is staying warm. Thank you in advance for any help you can give us!

  38. Gary Hopper says:

    Thank you Dr. If I don’t have one can I just go by skin color like you said in the protocol? Based on what I told you are we headed in the right direction or do you see anything that should be a concern?

  39. Gary Hopper says:

    Thank you.

  40. Julian Court says:

    Hi Jack

    Not sure if you are aware of this but even 007 seems to be getting on the CT bandwagon ;0)

  41. Gary Hopper says:

    That’s hilarious @Julian because yesterday I was reading this article:

  42. Hi Dr. Kruse,
    When I was 24 years old and obese at 275 pounds, and spent a summer in Finland, by the end of the vacation, I was 224 pounds. Looking back on that experience, my mind went to the foods I consumed and the exercise I got while I was there, but now it all makes sense.

    I got into the habit of getting into a sauna, and because I got so hot, I dived into an ultra-cold swimming pool. I did this process several times a day getting super-hot then super-cold for several months. During that time in Finland, the sun was up most of the night… if I remember correctly, it set around 2am and rose around 4am.

    Upon returning back to the US, it only took about a month and the bodyfat started piling back on. In the past 5 years doing a ketogenic diet and have been very biohacky about getting more grounded and eliminating EMFs in the past two years, I’ve lost my excess body fat and i’m 161 pounds.

    My question is about CT using a hot–>to–>cold process. Could the heat before the CT influence or negate the benefits of CT?

    From about the age of 13 and on, I began gaining a great amount of bodyfat. As an infant, I know I was not breastfed.

  43. Dr, Kruse, how can I deal with chilblains on my toes? Why do I even get them in the first place?? They are driving me insane! I do not even put my legs nor my feet in the cold tub!
    Thank you!

    • @Sammy Chilblains are the painful inflammation of small blood vessels in your skin that occur in response to sudden warming from cold temperatures. They are usually tied to a lack of DHA in vessels and in RBC mass. Also known as pernio, chilblains can cause itching, red patches, swelling and blistering on extremities, such as on your toes, fingers, ears and nose. Eat more seafood and it should resolve. I mentioned this in the CT series and protocol if memory serves me.

      • Thank you Dr. K! <3
        Gah, I knew it!! I've been epi-paleo for nearly 2 years now….. but my blue light exposure is crazy too………… med student life fail :/

  44. Hello Dr. Kruse, I want to try CT because of Hashimoto’s and while preparing, I stumbled over “Icelabs” here in Germany, used to treat rheumatic/inflammatory diseases. In these cold chambers you walk around at – 110° C/- 230° F for 3 minutes, which will bring the skin temperature to 5° C/41° F. Would the effect be comparable to your CT protocol and therefore could be used instead, or are 3 minutes to short to start the signaling?

  45. Pati Rucobo says:

    Dr. Kruse, you are an amazing individual who I recently had the honor of learning about from Ben Greenfield’s site and post on CT. I turned 41 on Sunday, not overweight; recently started losing some extra pounds after suffering from thyroid issues; low T3. I am finally getting back on track, after $8K+ spent on naturopathic doctor and medication. Now I plan to finish what I still have, as far as medication, but applying some bio hack processes I’ve learned from you, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, etc.!! I live in Los Angeles, yes deep in the EMF crap-whole but hey… I own a pool so for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been submerging myself for at least 20 minutes. It has been cold enough to when after I get out and shower my body continues to shiver for a few hours. Of course, my boyfriend thinks I’m wacko, but I don’t care, I feel amazing. Again, I’m not overweight but considering my thyroid issue and what you’ve taught me, I may be LR. I have also tried IR sauna protocol, using Niacin and feel awesome thereafter too!! About a week ago, I tried the IR sauna, then submerged myself in the pool and OMG it was an epic feeling. I know you teach us to prevent EMFs as much as possible but I was seriously thinking of purchasing a Clearlight Dome IR sauna, this on seems to have the lowest of the EMF 0.20-0.30mGs. What do you suggest?

    • Pati LA is likely the real problem. Using CT to cool your surfaces to assimilate UV light is key in your eye and skin. Using a sauna or red light is key at night. I just did a podcast, not released with Luke Story, from LA about the red light question. When it goes live listen to it. I would tell you my EMF bootcamp is ideal for you to listen too. I also think reading Ubi 22-25 and the time series that has just begun would be smart for you too.

      • Pati Rucobo says:

        Wonderful! Thank you so much for the prompt and imformative response! I will look out for the referenced podcast!! And will continue to educate myself learning from you and ALL your work. I’m thankful for people like you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving you you and your family. You will hear from me again 😉

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