BLOG TAKE AWAY:  Everything created has a purpose we just have to find those purposes.  Oceanic microstructures act a lot like plasma from the sun. We think about the ocean as a fluid but a fluid is not a plasma.  So what is a plasma? Plasma is a highly electrically conductive state of matter with freely moving particles with electrical charge consisting of electrons, protons and atoms stripped of their electrons.  These atoms are known as ions. Contrary to commonly held beliefs, plasma’s do not act like a neutral gas. Plasma’s are usually described in space.  But they exist on earth.  Plasma cutters are used to cut thick metals in fabrication.  Plasma’s behave and look different from other forms of matter, it tends to be cellular and clumps together to create filaments in space called Birkeland currents. A Birkeland current is a set of plasma currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere. In the Earth’s magnetosphere, the currents are driven by the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field and by bulk motions of plasma through the magnetosphere.  These plasma flows are driven by convection indirectly driven by the interplanetary environment. […]

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BLOG TAKE AWAY:  At the end of the blog are bio-hacking ideas for methylene blue (MB).  It has very interesting quantum effects on mitochondria with stretched out respiratory proteins that lead to almost all illnesses.  The modern world creates an environment that favors activation of the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) to cause a chronic stress response.  MB can help someone who lives in a highly stressed environment.  Moreover,  focal activation of the sympathetic nervous system to lead to many syndromes that lower vagal tone chronically and can cause an acute vasoplegic syndrome with any acute stressor confounds the patients environment.  Few clinicians look at the person’s environment as the main driver of the stress response.  Dr. Doug Wallace research says this is a grave error.  Acute vasoplegic syndrome is generally defined in medicine acutely as an arterial pressure <50 mm Hg, cardiac index >2.5 L /min/m2 , right atrial pressure <5 mm Hg, left atrial pressure <10 mm Hg and low systemic vascular resistance <800 dyne/sec/cm.  Chronic vasoplegic syndrome = adrenal fatigue syndromes.  There are many Rx’s in the alternative world for adrenal fatigue which are wholly non satisfying for clinicians and patients.  Might the use of methylene blue be something clinicians […]

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THE BLOG TAKE AWAY: MITOCHONDRIAL SCALE TIES US TO TIME Many people do not know that bacteria and Archea undergo explosive growth in space. This was well known when an America astronaut Dave Scott spent 4 months in space on the Russian MIR space station for NASA before the USA planned on building the International Space Station. When Scott opened up the hatch where all the water and wiring were found he found the are filled with microbial life. This shocked NASA and they knew this could mean trouble for the space program if they were going to try to colonize space.  Astronauts from all countries could be at risk for infections because in space we lose our native immunity and bacteria grow rapidly.  That can be a deadly combination for humans.  Space time does not equal human time. Little did they know it was the calling card for what ails modern humans on Earth. Confused? Let me explain some evolutionary history to you. The next trip into space, NASA made sure this experiment was fast tracked to prove that bacteria do, in fact, undergo massive growth in space. They had to prepare the ISS for this issue for health […]

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BlOG TAKE AWAYS:   Adrenal fatigue is not accepted by medicine as a diagnosis for one reason:  the process is quantized and medicine and biology ignore these processes.  This blog discusses those processes in detail. HOW?  Might the density and conformation of our tissues determine the time we sense?  Does stress change our tissues in some way to alter time perception? Stress increases chaos and chaos creates swelling and swelling increases pressure in a cell. Density, links to buoyancy, which link to the spectrum of light that cells are impacted by.  In nature, UV light builds pressure photoelectrically by storing energy in a cell, pressure builds heat (IR), and heat is emitted when electric and magnetic forces are confined to a tight space. Heat expands most things, but not all things in nature. Life uses water for this key reason, and mitochondria have chosen to release heat and create water for one specific reason……………because heat is capable of shrinking water and not expanding it.  Water expands when it freezes.  This anomaly  breaks nature symmetry in a cell by shortening the distance of the respiratory proteins on ECT to make electron tunneling much faster increasing fuel efficiency for life.  When mitochondria are energy […]

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Take Home:  Vitamin D3 is just the chemical signal made after unpolarized light is captured by our skin and in the pill form, it does not the power of the sun’s light or photons.   Taking supplemental vitamin D3 is like trying to hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.  Man-Made EMR is Polarized, while Natural EMR is not Solar electromamagnetic radiations (EMR) intensity incident upon a human body ranges normally between 8 and 24 mW/cm2. This varies depending on season, location, atmospheric conditions, altitude, and temperature of your local zip code.  This means the quantum yield of sun light is variable and not fixed.  Today modern communication technologies have corresponding intensity from a digital mobile phone placed upon a human head during “talk” emission is normally less than 0.2 mW/cm2 .  This is a massive power difference.  This shows you power and intensity is not the key issue in biology.  The sun contain far more power than a cell phone. The irony is the sun is capable of raising Vitamin D3 levels, while cell phone will destroy them.  Sunlight has a powerful energy density but comes to our cells in an unpolarized state.  K+ ions become polarized by sunlight in cells […]

