THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  How is reality built?  You have to build time first before reality can exist.  How do proteins in our cells create time from nothing?  Answer:  They use “holes” in semiconductors to create an exciton.  An exciton is a particle that doesn’t exist for long timescales.  An exciton can form when a solar photon is absorbed by a semiconductor in a cell.  Semiconductors science are part of condensed matter physics.  This means “holes” in electrons is covered by this type of physics.  A “hole” is a quasiparticle consisting of the lack of an electron in a state; it is most commonly used in the context of empty states in the valence band of a semiconductor.  You may ask what is a quasiparticle? PHYSICS GEEKS:   Quasiparticles and collective excitations (which are closely related) are emergent phenomena that occur when a microscopically complicated system such as a solid behaves as if it contained different weakly interacting particles in free space. For example, as an electron travels through a semiconductor, its motion is disturbed in a complex way by its interactions with all of the other electrons and nuclei; however it approximately behaves like an electron with a different mass […]

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Blog Take Home:  Magnetic monopoles create time doing things today’s paradigm says cannot be done because they haven’t yet seen a natural monopole.  Just because we have not found one, doesn’t mean they can’t exist.  Is absence of evidence absence of effect?  Might magnetic monopoles be made transiently to support the Quantum Zeno effect?  In this blog you’ll find out what this means.  Might the reason humans are blinded to there presence be cause if we did perceive them their energy could not be used?  Starting with the restatement of Maxwell’s laws by Heaveside, modern physics has taken the position that we should all suspend our search for monopoles.  Today we know have evidence in a lab that transient man made magentic monopoles can exist on topologic insulators.  This news has major impacts for physics and massive implications for biology because the Noble Prize was just given for this science this month.  Might our current situation be as it is, because physicists from 1880’s were too eager to simplify Maxwell’s equations to make the mathematics make sense to them?  What nature does not forbid, will eventually happen.  I believe topology has show us nature has been using monopoles for her […]

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What is the physics of organisms made from?

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  Light does not have to obey relativity in the vacuum of space. It’s speed is constant everywhere it can run free. Topologic insulators are trappers and transformers of sun light on Earth.  This is why life manifests on this planet.  When light becomes trapped in your tissues, for the first time light speed becomes relative to tissue density and this alters the optics within proteins.  How much do you know about linear optics?  How about non-linear optics of cells?  DNA structure functions as an overlapping code to the DNA sequence. Rapid progress in understanding the role of DNA structure in gene regulation, DNA damage recognition and genome stability has been made in the literature now.  This has cast major doubt on how natural selection can change species or build complexity based upon new data.  So why does just 3% of DNA code for proteins?  What does the other 97% do?  Is “junk DNA” a control manual for how light can affect proteins to allow life to manifest in some way science is missing? NEO-DARWINIAN FAILURE: Human ‘junk’ gene sequences can promote translation of proteins made by the DNA code.  These translations are then modified in the […]

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME: To make large collections of proteins coherent you need to link them together electrically. This idea implies that cells have some electric tuning ability built into their protein structure. This tuning appears to be linked to the timing of day and night because collagen needs incident sunlight to collect the energy of sunlight to store for lateral electro-mechanical wave generation.  How does this occur?  What are its implications? My members have been learning a lot about the non linear effects of light in my last 5 webinars.  Today’s blog is more of the same. I want to discuss another unique non linear apsect of light that is used to create the basic functioning of all circadian oscillators in humans.  Our cells use light in multitudes of unconventional ways that just continue to confound physics and stun biologic orthoxy at its core.   For more than 100 years, scientists have debated the question: when light travels through a medium such as oil or water, does it pull or push on the medium as it travels by Fermat’s law? While most experiments have found that light exerts a “pulling pressure”,  a recent paper published by physicists have shown […]

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The blog take home:  Most people know that an elevated ferritin can lead to early aging and a lack of performance.  Most people have no idea why.  It is due to how iron and sunlight work or do not work together?  Did you know that ferritin has a special protein coat that shield the iron crystals in the Fe (III) oxidation state?  Did you know ferritin is PARAMAGNETIC?  How might this be linked to its ability to cause disease?  Any electromagnetic field causes molecules that are paramagnetic to be drawn towards that field.  Could this be how ferritin is linked to many 21st century diseases?   When iron cycles are not controlled in our blood plasma it can oxidize our mitochondria in tissues where this occurs. This lowers are redox power and can cause us to age faster.  Here is a disease that gives you some insight how the science of Dr. Doug Wallace, Dr. Gerald Pollack’s ideas marry in human tissues.  I will tie some of  their ideas and experiments together in this blog, with a quantum view point,  to help you understand how bio-physics works in cells to cause cataracts in this rare disease.  This disease shows us […]

