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A scanning tunneling microscope image of helical Dirac fermions on the surface of a topological insulator

A scanning tunneling micro image of helical Dirac fermions on the surface of a topological insulator

This week the Nobel Prize for physics for 2016 was given for the discovery of topologic insulators (TI’s).  My long term members will remember that 3 years ago I predicted that this area would get this award and I felt that the key driving the award would be how physicists would continue to find that exotic forms of matter do things that man just does not expect at surfaces.  When I gave the webinar 3 years ago on this topic I said that soon science would prove what goes on the surfaces of things may turn out to be more important than what goes on beneath the surface.  I made the comment because I felt photo-chemistry at surfaces was more important than solution bio-chemistry in cells below.   Topologic insulators (TI) in physics concern itself with the very bizarre properties of matter in extreme states, including superconductors, superfluids and thin magnetic films.

This is “what” the physics of organisms made from to create life.  Life is an exotic state of matter.

I believe that bio-physicists will soon discover that TI’s are buried inside of every base pair of DNA and they act like a superconducting magnetic film for life.  It is on this thin film of nucleic acids that life becomes a perpetual motion machine of subatomic particles that allows life to continue unimpeded, as changes occur in energy in the environment.  In fact, we may even find out space is flat and not a multiverse because of topology.  This makes evolution rapid and complex and not gradual as biology has come to accept.  Topological insulators conduct electricity on their surfaces but do not conduct the current deep inside their cores.  This helps explain why DNA’s surface is highly coiled and coated with histones, chromatin, and methyl groups in its “quiet state” and how it can receive photo-electric instructions to run the epigenetic programming it contains deep within.  What happens on its surface can awaken the code of life buried deep below its double helix which is capable of change because of how Dirac fermions operate.  (see pic above)

Within the heavily condensed and coiled state DNA structure tightly holds atoms, electrons and photons in one “spin state”.  When DNA is uncoiled by electromagnetic signals from our mitochondria on its surface, light is liberated from the double helix and the surface template radically changes its topology” by altering spin states.  Topology is a branch of mathematics focused on the fundamental shapes of things as they change.  In cells, proteins can vary their size and shape based upon the light energy that is added or subtracted to their molecular bonds.  In this way, life can be considered a quantum computer that is working in parallel with a quantum universe that also runs on light.   The messages are information buried in light waves that can be magnetically stored in a thin film using non-linear aspects of light.  DNA is the ultimate topologic insulator or superconductor suspended in a superfluid of EZ water that conducts electrons, protons, and photons in different ways.  This Nobel Prize may soon get biology away from its “solution based ideas” in biochemistry books and push them toward quantum biology which uses a solid-state foundation.  That is what this Nobel Prize means to me in 2016.

Topologic insulators are special semiconductors that cells use to innovate life.  These do not act like silicon wafers made at Intel.  They may even create transient dynamic states where magnetic monopoles become possible in nature because they can emerge and disappear because of how topology can change as the environment changes.  TI’s allow for shapeshifting in living systems using light.  This also means that alien light waves can disrupt our TI’s quite easily.  Examples of topologic processes are superconductivity, spintronics, the quantum Hall effect, and the inverse magnetic Hall spin effect.

DNA is really a magnetic film of light’s instructions to create life. DNA is a master protein that uses the science of topology to innovate solutions using quantum computation.  The spins of electrons/protons are not only manipulated by magnetic fields (mitochondria) but also by electrical fields (proteins side chains) and can be used to collect and store information from electrons or the photons they carry. All magnetic drives use spintronics today to magnetically store data on hard drives.  I believe this week’s announcement of the Noble Prize will usher in the quantum biology paradigm change because it is only a matter of time before bio-physicists begin to understand how DNA does what it does use exotic states of matter in cells at body temperature.  We already know a leaf can do it via photosynthesis and so can a European Robin using a light inclination magnetic compass in its eye.  In my humble opinion, this process works in all animals tissues to create the many species of animals we all observe in the classical world we inhabit.

