The blog take away:  How is the key frequency of beta oxidation made in a mitochondria?Most people believe fat burning via beta oxidation is a fuel mediated mechanism but Dr. Doug Wallace’s data strongly suggests it is linked to the vibration state of the inner mitochondrial membrane.  If so, how is the sun’s photoelectric abilities critical to this mechanism in mitochondria?  Watch the video in the hyperlink closely from 50:00 – 59:00 for the clue. HYPERLINK Water surrounds each mitochondria in a cell with its MINOS layer. It is adjacent to the cytochrome 1 complex. Water has a high dielectric constant. It is 78 in bulk water, to be exact, Why is that critical? Well cytochrome one has a redox Fe-S couple that acts like a semiconductor for electrons.   Electrons act differently in a semiconductor than they do when they are not captured by one.  How much do you know about semiconductor integrated circuits? In a typical network in an integrated circuit, each network will include at least one driver, which must contain a source or drain diffusion and at least one receiver. This set up will consist of a gate electrode over a thin gate dielectric (look for […]

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THE TAKE HOME: Can light release from a cell tell us about mitochondrial energy status?  Is mitocondrial fission involved in elimination of ROS-producing mitochondria.   Can our cellular light fingerprint tell us about this process I call “mitoptosis”?  Mitochondria self regulate their function by participating in multi-faceted defense of the cell against oxidative damage.  When the cell is under siege by ROS/RNS it releases ELF-UV and this light is the signal for the recycle programs in mitochondria designed to buy us more time on earth. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CELLULAR LIGHT RELEASE? When one reads through the Roeland van Wijk’s book one could easily conclude that cancer is more a mitochondrial metabolic disease in accordance with the original theory of Otto Warburg. Today’s war on cancer was waged in 1971 by Nixon and this war has been waged on nuclear DNA changes. So far we have no cure and we have spent 1.3 trillion dollars since that time looking under the wrong genome. In the cytosol, there is another genome in humans. That genome is 37 genes large and codes almost exclusively for the respiratory chains in electron chain transport. Today modern oncology continues to cling to the […]

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THE TAKE HOME: My words, the text in my books, my blog posts, my book really hasn’t changed……….. but your ideas of what I am saying changes as you begin to understand my words. Most of you know I hold Einstein in the highest regards with respect to my knowledge and wisdom.  If it was not for his brilliance in 1905, I don’t think my life’s arrow would be pointed in the direction it is.  Many of you might conclude that these feelings might set me up for confirmation bias or dogmatic beliefs regarding his work.  Today’s blog is where I show you how the results of the last ten years of reading science is at odds with Einstein theories.  The concept of time divorced me from some big parts of Einstein’s ideas.  When you believe time is just psychologic or physical, as he did, you wind up believing the universe is built using gravity as the key force.  When your realize time is created in a different way and has other “flavors,” you begin to see how the universe might be built exclusively using the electromagnetic force. I got this idea by reading about the physics of how a […]

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THE TAKE AWAY:  Does insulin and melatonin work by taking its cues from solar spectrum?   Yes they do. If so, how is insulin’s action quantized? When energies of electrons are higher because of the action of the photons of the sun, that signal is transduced by the cytochromes in the electron chain transporters. Most electrons from carbohydrates enter at cytochrome one because NADH is a fluorophore protein. It absorbs best at 340 nm range of light which is strongly in the UV range of the solar spectrum. This couples photoelectrically with insulin release from the pancreas. It uses another solar hormone, melatonin, to help it achieve its goals in the gut. Melatonin is first made with the interaction of UV light and aromatic amino acids in the eye.  I covered how melatonin links to the sun and to time in Time 9.   Melatonin is produced first by the eye and then ocular melatonin helps liberate melatonin in the pineal gland in response to absence of light. If light, especially from 400nm -465nm is present none is released in the pineal. Melatonin levels are quite low during the day and reach their peak 4 hours after darkness. Like other […]

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READERS SUMMARY:  HOW DOES TIME AND CANCER LINK TO THE BIO-PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES IN CELLS? This blog is a teaching point for those with cancer.  Most people know that cancer has the innate ability to shorten your life span and this is why this blog is in this series.  Most people have the perception that cancer shortens our time but in the June 2016 webinar we uncover principles that cancer maybe a solution that nature is looking for to allow us to operate well in our new modern world.  Either way We are talking about time.  In fact, the higher the grade of tumor the less time you generally have.  This is the current belief of most patients and of allopathic medicine.  Have you ever thought about why time and energy are linked fundamentally and really explain cancer well?  Energy is a physical concept but is not really explained well in biology.  In physics it is well explained by Noether’s theorem.  That equation says that any symmetry, either local or global, implies the conservation of some physical quality.  Cancer is a disease of a lack of energy and time.  So for the concept of time, what is really conserved?  It turns […]

