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The blogs will no longer be available as they have been. Silver, Gold, and Paltinum members will get the content as part of their membership and Bronze can participate too by signing up for membership. They will get blog access only from this point forward.

I have given 6 years of content to the public for free 100% of the time. That has come to end.

I am no focusing in on my tribe from here on out. SKIN IN THE GAME matters deeply to me.

Members will recieve the new blog today in your member dashboard. The blogs will now be part of your membership package. It will no longer be available as they used to be. Comments will also be limited to members as well. You will get some information on this today from support if you are a member of from here on in.

Here is the lead in for the new blog called

Released Aug 11 at 1:00am on Patreon.
Here is the link for those of you who are interested but remain lurkers.  I’d encourage you to consider membership at some level for this cutting edge information on quantum biology at
THE BLOG TAKE HOME : Are there truly quantum effects or phenomena intrinsic to a specific thermodynamic process that offer an operational advantage over their classical counterpart? Most people think that sunlight hitting water is the key mechanism to make the battery for life. That view point is myopic. Quantum mechanics allows us to create a battery that can collect and distrobute energy on demand and this is the kind of battery tissues that are alive would need. It represent what we observe in the living state. When we need energy our tissues deliver. How do they do this? After all thermodynamics should be sensitive to the underlying microscopic description. For example, the efficiency of an engine should always be limited by the Carnot bound irrespective of whether the working medium is comprised of quantum or classical components. However, for non- equilibrium protocols the question is more subtle. For instance very recently it has been demonstrated that it is possible to use non-equilibrium short cuts to adiabaticity to boost the power of engine cycles without compromising efficiency (Deng et al. 2013, del Campo et al. 2014). One may then wonder whether it is in the finite time operation of devices that quantum mechanics offers an advantage biology is unaware of. The present blog provides an example of a process where quantum correlations provide an huge advantage to living state.


  1. $5.00/month is *so* reasonable – honestly, you have done your time…:-) I’m wondering though how this will affect the number of people you will be able to reach? Although, your facebook page is nothing short of astounding and your patreon posts BTW have been mind blowing:-)

    • Thanks Penny! The library is like a candy store where everything is free…….if folks want those concepts connected to things that critically matter to save them time they’ll become a member. If not, they can attmept to do what I have done. It is that simple. When people don’t value your worth the simple answer is to make them see what life is without your complete contribution. That time has arrived for the blog. It’s decision time for the masses. I’ve got to focus on people with skin in the game.

    • Hello Penny,
      I share your thougths. Humans don’t appreciate the small things in life. And don’t have time for each other, just listen and ask questions.
      When i type this i have the tears in my eyes.

  2. The print from Patreon is so tiny – is that the only place we can print from now?

  3. How can gardeners pay for the membership? (There should be no $ in nature)

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