See one, do one, teach one   Rob Hamilton, MD     “Sometimes you just have to step off the ledge and grow wings on the way down.” Dr. Jack Kruse, Dec 2014       I’ve been a member of Dr. Kruse’s site and forum since 2012. I’m not going to rehash all the details of the journey that I have made thus far, suffice to say that I came to Dr. Kruse’s website from the Paleo Community, had an amazing first consult with him about my ailing father (it was too late and we both knew it), was blown away by his compassion, thoroughness, and the things that he told me. I had tremendous (unbelievable!) success with his protocols over the first 6 months then suffered a personal thunderstorm and some setbacks from which I have yet to recover entirely – now I know I can. Part of my failures, I now attribute to low frontal lobe dopamine levels (that sounds so technical… and what a great excuse), a demanding job, and being “too busy” forgetting to pay attention to the details that are so important. My mistakes. I know most of the “why” at this point and […]

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READERS SUMMARY:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT A NEW GRADUATE FROM A CANADIAN MEDICAL SCHOOL WITH A SURGEON IN THE GULF SOUTH?   By Clay Bostock   This blog is no head splitter. It is simply an anecdote of what I experienced in NOLA recently. I learned a lot of medical knowledge observing Jack in his practice but my biggest take-away came in the way my biology reacted to the environment and how I was able to leverage its power in ways that I had never done when travelling to climates close to the equator. In mid September I had the pleasure of experiencing a week with Jack observing him in surgery and his clinic in the Gulf South. It was not long after arriving in the gulf south that one of Jack’s biggest teachings was hammered home and imprinted in my brain. Jack has long stated that your zip code is a better determinant of health than your genetic code. I experienced evidence of this in the short span of 7 days. Coming from an area of high latitude (British Columbia) I immediately felt effects of the power of the sun in Louisiana and Mississippi. The first change was […]

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READERS SUMMARY  WHY DOES NAD+ = PSEUDOHYPOXIA AND A LACK OF UV LIGHT ABSORPTION BY SURFACES? HOW DO SURFACES TRANSMIT THE LIGHT SIGNAL TO CYTOCHROMES WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FLUORESCENCE? WHY DO EUKARYOTES USE UV LIGHT AND WHY IS IT BACTERICIDAL? HOW DOES A LACK OF UV LIGHT MAKE MAMMALS FAT? THE TAKE HOME:  UVA LIGHT INTO YOUR EYE EVERY AM IS THE KEY METRIC TO GET OPTIMAL All living cells on Earth contain coenzymes NAD+ and NADP. Have you ever wonder why?  They both serve serve as major electron/hydrogen proton (H+) carriers in oxidation and reduction reaction of metabolism. Accompanying substrate catabolism, the oxidized form of the coenzyme called NAD+, contains a reactive pyridine ring. It gets reduced in position 4 by a hydride ion to form NADH. NADH is directly involved in ATP generation via oxidative phosphorylation in respiration. NADH is tied to UV light assimilation in all living things.  Through these coupled processes, the reduced NADH is oxidized back to NAD+. In all human disease and aging NAD+ drops. When NAD+ levels drop in mitochondria, we have altered mitonuclear coaptation and they become pseudo-hypoxic.  Since oxygen is the terminal electron acceptor in our mitochondria this slows ECT, […]

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READERS SUMMARY: WHAT WAS THE METABOLIC TRAP DOOR I MENTIONED IN THE HOLY TRINTY BLOG HAVE A RE-READ OF CT-4 AFTER THIS BLOG. WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS? THE BLOG TAKE AWAY:  AM UV full spectrum sunlight rarely changes in population areas on this planet.  The frequency quality is always 290-400 during every morning where humans live.  When it is not present at high northern latitudes foods from the marine food change capture those AM frequencies in the deep winter to barely make life possible above the 59th latitude. This has huge implications for modern man.  He lives an indoor existence under light bulbs that subtract these frequencies constantly.  His eye cannot sense it so his brain cannot perceive it and it cause his brain and body to degenerate faster than one could imagine in all systems.  Why?  The SCN receives these UV frequencies and this drives the Retinal pigmented epithelium that brings blood flow to this part of the retina.  How this happens is discussed within this blog. HUMAN EYE AND THE NEUROSURGERY CONNECTION I MADE The amount of light entering our eye is wholly depend upon the excellent operation of our iris.  The iris controls the pupil. […]