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BLOG TAKE AWAY:  Can changes in the electromagnetic spectrum of light alter the amount of time life has left?  Yes, it can.  The loss of life can happen very quick at ionizing levels of the spectrum but it can happen more slowly even at radio frequency levels because nnEMF cause damage to DNA/RNA by causing both single and double strand breakage of its helical structure.   Kawasaki Disease (KD) etiology has eluded scientists for over 50 years.  Could this disease be explained using quantum biology and the alteration of nitrogen cycles by man?  How might excessive amounts of non native EMF high up in the atmosphere cause a change in the size and shape of a biologic agent as it flew on the wind thousands of miles?  Sounds hard to believe doesn’t it? What is Kawasaki’s disease ?  Kawasaki Disease is an environmentally acquired heart disease that affects mostly children under five years. KD causes inflammation of the arterial wall that compromises the structural integrity, which leads to aneurysm formation in 25% of untreated children and is now the most common cause of acquired heart disease in children in developed countries. The causal agent of Kawasaki disease (KD) remains unknown […]

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BLOG TAKE AWAY:  Everything created has a purpose we just have to find those purposes.  Oceanic microstructures act a lot like plasma from the sun. We think about the ocean as a fluid but a fluid is not a plasma.  So what is a plasma? Plasma is a highly electrically conductive state of matter with freely moving particles with electrical charge consisting of electrons, protons and atoms stripped of their electrons.  These atoms are known as ions. Contrary to commonly held beliefs, plasma’s do not act like a neutral gas. Plasma’s are usually described in space.  But they exist on earth.  Plasma cutters are used to cut thick metals in fabrication.  Plasma’s behave and look different from other forms of matter, it tends to be cellular and clumps together to create filaments in space called Birkeland currents. A Birkeland current is a set of plasma currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere. In the Earth’s magnetosphere, the currents are driven by the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field and by bulk motions of plasma through the magnetosphere.  These plasma flows are driven by convection indirectly driven by the interplanetary environment. […]

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BLOG TAKE AWAY:  At the end of the blog are bio-hacking ideas for methylene blue (MB).  It has very interesting quantum effects on mitochondria with stretched out respiratory proteins that lead to almost all illnesses.  The modern world creates an environment that favors activation of the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) to cause a chronic stress response.  MB can help someone who lives in a highly stressed environment.  Moreover,  focal activation of the sympathetic nervous system to lead to many syndromes that lower vagal tone chronically and can cause an acute vasoplegic syndrome with any acute stressor confounds the patients environment.  Few clinicians look at the person’s environment as the main driver of the stress response.  Dr. Doug Wallace research says this is a grave error.  Acute vasoplegic syndrome is generally defined in medicine acutely as an arterial pressure <50 mm Hg, cardiac index >2.5 L /min/m2 , right atrial pressure <5 mm Hg, left atrial pressure <10 mm Hg and low systemic vascular resistance <800 dyne/sec/cm.  Chronic vasoplegic syndrome = adrenal fatigue syndromes.  There are many Rx’s in the alternative world for adrenal fatigue which are wholly non satisfying for clinicians and patients.  Might the use of methylene blue be something clinicians […]

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THE BLOG TAKE AWAY: MITOCHONDRIAL SCALE TIES US TO TIME Many people do not know that bacteria and Archea undergo explosive growth in space. This was well known when an America astronaut Dave Wolf spent 4 months in space on the Russian MIR space station for NASA before the USA planned on building the International Space Station. When Wolf opened up the hatch where all the water and wiring were found he found the are filled with microbial life. This shocked NASA and they knew this could mean trouble for the space program if they were going to try to colonize space.  Astronauts from all countries could be at risk for infections because in space we lose our native immunity and bacteria grow rapidly.  That can be a deadly combination for humans.  Space time does not equal human time. Little did they know it was the calling card for what ails modern humans on Earth. Confused? Let me explain some evolutionary history to you. The next trip into space, NASA made sure this experiment was fast tracked to prove that bacteria do, in fact, undergo massive growth in space. They had to prepare the ISS for this issue for health […]

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BlOG TAKE AWAYS:   Adrenal fatigue is not accepted by medicine as a diagnosis for one reason:  the process is quantized and medicine and biology ignore these processes.  This blog discusses those processes in detail. HOW?  Might the density and conformation of our tissues determine the time we sense?  Does stress change our tissues in some way to alter time perception? Stress increases chaos and chaos creates swelling and swelling increases pressure in a cell. Density, links to buoyancy, which link to the spectrum of light that cells are impacted by.  In nature, UV light builds pressure photoelectrically by storing energy in a cell, pressure builds heat (IR), and heat is emitted when electric and magnetic forces are confined to a tight space. Heat expands most things, but not all things in nature. Life uses water for this key reason, and mitochondria have chosen to release heat and create water for one specific reason……………because heat is capable of shrinking water and not expanding it.  Water expands when it freezes.  This anomaly  breaks nature symmetry in a cell by shortening the distance of the respiratory proteins on ECT to make electron tunneling much faster increasing fuel efficiency for life.  When mitochondria are energy […]

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