The key to the understanding of how TI’s operate is how the surface charges of materials changes with respect to incident EMF’s (see above).   The interactions of electrons in a solid or liquid crystal change space in abstract ways. If you look at the picture below you can see odd shape and size changes and this leads to the different thermodynamics of what is possible on the surface.  Many TI’s develop “holes” where electrons are absent and this allows them to act as P-type semiconductors and then there are adjacent regions that are extremely electron rich that can act as an N-type semiconductor. Those positive and negative regions can act like “charges” and can lead to striking effects. For example, an insulating material (phosphorus) can become conductive at its surface when sunlight hits it.  Phosphorus has ten atoms that stick directly out from the surface of DNA when you look at it from an axial view.  See figure C below.  Those ten atoms are surrounded by 447 water molecules to form part of the TI in DNA.  The addition of phosphorus and iodine in the EZ crystalline water networks create a “playground of charges and spins” to control DNA from the surface.

C. Note the ten phosphorus groups sticking out to bind with EZ water as DNA unwinds.

C. Note the ten phosphorus groups sticking out to bind with EZ water as DNA unwinds.

The light’s photons cause interactions among the electrons and the “holes” and this causes different “topologies or maps” of quantum processes to occur on the materials’ surface.  If the surface charge is sustained it can even change the entire bulk of material’s in tissues to do things we would not expect. Most biologists and physicists think the skin and blood of animals are insulators today because of how they study the components of skin in vitro, but it turns out when the proteins are sulfated and placed in sunlight, the interactions are likely quite different than our expectations. This is how TI’s change activities when they are activated.  These tissues are optimized for function in nature and not in a lab under man-made light.  If you look at the structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin you see very similar chemical cages around the metal ion at the center.



When these TI principles now fully accepted in science, it clearly is a signal to biologists that tissues can be enabled and disabled by the environmental electromagnetic signals to loosens things up in tissues so electrons can flow and the material conducts an electric current.  Becker and Burr found these abilities in animals and plants first but really had no way to know about topologic states during their careers because they were not discovered by physics.  I had a sense long ago that Becker was the first person to truly find a biologic TI in bone, and today I know he did.  Now, the physics paradigm has awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery who used math to get there.  Physics concerned itself with math, but math cannot explain nature completely.  It is too bad they did not look at Becker’s work because his experiments were far more impressive than the math work this physicist did.


Why is this weeks’ Nobel announcement a big deal in paradigm change? Physics already knows when we combine topological insulators with a superconductor, which conducts electricity with no resistance, researchers may be able to build a practical quantum computer.  Well, soon both physics and biology are going to realize Mother Nature already did that in our skulls and in our cells.  There is a reason collagen is the most common protein in the entire animal kingdom.  There is a reason all life uses water.  Both reasons linked to the formation of exotic states of matter in things alive.   It is my belief that this is what collagen and water do in the cell,  and they connect directly to the link to two other TI’s, namely DNA and mitochondria to operate the living matrix.

For technology, topological insulators could bring future computing platforms based on “spintronics.” This will change computing from an electronic mode to a photonic mode where light is used to compute.  Using light to compute offers distinct advantages for computation.  Conventional computers use the presence and absence of electric charges to represent ones and zeroes in a binary code needed to carry out computations. Spintronics, however, uses the “spin state” of electrons on surfaces to represent ones and zeros. Since spintronic components would not be based on the movement of charge carriers like electrons, but instead on the transport or manipulation of their spins.  Spins of electrons can be altered by light frequencies.   This would require considerably less energy to process information and transfer energy.  The human neocortex sits on the brain’s surface surrounded by water.  It uses only 20 volts of power.  The human brain is a quantum computer that uses spintronics, photonics, and changes its topology between night and day to do the job of living.  My bet is that people will soon understand that the surface of the human brain uses an exotic state of matter to become capable of doing the things we observe it do.  This week’s announcement makes me hopeful that change is coming to medicine very quickly now.


