Leptin Reset Easy Start Guide

The Leptin Prescription is one of the structural pillars to living optimally. To make it easy for you to understand, to follow to digest, we’ve put together this Leptin Easy Start Guide to get you going.

How to Start the Leptin Reset and Regain Leptin Sensitivity

This quick start guide is not meant to be a replacement for Jack’s detailed and information rich Leptin Rx Deep Dive. It’s just a quick-reference sheet to look back upon:

Step One: Are You Leptin Resistant?
  • The Leptin Rx…FAQs
  • Overweight, large appetite and craving carbs are signs you’re Leptin Resistant.
  • If you are fit and in decent shape, then your reverse T3 will be elevated, also indicating you’re Leptin Resistant
Step Two: Follow a strict Epi-Paleo diet
Step Three: Eat within 30 minutes of rising
  • Make sure breakfast is little to no carbs (less that 50 grams)
  • LOTS of protein (50-75 grams)
  • Overweight: limit carbs to 25 grams
  • Fit: less than 100 grams of carbs
  • DO NOT count calories
Step Four: How to eat/use your fuel (most important)
  • NO SNACKING! Snacking destroys timing and circadian clocks that work in unison with Leptin
  • Most will notice a change in cravings within 4-6 weeks
  • Eat 3 meals a day initially (as your hunger and cravings fade you can adapt to 2 a day)
Other DOs and DON’Ts
  • Do not work out before or after breakfast (if you must work out, do it after 5pm)
  • Do allow 4-5 hours between dinner and bedtime
  • Trouble sleeping? Do 3-5 minutes of body weight exercises (i.e. pushups or squats)
Signs it’s working:
  • Change in your sweating pattern
  • Energy levels will rise
  • Hunger and cravings will become less and eventually disappear
  • When you awaken you will feel refreshed and well rested
  • Men: quicker weight loss
  • Women: Mood changes (calmer/sleepy), then sleep will improve. Clothes will fit differently and weight loss will occur if you continue the program

*Note: When all signs are present, I recommend HIIT exercise with heavy weights

Food Sources:
  • For breakfast: Pastured/organic eggs; grass fed meat, poultry and fish; protein shakes (less ideal)
  • Cooking oils when using carbs: (liberal amounts) butter, heavy cream, coconut oil, or palm oil.
  • Avoid nut or seed oils in initial stages.

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