Hormone CPC #1: DHEA

This blog post was created for my members who just heard my webinar on bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement. It is specifically designed to further our discussions in that talk.

DHEA has been an enigma to the public and to most physicians. I never once heard about this hormone in four years of medical school, seven years of residency or in any endocrinology lecture from my training. The general public did not learn about DHEA until 1996, when its benefits were mentioned in the media and several popular books that showed up on daytime TV shows. Most in mainstream medicine continued to ignore the science these books contained because they were not found in the usual ways via journals and continuing education classes. You actually had to be on the lookout for this information. With a busy medical practice, this is no easy task. DHEA became credible to the medical establishment when the New York Academy of Sciences published a book called DHEA and Aging. That book provided scientific validation for the many life-extending effects of DHEA.

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Brain Gut 1: Who Are We, Really?

READERS SUMMARY: 1. WHY CAN’T FOSSILS, BIOCHEMISTRY, TEETH, GEOLOGY, PALEOANTHROPOLOGY TELL US WHERE WE CAME FROM? 2. ARE WE REALLY PILOCENE OR PALEOLITHIC BEINGS? 3. DO WE STRADDLE THE FENCE OF BOTH ERA’S OR IS ONE MORE IMPORTANT? 4. HOW MIGHT NEUROSURGERY GIVE A NEW PERSPECTIVE TO THESE MYSTERIES? 5. IS HOMO HERE BECAUSE OF VIRAL MARKETING?   If you are paleoanthropologist or archeologist you think fossils are the Rosetta Stone for discovering the path that human evolution took. If you are proteomic evolutionary biochemist you think molecular arrays are the best way to decipher the tea leaves of Mother Nature ways. If you are a geneticist you think the RNA/DNA is Holy Grail of human evolution. If you are dental specialist, like University of Arkansas professor, Dr. Peter Ungar you think it’s all about the mammalian teeth. Today’s blogosphere likes to define evolutionary thinking by thinking about the Paleolithic epoch and how it might have shaped the hominid tree. The paleolithic shaped the tree to be sure, but had nothing to do with planting the acorn. The paleolithic diet has been championed best, in my view, by Dr. Loren Cordain’s sustained efforts over the last 30 years. His work […]

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CPC #4: Evolutionary Friend or Foe?

READERS SUMMARY: WHY IS IRON IMPORTANT? HOW DOES IT AFFECT LIFE AT A 30ft LEVEL MICROSCOPICALLY HOW DOES IT AFFECT LIFE AT A 30,000 ft LEVEL IN OUR OCEANS HOW DID EVOLUTION USE IRON TO PROTECT US AND OUR SPECIES? HOW DID A PROTECTIVE EFFECT BECOME A DEADLY DISEASE IN 50 YEARS RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES? IS THIS ALL TIED TO FACTOR X TOO AT SOME LEVEL?   This blog was specifically designed for the people who just experienced my Factor X Webinar unveiling so it may not make total sense to those who did not attend. For those who did attend you now have the context to understand the following “few modern diseases” that just may not be diseases at all because of how an evolutionary bottle neck sped up epigenetics. HEMOCHROMATOSIS: Iron is a element that is vital for life.  In fact, every form of life on this planet uses it to some degree to make sense out of the random chaos of the chemistry of atoms that life orders together to make the beautiful musical composition that is life.  For humans, metabolism requires Iron.  Iron carries oxygen to tissues in our cells but it can paradoxically make […]

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The Leaky Gut Prescription

Well, we have talked about the gut in three other blogs so far. (1) Could It Be the Gut?: An Introduction to the Brain-Gut Axis, (2) Your VAP = Brain Gut Axis Function, and (3) Why Leaky Guts Lead to MS? Click those links or go to my home page under Brain Gut Axis and find each one for a quick review. We have hinted at the leaky gut as a cause of serious human disease in all those posts. Today we get to focus on the “leaky gut” and how we might offer to treat it.

What is a leaky gut syndrome? It is the complex biochemical reactions that occur in the gut appear to be the genesis of where inflammation initially passes in to our body. We need to realize this and avoid eating the things that cause this inflammation. As I have said for close to five years now this means strict avoidance of omega 6’s, all grains and especially wheat of any kind and very limited fructose (fruit or synthetic sources) The gut associated lymphatic tract (GALT) is the first place where our immune systems interact with the outside world. This occurs right below the intestinal brush border and is our first line of defense. It seems to me that evolution has dictated that this is precisely where the battle between health and disease begin in humans and why our immune system is set up ready on that battle front.

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READER’S SUMMARY: 1. Every wonder why we use blankets to sleep? 2. Quick overview of how the hormones of sleep and metabolism are yoked. 3. See how several levees of the quilt are tied together. 4. Why the brain really needs to be understood for optimal health. Today is a quick hitter post for those who are trying to regain leptin sensitivity. I have gotten many PM’s on my Dr. Jack Kruse Facebook page and a ton of requests via twitter (@DrJackKruse) and by email to post a synthesis post on how several levees tie together for metabolism and sleep. I would strongly recommend that you re read the first leptin and sleep blog to review some of the material as a nice primer. Ok, so off we go. 1. Body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain and it also controls leptin status and sensitivity centrally via the hypocretin neurons (HCN). The HCN also help modulate our sleep by keeping the stages in order and working optimally.  Cold temperatures are linked to magnetic effects of oxygen in our blood at night. 2. So you ever wonder why we “like” to wear blankets when we sleep?  Well, the […]

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