Webinar: Fat Loss in Women


In this month’s webinar, Dr. Kruse is helping you understand some of the fundamentals related to fat-loss in women:
*Why are women different from men when it comes to fat loss?
*Why do females have trouble losing belly fat as they age?
*What causes infertility or conception issues in some women?
*How is a food’s macro-nutrients are codified to determine your body composition?
*Why women are more likely to create fat cells than men?
*Why do women get out-of-balance biologically a lot easier than men?
*Why do some women experience their weight staying the same, but their body composition changes dramatically?
*How do perimenopause and menopause affect fat accumulation in women?
*How does hypothyroidism create mitochondrial (fat-burning furnace) dysfunction that directly affects body composition?
*How does HGH affect body composition in women?

And here’s a kicker — you guys have been discussing this in the forums: Many men get better results with the Leptin Prescription — but why is that? What is different about a woman’s biochemistry?

On the blog recently, Dr. Kruse has set forth the Mitochondria Rx. For women, mitochondrial efficiency should be greater than 50% in women — we’ll discuss how you test that.

Body Comp is 100% tied to hormones – certain ones are more important than others and you need this information so you can fix yourself. You need to understand how your grandmother and mother’s body comp affects you, and Dr. Kruse is going to lay it all out for you.

Your silver bullet to fat-loss is understanding how your body will release its stores. Epi-genetically, every women is different and their environments, in particular, affect the way their body manages its composition. Women are very, very sensitive to their environments because they pass on the genetic code to the next generation. In addition, electrons from food have a quantum biological affect on mitochondria–women codify the entire species into their offspring through their mitochondria–and this influences whether you’re overweight and directly affects your metabolism.

In this webinar, we will learn about the extra sensor in the female mitochondria from evolution, making them more sensitive to circadian cycles. This entire biologic process is tied to Factor X, so learning this fat-loss quotient can help you optimize fat-loss.

This month’s webinar is the holy ground where Epi-Paleo, CT, Mitochondrial Rx and Leptin Rx all meet — it’s a convergence of the prescriptions to help you understand how Factor X affects eutherian mammals today. Dr. Kruse is taking the gems from at least 12 different blog posts and distill it down for members. Make sure you get this webinar and sign up for this month’s Q&A!


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