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  1. Plants “see” light differently than human beings do. They use chlorophyll thatis optimized for blue green frequencies that likely were dominant before the Cambrian explosion when photosynthesis and plants first formed. You can use their ability to bio-hack your own environment, Human light designers made a critical error in 1931 when they decided to base the spectrum of bulbs around what the human eye can see instead of the frequencies it cannot see. With UV and IR light humans are blinded on purpose so they never OBSERVE the quantum effects these frequencies with the EYE CAMERA. This is how the fidelity in the system is maintained. Now, if you’re smart you decide to use those frequencies in your body at a place where you can still assimilate the light but not observe it. This is why the Quantlet was designed around an IMPERFECT black box radiator. Now consider how we measure light quantity for humans today: The obvious way is based on how bright the source appears to the EYE and how “well” the eye sees under the light. Since the human eye is particularly sensitive to yellow light based upon its photoreceptor design, more weight is given to the yellow region of the spectrum and the contributions from blue and red light are largely discounted. In fact, this is the basis for rating the total amount of light emitted by a source in lumens. But how else do humans sense light? HEMOGLOBIN is the answer. What do I think about it? ………So, how does light and cold meet in nature to build quantum coherence in my mind? In blood, hemoglobin’s peak light absorption peaks at 280 mm 420nm 540nm and 580nm and has sharp cutoff at 600 nm. Note where those color spikes are. There is a message here for the bio-hacker, quantum clinician, and public that most do not yet understand. Blood is a magnetohydrodynamic fluid plasma capable of acting as the force carrier of the power in light that we can augment with cold. People do not yet understand that temperture and time are also linked because of the second law of thermodynamics. When people hear the term “let there be light”, they need to realize this announcement to humans was you best pay attention to light and as a result, those who did, gave birth to the field of optics. Those who ignored it stayed on the failth path of religion. They never fully understood the message. We were given the key ingredient for life, but we were not given the recipe of how light, water, and magnetism works in unison to initiate “change without macroscopic change” in our tissues. Light hits proteins to alter its charge photoelectrically in wireless fashion, and this changes the charge in the protein side chains to create both receiver and antenna for environmental native EMF’s. This allows for a quantum evolution capable of inducing a crystalline change in the water around proteins. This is what alters the second law of thermodynamics in life’s favor. All things in life have heat flow to cold. Life, however does the opposite. When life is awake it releases heat, and when it sleeps it drops its temperature to become colder to re-enter the quantum realm from which it evolved. This allows cells to be far from equillibrium and allows them to self organize light energy. Blood plasma has all these parts to make the process work. In 1905, we found the cosmic wand in the “photoelectric effect”. From 1905-1921 mankind initially laughed at Einstein’s ideas. They even hired another scientist to prove Einstein a hoax. That man wound up confirming Einstein’s insight and guess what, they gave him a Nobel in 1923 for providing the experimental proof of Einstein’s insight. Einstein was vindicated by Millikan. Einstein replied, “let all light be quantized”, then photonics was born for mankind. Man did not listen until recently. The Nobel Prize of 2016 is the first evidence they have listened. This is why Time 24 was written. We’ve gone from stone age, to iron age, and now firmly in the electronic age but that age is coming to an end because we are hitting its physical limits with our semiconductive material bottleneck. This might be mankind’s best news asI mentioned in Time 24. Photonics holds huge promise and advantage for mankind because it has unlimited potential because light is able to carry energy and information without being encumbered by mass. It also won’t generate harmful nnEMF if it designed around the eye camera. The Quantlet takes full advantage of all this science that has been done but not coherently connected. The unique ability engineered into the Quantlet, by Rub Sal and myself shrinks circuits, currents, and voltages while increasing communication and signaling transmission speeds while lowering non native EMF emissions.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart for all that you do on this website and on the forum. I commented 9 months ago, asking you for help regarding my allergies, digestive problems and mental state.

    I’m a 22 year old female, former Division I athlete, Ivy League overachiever and have a long history with disordered eating and candida/digestive issues (case of C. Dificil when I was 7 years old).

    I’ve been eating exclusively seafood, butter, farmer’s market produce, high high levels of fermented vegetables and home-brewed kombucha, Thorne’s B Vitamin #12 and Betaine HCL for the past 3 weeks. I’ve done CT the past 3 nights. And I moved across the bridge out of San Francisco a month ago.

