BLOG TAKE HOME: Two things I carry with me daily: Death is certain, but life is not. You pay the price of both, with your choices.  You pay a biologic toll because of choice, or you gain a biologic benefit because of your choice. At the outset, the dopamine levels are the same. After you decide and the results are in you will see that the environment will add or subtract from your dopamine bank account. The result determines the reality you get. In this way it should be clear how the environment dictates results we get. When our eyes get stabbed by the flash of neon lights, that we ironically create, that “progress”, as we call it,  splits “our nights” into more alien lit days.  This action changes our ways of dealing with life and we ruin the sounds of silence that nature has tuned us too. We don’t simply create probabilities, nature does, with her dealing of light frequencies to our surfaces. What she deals to our surfaces is rarely constant on a daily or seasonal basis. We are designed to spot her trends to guide us in each cell. When powerful trends are found we stop living […]

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Xmas 2015: Who is your faction?

  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to yours. James Madison famously wrote that “Liberty is to faction what air is to fire, an aliment without which it instantly expires.” It raises the question, whose tribe do you belong too?  Do you have your own faction or do you do group fiction? Your greatest gift to yourself is to optimized yourself using nature, not any groups paradigm.  If you are not good enough for yourself, who are you really good for? In today’s world you have to brace a divergent path.  To tap optimal you have to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest and divergent to the majority opinion in many cases. You and only you can really give yourself the gift of health. They say this is the season for giving but I’m not so sure this is an optimal. Everybody wants the glamorous gifts in life, but nobody wants the work.  There’s now a lot evidence from decades of research  that the public health, in the aggregate, is under duress more now than at any time in our past. What has changed, and pretty dramatically recently, is the growing tendency of people to sort […]

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READERS SUMMARY: Einstein received the Nobel Prize for explaining the photoelectric effect.  How does this effect create time in biology? 2. This effect was described initially in metals. It occurs if a metal electrode is treated with photons, which liberate electrons if their quantum energy is high enough. In simple words, photons can make ions thicker or thinner, depending on absorption or emission activity.  The thickness of thinness of the surface interaction changes the geometry or things to create or remove time. THE BLOG TAKE HOME: Light has a limit, but do we? The range of our perception is vast and allows us no limit of all there is to perceive. The driver of this process is light. The best driver is the light from our sun. All perceiving is thinking, all reasoning is intuition, all observation is invention,  and light is the power behind them all. With time we learn we are responsible for what we say, think, and observe. We all have unique view points linked only by some common stimuli. Those stimuli tickle our brain to react to these waves and fill in the missing space from the signal they provide.  In order for an adaptation to […]

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BLOG TAKE HOME 1:  WHEN WE COVER OUR PUPIL WILL ALTER THE LIGHT IT SENSES AND THIS CAN SPEED UP TIME AND WE CAN GET SICK AND DIE EARLIER. BLOG TAKE HOME 2:  Hopes are like Purple light. Fears are like blue light. Now stop and ponder that and then ruminate on this: Hopes are always accompanied by fears, and, in scientific research, the fears are liable to become dominant in a world who thinks poorly and is unfocused. Where have we heard this about UV light and poorly designed research? Mitosis requires low level ELF-UV release from cells at the correct time in the cell cycle. So what happens when UV light is absent? Your eye gets ill and you get refraction errors that cause you to age faster.  Energy loss = Less work done = means an altered photoelectric effect at the retinal surfaces with light and electrons.  It is my entire ubiquitination series in a nutshell. In 1964, John Ott along with Dr. Irving Leopold studied the effects of light on rabbit retinal pigment epithelial cells. They documented that that retinal pigment epithelial would not divide unless they were exposed to low levels of ultraviolet light. Roeland van […]

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READERS SUMMARY: WHY DO YOU FOCUS ON BIOCHEMICAL CHANGES WHEN IT IS THE MISSING LIGHT FREQUENCIES THAT EXPLAIN CLINICAL SCENARIO’S BEST? MIGHT IT BE OUR FOCUS AND PERSPECTIVE DRIVING THIS? DOES TIME TELL US ABOUT LIGHT/TEMPERATURE OR FOOD?   We know that as one develops a blue light hazard in their eyes this causes a massive release of ROS and that ROS cause swelling of our respiratory proteins in out mitochondria.  For every 1 Angstrom of increase present on the ECT there is a ten-fold reduction of the movement of electrons tunneled between the cytochrome proteins.   This is how blue light destroys energy production.  UV light increases electron flow throughout that ECT but its delivery of electrons is wholly dependent upon how fast they can flow from NADH to oxygen.  Red light acts to shrink cytochrome 3 (COX) to improve ECT flow because COX is a heme protein that reacts to red light by improving quantum tunneling of electrons through cytochrome 3, thusly, improving ATP production at cytochrome 5, the ATPase.  So what does this all mean?   The control of the redox potential is tied to the most powerful frequency of light stored in a cell.   Research […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. WHERE DOES TIME COME FROM? 2. WHY DOES BIOLOGY HAVE ONLY A FORWARD DIRECTION FOR TIME? 3. WHAT IS A QUANTUM DOT? 4. DOES THE SUN, WATER, AND DHA DETERMINE TIME? 5. WHAT IS GRAVITATIONAL LENSING? Since the 19th century, light was known to be a wave of electric and magnetic fields. In the early 20th century, the physics revolution known as quantum mechanics included the alternative description of light as a collection of particles called photons. Roy Glauber of Harvard University realized that with the invention of the laser and the detectors capable of sensing a single photon, a more complete quantum theory of light was needed. One single photon can control many atoms. His theory, published in 1963, explained that photons are not entirely independent objects and that detecting a photon from a light beam affects the probability of detecting another photon. His theory marked the birth of the field of quantum optics, which led to a wide range of advances, such as a type of optics-based cryptography that has already been used for some bank transactions. Glauber shared the 2005 Nobel Prize in physics for his work. My bet is that Glauber’s work will […]