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READERS SUMMARY: DO GENES CONTROL OR RESPOND TO THE ENVIRONMENT? IS CANCER A DISEASE OR A RESPONSE TO A POOR ENVIRONMENT? ARE ALL DISEASE DUE TO LOW OXYGEN LEVELS AND A LACK OF UV LIGHT? HOW DOES A MICROBIOME BECOME ILL? DO YOU WANT TO BUY PRECEPTS OR CONCEPTS?   THE BLOG TAKE AWAY: Understanding that all life is quantized becomes really important in understanding modern diseases like cancer in my view.  Disease today are evidence of environments humans have faced in the last 100,000 generations.  Ubiquitination rates are linked to these changes.  If the changes match the circadian cycles of today we consider that an adaptation.  If they are mismatched to todays’ environment we call it a disease.  This is why having the modern perspective of genetic determinism has hurt modern medicine.  We are looking for defects in the genome, when it is the environment that is the main changing element.  Genes are are controlled by non linear optical signaling as the environment changes.   It is these changes that alter the genome. Our genome is designed to respond to environmental signals, not control them. When you are truly connected to nature, time slowly melts so life gains traction.  The slope […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1. Who is your resource, teacher, librarian, educator? 2. Does it matter? 3.  How do you learn to manage change? 4.  Have you realized yet that “environment” is changing evolutionary theory right now? 5.  Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Most doctors and scientists believe that change begins with diet and exercise. Most trainers, nutritionists, and dietician think if they get you on some form of “diet” and put you in a room/box with weights, machines, and treadmills, or other fit people you will do better. They slap some label on this called a wellness program and then set you up for a supplement consult several weeks in because they know you won’t be hitting your goals or metrics you or they set for you. Ten years ago I was like that. No, that is a lie. Ten years ago I would never have spoken to you about this. Why? Because it did not matter to me. I was taught to fix ill people not keep you from getting ill. One of the primary challenges with vetting a clinician’s recommendations or a businessman’s marketing material is that many of them make up or […]

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30 Things from the Innovator’s cocktail party

READERS SUMMARY: 1.  Those that came to this party I had in June 2015 requested I publish this note I gave all attendee’s for the public to see.  Your wish is my command.   To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.   30 things that I began in 2010 to cross off my bucket list 1. I want to step foot on every continent. 2.  I want to feel sustained zero gravity sans water 3. I want to climb another pyramid. 4.  I want to climb the Great Wall of China 5.  I want to spend a long weekend in an ice hotel 6.  I want to make a difference in my world, by changing your world. 7. Develop the practice of medicine based on nature’s quantum principle’s 8.  Build the perfect quantum isolation chamber for wellness 9.  Paint my electrons on a canvas 10.  Learn to play the piano 11.  Have my […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. HOW DO PLANTS DO WHAT HUMANS FAIL AT? 2. HOW DOES OUR SKIN, EYE, AND GUT DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS IN MITOCHONDRIA? 3.  WHAT REALLY CAUSES CONSTIPATION ?   4. HOW DOES LIGHT MAKE WATER A LASER?  5. HOW DOES THIS EXPLAIN LEPTIN RESISTANCE? In Ubiquitination 21 we began to talk about how plants connect to their environment 100% of the time to generate their energy free of food using water and sunlight and CO2 from the air as their major source of carbon. HOW DO PLANTS CONTROL THEIR GROWTH PROCESS? Plants and trees differ from animals because they can’t move fast across tectonic plates.   Movement creates a much larger “GPS timing” problem for animals that plants and trees don’t have to face. Plants put in these type of fast growth and high light environments (ex: a magnolia tree) adapt the position of their leaves by inclining their leafs away from the sun and reflecting the incoming solar radiations to avoid higher temperatures.  Also note how the outermost leaves are dehydrating and browning because they cannot overcome the 102 degree temperature today with stomatal conductance.  Note the leaves close to the bark are quite green and healthy. […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  HOW DO PLANTS AVOID CANCER? 2.  WHY DO WE GET IT? 3. WHY DON’T WILD ANIMALS GET CANCER? 4. WHY ARE ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY SUSCEPTIBLE TO CANCER? 5.  IS FOOD AND EXERCISE ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE, OR IS IT LIGHT?    Let us quickly review why is the bending of blue light a modern problem? It has massive implications of how fast or slow the circadian clock in the central retina operates. It is driven by blue light detection via melanopsin. These neurons project directly and exclusively to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). Light synchronizes mammalian circadian rhythms with environmental time by modulating retinal input to the circadian pacemaker— SCN of the hypothalamus. Such photic entrainment requires neither rods nor cones, which until very recently, they were the only known retinal photoreceptors. We covered the details of the eye clock earlier in this series. Today, we know that retinal ganglion cells innervating the SCN are intrinsically photosensitive. Unlike other ganglion cells, they depolarized in response to light even when all synaptic input from rods and cones was physically blocked. Their sensitivity, is tied to spectral tuning by the frequency of light. Because blue light bends more […]

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READERS SUMMARY: HOW DOES LIGHT LINK PLANTS AND ANIMALS? WHAT ARE THE DEEP BIOLOGIC IMPLICATIONS IF THAT SYSTEM IS AWRY? CAN ARTIFICIAL LIGHT ALONE EXPLAIN DISEASE AND PSEUDO-HYPOXIA?   The Earth’s environment is a 24/7 factor that plants and animals have to deal with. Every single minute of the day we have the chance to be exposed to various spectrums of natural or artificial  light or total darkness if we do sleep correctly. Plants eat sunlight and drink water for their food. Compare that to eating food for animals. Humans may spend an hour, in total eating meals. Have you ever wonder which matters more, light or food? Plants don’t need food because the use light and CO2 from the thin air to make sugar. Humans properly connected to light cycles and Earth who have their energy generating mitochondria coupled to nitrogen cycles don’t need a ton of food to live either. We have the ability to run for long periods of time using the part of the our mammalian battery that uses photosynthesis exclusively.   Food is not the man driver of ubiquitin marking for protein recycling in humans. It maybe your opinion or a current belief, but it […]

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Many months ago, I was asked by someone to do a video testimonial for I planned to do it when I lost my last two pounds to my 50lb goal. Little did I know that would be 9 months later!

Take a listen to this story from Rob Hamilton. His story attests to the power of living Optimally.

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