THE TAKE HOME?   If you’re fragile and your decisions on light hits your cells hard, you break because of poor free radicl signaling. If you’re properly connected to nature and life hits you hard, you withstand more and… eventually… you break because your mitochondria redox withers. But if you’re anti-fragile, your mitochondria become chronically and properly connected wirelessly to the sun and directly to the Earth surface and this makes you resilent and built to be far from equilibrium. THE REALITY OF POOR LIGHT CHOICES We have a big problem in sports with players getting more CTE, ALS, and many other neurodegenerative diseases. Bob Mackey a Hall of Fame NFL TE died of front-temporal dementia. Why is that?  Most people today have blamed chronic head injury for his outcome, but is it 100% accurate?  Could some other stimulus have set the stage for this injury? The NFL’s use of RF and microwaves to communicate to player before and after and during the game is one of the major things putting all people in this environment at risk. It is not just the players at risk, it is everyone around the game who uses light freuquencies in ways we fail to […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog and the March 2017 webinar together in conjunction were designed to fully address the “hard problem” in explaining human consciousness. The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why we have qualia or phenomenal experiences—how sensations acquire characteristics, such as colors and tastes.   Is consciousness is entangled to your MOM in some way we fail to visualize??? We get all of our mitochondria from our maternal lineage. In order for us to be here today, you had to have been 10 years old at one time, right? The hard problem for this conscious idea is to be able to return to that time at anytime in your life. No one can take us to where we were at 10 years old. You can’t even point to where you were 10 years old exactly, but you can remember this time via your memory. In this way, consciousness allows humans to time travel in reality. This is no metaphor. It is a hard core fact of reality of mankind. This idea is absolutely empirical but too few realize how incredibly fundamental it is. In order to be here now, you had to […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  Women are designed to be more sensitive to the environment so they can pass vital information about the environment to their germ cells and future offspring to set their epigenetic programs.  This implies they are more sensitive to native EMF’s by having lower levels of myelination in their CNS/PNS.  This means that women during their fertility spurt in life are aging faster, and time on a relative basis, time is actually sped up for them.  Is menopause a way to recapture this lost time? So how is this aging process slowed down for them as their life evolves?  Menopause is nature’s catch up program to gain time by augmenting the grounding effect in their blood plasma.  How does this occur?   Massively lowering their estrogen in a short time scale allows women to recapture magnetic flux from the sun via their blood using iron as an intermediate. Fertile women can put the brakes on this process with breast feeding because it also lowers their estrogen levels.  This blog is not about fertile ladies but those in menopause.  This process augments the magnetic flux and quantum yield of sunlight in the blood by energizing the blood plasma as […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog contains a lot of the science that went unsaid in the 2017 February webinar and is designed to fill in some blanks for members on this topic. He who controls the sun properly can bring blood flow to the choroid surface (RPE) to energize red blood cells and the hemoglobin present in them.  This is how phototropism works in the eye.  The choroid/RPE has many correlates to the phototropism in plant chloroplasts in leaves.  The choroid of the eye is primarily a vascular structure supplying the outer retina.   The outer portion of the retina is where the photoreceptor melanopsin is loosely covalently bound to retinol.  Melanopsin/retinol controls the neural signaling  along the central retinalhypothalamic tract.  This tract connects the retina to the  suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which controls the circadian mechanism.  This tract continues on and connects the retina and SCN to the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus.  The leptin system, in turn, controls all growth and metabolism of the organism and this system controls the circadian release of hormones from the pituitary gland using specific light frequency changes present in AM sunlight.   He who controls the frequency of sunlight via the eye, calls […]

