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Heal Your Hormones Bootcamp If you’ve been biohacking any length of time, you know that unraveling complex issues like PCOS, weight gain, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, depression, estrogen dominance, low libido, fatigue, poor sleep and more can get pretty overwhelming. Hormones play a role in all of these issues, yet understanding yours and how to fix them can seem like a herculean task.Learn More
doctors-and-health-insurance-final (1) For this bootcamp, we are going to give you a foundational education on how to find a doctor, work with insurance companies, get your labs paid for and advocate for your own coverage. We’ve aggregated a wealth of resources, templates, scripts and more that we’re going to share with you to make it as easy as possible for you to find the help you need in the western healthcare system.Learn More

Hormone Replacement & Finding a Doctor

DHEA has been an enigma to the public and to most physicians. I never once heard about this hormone in four years of medical school, seven years of residency or in any endocrinology lecture I heard in my training. This is why when I mention it to my patients, I am not surprised that they have never heard about it. The general public did not learn about DHEA until 1996, when its benefits were mentioned in the media and several popular books that showed up on daytime TV shows. Most in mainstream medicine continued to ignore the science these books contained because they were not found in the usual ways via journals and continuing education classes. You actually had to be on the lookout for this information if you wanted to help your patients directly. With a busy medical practice this is no easy task, to be sure. DHEA became credible to the medical establishment when the New York Academy of Sciences published a book called DHEA and Aging. That book provided scientific validation for the many life-extending effects of DHEA.

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Fat Loss In Women

In this month’s webinar, Dr. Kruse is helping you understand some of the fundamentals related to fat-loss in women:
*Why are women different from men when it comes to fat loss?
*Why do females have trouble losing belly fat as they age?
*What causes infertility or conception issues in some women?
*How is a food’s macro-nutrients are codified to determine your body composition?
*Why women are more likely to create fat cells than men?
*Why do women get out-of-balance biologically a lot easier than men?
*Why do some women experience their weight staying the same, but their body composition changes dramatically?
*How do perimenopause and menopause affect fat accumulation in women?
*How does hypothyroidism create mitochondrial (fat-burning furnace) dysfunction that directly affects body composition?
*How does HGH affect body composition in women?

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Deep Cold Thermogenesis (April 2012)

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Tests Recommended by Dr. Kruse

23andmetest Genova-Diagnostics meridianvalleylab moldwarriors
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23andme Test Genova Diagnostics Meridian Valley Labs Moldwarriors.com


Pharmasan-Labs Metametric Metametric Iodinepatchtest
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Pharmasan Labs Metametric Stool Test Metametrix Fatty Acid Panel Iodine Patch Test


MelisaTest BioHealth filler filler
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Melisa Test BioHealth Diagnostics


Supplements Recommended by Dr. Kruse

Activated-Charcoal Adrenacalm Aloe-Vera Synerplex
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Nature’s Way
Charcoal, Activated
from Apex Energetics
Aloe Vera Synerplex Amino Acid Complex
Apple-Pectin Ashwaganda Calcium-d-Gulcarate Colostrum
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Apple Pectin Ashwaganda Calcium d-Gulcarate Colostrum
Cycloset B12-Methyl-Folate Botanobol Dandelion
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Cycloset B12, Methyl Folate Botanobol Dandelion and Taurine Root
DHEA-25mg supplement-Iodine L-Glutamine-Powder supplement-MagnesiumMalate
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DHEA 25mg Iodine Life Extension
L-Glutamine Powder
NOW Foods
Magnesium Malate
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Marshmallow-Root Matrix-electrolytes-biopure Klaire-Labs N-acetylCysteine
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Marshmallow Root Carbo-Pro Hydra
C5 Endurance Matrix
Klaire Labs
Micellized Vitamin A
Life Extension
N-Acetyl Cysteine
Ox-bile Oxicell supplement-Pregnenolone PRP-Spray
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Ox Bile Oxicell Pregnenolone PRP Spray
from Neurobiologix
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Rhodiola supplement-VitaminD3 supplement-VitaminK Vivelle
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Rhodiola Life Extension Vitamin D3 Life Extension Super K
with Advanced K2 Complex
Vivelle Estrogen Patches


Other Products Recommended by Dr. Kruse

magnetico Austin-Air
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Magnetico Austin Air Jr. HealthMate
Air Purifier HM20


Books Recommended by Dr. Kruse

book-braingrain ThyroidSymptoms-DatisKharrazian TheGlutenSummit
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Grain Brain
by Dr. David Perlmutter
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?
by Dr. Datis Kharrazian
The Gluten Summit
by Dr. Tom O’brien
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