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THE BLOG TAKE HOME:  Since Becker established that human bone uses P/N junctions for semi conductive circuits that regenerate human bone there have been many other ways light’s non linear physical abilities are used in a cell.  Could biologic semiconductors be used to make cellular lasers while we sleep to regenerate us?  This blog intimately is tied to the April 2016- Sept 2016 webinars and will be particularly helpful for members of this site who have had access to them. DAY/NIGHT = TRANSPARENCY/OPAQUENESS Daytime is associated with the DC electric current. At nighttime it goes away. What happens in between is why evolution invented sleep. When electric resistance is increased light emission occurs photoelectrically. This shows you that a DC electric current can be changed to a photonic signal just by a temperature change. Semiconductors lie in an area between the metals and non-metals on the periodic table.  Life is carbon based.  Carbon is in Group IV of the periodic table.   For the Group IV semiconductors such as collagen, diamond, silicon, germanium, silicon carbide, and silicon germanium, the most common dopants are acceptors from Group III or donors from Group V elements. Boron, arsenic, phosphorus, and occasionally gallium are […]

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The blog take away:  How is the key frequency of beta oxidation made in a mitochondria?Most people believe fat burning via beta oxidation is a fuel mediated mechanism but Dr. Doug Wallace’s data strongly suggests it is linked to the vibration state of the inner mitochondrial membrane.  If so, how is the sun’s photoelectric abilities critical to this mechanism in mitochondria?  Watch the video in the hyperlink closely from 50:00 – 59:00 for the clue. HYPERLINK Water surrounds each mitochondria in a cell with its MINOS layer. It is adjacent to the cytochrome 1 complex. Water has a high dielectric constant. It is 78 in bulk water, to be exact, Why is that critical? Well cytochrome one has a redox Fe-S couple that acts like a semiconductor for electrons.   Electrons act differently in a semiconductor than they do when they are not captured by one.  How much do you know about semiconductor integrated circuits? In a typical network in an integrated circuit, each network will include at least one driver, which must contain a source or drain diffusion and at least one receiver. This set up will consist of a gate electrode over a thin gate dielectric (look for […]

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THE TAKE HOME: Can light release from a cell tell us about mitochondrial energy status?  Is mitocondrial fission involved in elimination of ROS-producing mitochondria.   Can our cellular light fingerprint tell us about this process I call “mitoptosis”?  Mitochondria self regulate their function by participating in multi-faceted defense of the cell against oxidative damage.  When the cell is under siege by ROS/RNS it releases ELF-UV and this light is the signal for the recycle programs in mitochondria designed to buy us more time on earth. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CELLULAR LIGHT RELEASE? When one reads through the Roeland van Wijk’s book one could easily conclude that cancer is more a mitochondrial metabolic disease in accordance with the original theory of Otto Warburg. Today’s war on cancer was waged in 1971 by Nixon and this war has been waged on nuclear DNA changes. So far we have no cure and we have spent 1.3 trillion dollars since that time looking under the wrong genome. In the cytosol, there is another genome in humans. That genome is 37 genes large and codes almost exclusively for the respiratory chains in electron chain transport. Today modern oncology continues to cling to the […]

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THE TAKE HOME: My words, the text in my books, my blog posts, my book really hasn’t changed……….. but your ideas of what I am saying changes as you begin to understand my words. Most of you know I hold Einstein in the highest regards with respect to my knowledge and wisdom.  If it was not for his brilliance in 1905, I don’t think my life’s arrow would be pointed in the direction it is.  Many of you might conclude that these feelings might set me up for confirmation bias or dogmatic beliefs regarding his work.  Today’s blog is where I show you how the results of the last ten years of reading science is at odds with Einstein theories.  The concept of time divorced me from some big parts of Einstein’s ideas.  When you believe time is just psychologic or physical, as he did, you wind up believing the universe is built using gravity as the key force.  When your realize time is created in a different way and has other “flavors,” you begin to see how the universe might be built exclusively using the electromagnetic force. I got this idea by reading about the physics of how a […]

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