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BLOG TAKE HOME:  LIFE IS A LIGHT BULB DESIGNED TO BE LIT BY THE SUN AND SCREWED INTO ITS SOCKET CALLED EARTH. Don’t your find it interesting how the human anatomy highlights – full spectrum sunlight………. All the human body is a tube. We are actually “hollow” on the inside with all our cavities filled with different fluids that act like a filament. The sheath that separates our body from all the things we stuff in our tube is called the gut “lumen.” Isn’t it cool that there is a “light shaft” running through our bodies? Have you ever stopped and thought about that aspect of your being? It’s clear that many of your dietary movements have no clue about this homology with light. You must begin to think differently than their ideas to optimize yourself. Life Has No Remote – You must get up and change it yourself.   You have to be odd to be number one for yourself. We are designed to be a full spectrum sun light bulb closer to the incandescent…….and our technology is moving us to an alien sun…….called an LED blue lit bulb. Those bulbs are extinguishing our light from the sun, and […]

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  BLOG TAKE AWAY:   Every morning you need the sun to charge separate water in your body to create the battery that creates your life. That life is created by a cadre of photochemical that do things we all rely on.  You need to expose all your surfaces to this signals to make sense of the world around you. The food and exercise guru’s that keep bathing in blue light and never see this message……..and blame foods and a lack of exercise for their ills.  This blog shows you what you might miss when you focus only on food.   Make like the Sphinx……While meditating in the morning sun, look to the East and ground and remain as connected to this environment as you can and food will never be your main driver. Light water and magnetism works to limit food influence at the confluence of your mitochondria. It’s that simple a Rx to regenerate. Melatonin needs the sun’s signal via neuropsin to regenerate our tissues. The second messenger’s in this system are triplet state free radicals created from mitochondrial respiratory proteins. These limit ELF-UV release from cells.   IS MELATONIN REALLY A SOLAR STORY TOO? Most people think melatonin is our […]

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In the last few blog series and member webinars, I gave you examples of how nnEMF, specifically excessive blue light, can cause different diseases.  Today we are going to talk about a disease that is caused by a breakdown in optical signaling on our surfaces, that leads to alterations in our biochemistry at deeper levels to lead to other diseases.  This occurs just by changing what happens in the mitochondria without involving the nuclear genome.  The power to create this situation is linked to the amount and power of the nnEMF  to shift the percentage of heteroplasmy in cells to cause the disease. The rapidity and power cause massive shifts in heteroplasmy of our mitochondria.  I’d strongly suggest that you listen to this video carefully.         Heteroplasmy can be described as mitochondrial DNA damage that alter the respiratory proteins in the inner mitochondrial membrane.  This radicals changes their ability, and the tissues ability,  to tunnel electrons, reduce oxygen, and to make the proper free radical signals in mitochondria.  As heteroplasmy percentage increases, NAD+ drops, pseudohypoxia develops, ROS/RNS profiles change, and the amount of ELF-UV increases in a cell.  These are the fingerprints of heteroplasmy.     Our maternally inherited […]

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Blog take home:  A cell is a quantum measuring device for light’s frequency to make elegance from the chaos light frequencies brings from our environment. Proteins in solution absorb ultraviolet light with absorbance maxima at 280 and 200 nm. Amino acids with aromatic rings are the primary reason for the absorbance peak at 280 nm. Peptide bonds are primarily responsible for the peak at 200 nm and since this frequency of light cannot penetrate the ozone layer it fortifies strong carbon-nitrogen bonding in sunlight. This is what makes proteins our source of magnetic memory in nucleic acids in water.  Water provides the stage that allows massive changes to incoming light frequencies.  Secondary, tertiary, and quaternary protein folding and structure all affect absorbance of specific frequencies of light, therefore factors such as pH, ionic strength, etc. can alter the absorbance spectrum of the proteins to affect the water around the proteins to change its density. It also seems that water is capable of changing the absorbance of proteins making it the ideal molecular mirror for light interactions optically.  This is a part of the photo-electric effect completely ignored by modern biology. Another focus of cells is how they operate with water […]

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BLOG TAKE HOME: Two things I carry with me daily: Death is certain, but life is not. You pay the price of both, with your choices.  You pay a biologic toll because of choice, or you gain a biologic benefit because of your choice. At the outset, the dopamine levels are the same. After you decide and the results are in you will see that the environment will add or subtract from your dopamine bank account. The result determines the reality you get. In this way it should be clear how the environment dictates results we get. When our eyes get stabbed by the flash of neon lights, that we ironically create, that “progress”, as we call it,  splits “our nights” into more alien lit days.  This action changes our ways of dealing with life and we ruin the sounds of silence that nature has tuned us too. We don’t simply create probabilities, nature does, with her dealing of light frequencies to our surfaces. What she deals to our surfaces is rarely constant on a daily or seasonal basis. We are designed to spot her trends to guide us in each cell. When powerful trends are found we stop living […]

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