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READERS SUMMARY: How does the pupil control how light enters the eye to affect retina? How does light link to the autonomic nervous system to affect its tone? Is the tone of the autonomic system some how linked to time? What controls the gears of the eye clock? Don’t your find it interesting how the human anatomy highlights – full spectrum sunlight?   Sunlight has equal saturation of blue, red, and green.  Red light is the antidote for excessive  blue light exposure,  and our eye camera (vision) is optimized photoptically for green. At night we are designed to use rods which are sensitized to blue light.  Purple frequencies (UV) are stored in pigmented cells of the retina and skin for use at night during darkness to refill our cells tensegrity system (piezoelectric) because all cells use ELF-UV light to signal at all hours of the day.  If you use UV to signal you have to replace that frequency.  We do it via our retina and our skin predominately.  Our gut helps in a small way too.   Our bodies are like a well oiled orchestra who uses the sun’s light to create the music in our lives.  Night and day […]

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READERS SUMMARY:  WHAT ARE THE SERIES TAKE AWAYS? Once you learn about light and its ability to control biology you have to ask yourself some difficult questions.  Are willing to walk a trail of the unknown and blaze a trail for yourself? When you follow a crowd you only get as far as they get. Their precepts of truth might become your glass ceiling for optimal health.  If you’re willing to walk alone you might find yourself in places no one has ever been before. Be bold with this info; some folks will think you’re mad initially, but it’s more insane than being timid and following a wandering clan with no vision. Ignoring light is akin to inviting disease to your door step.  Do not die while you’re still alive. An elevated ubiquitin rates for protein marking allows that to happen. Oysters and shellfish are a kiss from the sea that prevents the “kiss of death” from visiting you too early. No one can fathom the light environment is the key to ubiquitin marking of proteins in our body.  I wish people would go back and read the first edition of Darwin’s book on evolution; even he realized that the […]

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See one, do one, teach one   Rob Hamilton, MD     “Sometimes you just have to step off the ledge and grow wings on the way down.” Dr. Jack Kruse, Dec 2014       I’ve been a member of Dr. Kruse’s site and forum since 2012. I’m not going to rehash all the details of the journey that I have made thus far, suffice to say that I came to Dr. Kruse’s website from the Paleo Community, had an amazing first consult with him about my ailing father (it was too late and we both knew it), was blown away by his compassion, thoroughness, and the things that he told me. I had tremendous (unbelievable!) success with his protocols over the first 6 months then suffered a personal thunderstorm and some setbacks from which I have yet to recover entirely – now I know I can. Part of my failures, I now attribute to low frontal lobe dopamine levels (that sounds so technical… and what a great excuse), a demanding job, and being “too busy” forgetting to pay attention to the details that are so important. My mistakes. I know most of the “why” at this point and […]

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READERS SUMMARY:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT A NEW GRADUATE FROM A CANADIAN MEDICAL SCHOOL WITH A SURGEON IN THE GULF SOUTH?   By Clay Bostock   This blog is no head splitter. It is simply an anecdote of what I experienced in NOLA recently. I learned a lot of medical knowledge observing Jack in his practice but my biggest take-away came in the way my biology reacted to the environment and how I was able to leverage its power in ways that I had never done when travelling to climates close to the equator. In mid September I had the pleasure of experiencing a week with Jack observing him in surgery and his clinic in the Gulf South. It was not long after arriving in the gulf south that one of Jack’s biggest teachings was hammered home and imprinted in my brain. Jack has long stated that your zip code is a better determinant of health than your genetic code. I experienced evidence of this in the short span of 7 days. Coming from an area of high latitude (British Columbia) I immediately felt effects of the power of the sun in Louisiana and Mississippi. The first change was […]

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Many months ago, I was asked by someone to do a video testimonial for jackkruse.com. I planned to do it when I lost my last two pounds to my 50lb goal. Little did I know that would be 9 months later!

Take a listen to this story from Rob Hamilton. His story attests to the power of living Optimally.

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