    For the first time in maybe 7 years Jack, I feel like myself. It’s an almost eery feeling to feel so vibrant and awake. I’ve always described the feeling I get from people as variations in “life force” and it makes me cry when I think about all the years in college I spent depressed, anxious and unhappy with my body as my life force dwindled.

    Walking down the street, I feel euphoric. It’s almost sensual… I feel like I have an exuberant secret that only I know about and it causes me to smile and laugh and just beam.

    I have a few things I’m still working on i.e. how to combat the EMF that perpetually surrounds me in my downtown SF office building, wearing my blue blocker glasses more, and adding more ice to my CT baths.

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a long time, and I read a lot of comments from people who were older than I am with serious diseases. So I wanted to post this in case someone similar to I (early 20s, “healthy” from the outside, has a stressful screen-facing job) is wondering if your epi-paleo + CT will help pseudo smaller things like social anxiety, EDs, etc.

    Again, thank you so much, Jack. 🙂

  3. Thanks again for another excellent blog Jack – don’t know how you possibly fit this in your busy schedule!! You’re an inspiration to us all.

  4. So Na/K+ currents that are thought to conduct information about action potentials in neurons are transferred along the neuronal surface, so they’re just extrapolating some workings of their own nervous system, nothing special.

  5. Chris Horger says:


    I suspect you are very familiar with Konstanin Meyl research. I have developed a quantum solution using his concepts to develop an anti-coagulant treatment for blood. It works flawlessly. I need someone with your experience to be on my board which would include great compensation. Please email me if you have an interest.

    Chris Horger

  6. Anonymous says:

    What are your views on nano particles? Some studies show it can cause heavy metal toxicity while others say it increases lifespan. Do you think that there are bad types of Nano particles that are artificially made and those that are good are naturally occurring? Some people say morgellons uses Nano particles to create antennae to receive information. Of course that topic is still highly controversial and I hardly believe in chemtrails but how would you get rid of the bad Nano particles and maintain the ones involved with colloidal silver which is an antimicrobial.

    • The higher your cellular redox is the less one has to worry. The lower your redox potential the bigger issue this becomes. People need to understand that redox potential is deeply related to both magnetic and electric field that are linked to the cells present in blood plasma that are proxies for the immune system and the the ferries that carry light from the sun to cells to build the redox potential in cells using light.
      I hope you begin to realize that RBC’s and platelets have no nucleus and can vary naturally between dimagnetic and paramagnetic state while WBC’s do not have this advantage. Magnetic effects are prominent at night and less during the day. So this is why all WBC’s have a very specific circadian regulation tied to night and day and can be seen in a peripheral blood smear done during day and night. During nighttime, in the absence of sunlight allows for a higher magnetic field and more WBC’s in the plasma. the opposite is true during daylight. So when you become “de-gaussed” by UV light, inflammation lowers, and you get normal immune competent system. When you don’t de-gauss or de-magnetize properly (due to anycause like nanoparticles) you get an altered magnetic stimulus locally in those tissues that can lead to many illness of the immune system (like auto-immunity). Just understanding the circadian flow of RBC’s and WBC’s gives us that clue. Most do not know that the cells in our circulation have their own circadian cycle linked to weak magnetic field variation between night and day. This class of immune diseases that can be linked to nano-particles alters both electric and magnetic fields, thusly, they are electromagnetic in nature and not a food related. The idea that ago-immunity can be solved with food is a horrible meme (half truth) that needs to end if we are to reverse theses electric and magnetic field problems. This is why all AI’s are associated with low D3. You only make D3 from UV light. UV light is also fully capable of “de-gaussing” blood to allow it to release oxygen from hemoglobin to mitochondria naturally. This is why venous O2 is higher in people who get sensable solar exposure and this is absent in people with incompetent immune systems for any reason, nano-particles, virus’s, and bacteria, fungi, or toxins.

  7. Nonchalant says:

    “Phosphorus has ten atoms that stick directly out from the surface of DNA when you look at it from an axial view.” Ten atoms arranged in a circle…does this have something to do with the periodic table of the elements?

  8. Audio version of this blog, Time 24:


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