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN 2016-2017 GUEST BLOG: QUANTUM THIEVES What follows is a blog written by two teenagers who got their parents to agree to let them fly to Mexico to try to meet our group.  They had no way of knowing how it might all turn out.  In the end my wife and I felt like we inherited two more sons.  They were a pleasure to meet and spend time with.  The best thing about meeting both of them is that it gives me hope for our young generation.  It is clear that some of them are all in and want to help change the world by helping people.  I think all my members that got “entangled” with these young men came away better because of this encounter. Take a look at this video done by Sarah at the member event before you read on: By Matt and Brian teenage quantum members.  First up is Matt’s account of our encounter How do you get endless bottles of Malbec, unlimited mojitos on the beach, a $400 dollar bottle of champagne and $500 bed on New Year’s Eve, become the son Josh Rosenthal never had, non-member access to a member-only Q&A, countless […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  HOW SHOULD YOU BEGIN TO MITO-HACK YOUR ENVIRONMENT TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING? By Scott J. Compton Let me introduce myself. I go by Scompy as a nickname all over the place, but it’s just my first and last name smashed together. Scompy is also the name of my Journal at My Journal started in mid-July of 2015 and I became a member shortly thereafter. I was introduced to Dr. Kruse by randomly cruising about on the internet. I have been in the video game industry for over 20 years. In a previous solar system not so close, close to the present, I also worked professionally as a biologist at Stanford University in the undergraduate teaching laboratories after graduating with from Oregon State and working as a chemist. I have seen my share of Bunsen burners, beakers, flasks, pipettemen and petri dishes… oh the petri dishes. I typically produced about 3,000 of them weekly for students performing various experiments. As a weird factoid, but I made my transition from biology by way of a video game about the mitochondria. Before discovering Dr. Kruse, I believed that food choice and sugar-control were pretty big players, but […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  WHAT IS THE BAZAN EFFECT AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO A QUANTUM CLINICIAN? Dr. Bazan is a neuroscientist who’s work influenced me while I was a resident at LSU and long before I had a quantum perspective.  He was the first person I can recall in my training that was able to link clinical diseases to the RPE in the retina by discovering something called the Bazan effect today.  He was initially studying what effect seizures and lack of blood flow had on the CNS.  He found when the brain is stressed for any reason neurons release two types of essential fatty acids, namely omega 6 and omega 3.  There names are arachidonic acid (AA) and docosahexonic acid (DHA).  These are essential FFA’s because the body has a poor capacity to make them endogenously. Arachidonic acid is found ubquitously all over the body in all cell lines but DHA goes mainly to the retina and brain.  Both become critical parts of the cell membrane EMF antenna in cells that work in wireless fashion using various non linear apsects of the electromagnetic spectrum. The release of both of these fats created major questions for science 30 years […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  This blog is a written account of a two hour live webinar I gave to members in Sept of 2016.  Most of them felt this information was so important that they voted 89% to publish this info for public consumption.  I will remind you all these members paid for this content so when you read it I hope you all thank a member.  Jamie Ward was the member who originally suggested that I take the filmed webinar and make it a blog for public consumption.  It took me a while to write it all down from the filmed recording I did in August of 2016.  The point of this webinar is to show you the sun is not bad for health bu the light man has created for modern man to live under is toxic for mitochondria and leads to the diseases that modern healthcare blames the sun for, The modern belief is that UV light, alone, causes melanoma and melanogenesis by the healthcare paradigm.   The reality is that this is a belief, but is it well supported in the literature? Today, 32% of Americans suffer from vitamin D3 insufficiency. There is far more risk […]

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THE TAKE HOME:  IS THE UNCERTAINITY PRICIPLE EQUIVALENT TO THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS?  I’ve written extensively about this subject and about Maxwell demons and the curious case of the linkage of Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle to the second law of thermodynamics. My belief is that all topologic insulators, especially the one buried in mitochondria, are very tiny Maxwell demons that can skirt the second law of thermodynamics by making the ledge of that larger in ways we do not observe.  This occurs because of the scale of the changes that increase this energy ledge are mush smaller than the macroscopic objects that human can process with their senses.  Recently physicists are now beginning to realize that small quantum systems do not act like a cup of hot cup of coffee or a star in space.  Two recent studies are now aligning with many of the things I teach my members. Your mitochondria are a lot smaller than a cup of coffee and a star………just saying. HYPERLINK The second recent study in H-theorem was written that also supports my beliefs. Hyperlink. The second law of thermodynamics was really brought to prominence by Ludwig Boltzman in the 1870’s. Boltzmann published his celebrated […]

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  How is reality built?  You have to build time first before reality can exist.  How do proteins in our cells create time from nothing?  Answer:  They use “holes” in semiconductors to create an exciton.  An exciton is a particle that doesn’t exist for long timescales.  An exciton can form when a solar photon is absorbed by a semiconductor in a cell.  Semiconductors science are part of condensed matter physics.  This means “holes” in electrons is covered by this type of physics.  A “hole” is a quasiparticle consisting of the lack of an electron in a state; it is most commonly used in the context of empty states in the valence band of a semiconductor.  You may ask what is a quasiparticle? PHYSICS GEEKS:   Quasiparticles and collective excitations (which are closely related) are emergent phenomena that occur when a microscopically complicated system such as a solid behaves as if it contained different weakly interacting particles in free space. For example, as an electron travels through a semiconductor, its motion is disturbed in a complex way by its interactions with all of the other electrons and nuclei; however it approximately behaves like an electron with a different mass […]

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