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How does a good question on the forum lead to a better answer to modern disease?



There is no trophy in health without a race…………for a new truth.


With many of you gathering with family this holiday weekend here is my little gift for you.  These two diseases just puzzle and confound many.  In this blog you will see a new way to look at these diseases.


Melasma is one of the most common problems millions of women face and they spend millions of dollars with cosmetics and dermatology consults to try to get rid of the problem.  Melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications.  It is also common in women who go through an early and fast paced menopause.  They also tend to have poor sleep as a stereotype for a deep reason.

If you ask any dermatologist, if they are honest they will tell you it is one of the toughest 3 things they try to treat.  The main reason it is a tough disease is because we are not thinking about the pathway that forms pigmentation in humans correctly using normal environmental signals.  This pathway is tied to many of the blogs I have already written.  The pathways all tie back to the 3 legged stool of life I wrote about in Energy and Epigenetics 4.  These 3 are,  the photoelectric effect, water chemistry, and the electromagnetic force.

Most women who have melasma have a history of taking oral birth control pills or exogenous sources of estrogen.  Oral contraceptives deplete nutrients more than any other class of drugs.  The hormones in these drugs are very strong synthetic chemicals.  Nature ever intended for women to put these synthetic hormones in their mouths or to have them introduced in their gastrointestinal tracts. Once there, they cause alteration of the gut microbiome and this leads to mucosal irritation  and alterations of the local cellular environment that heavily interferes with the absorption of nutrients from foods.  Synthetic estrogens simplify the gut flora.  The changes in quorum sensing lead to the depletion of B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and CoQ10 and most importantly DHEA.  These are all key parts of the Mitochondrial Rx.   When I started to look at the incredible range of nutrients that are depleted by BCP’s many women take on a regular basis, I started to realize that there are a lot of potential health problems that are exacerbated by these issues.  These changes destroy the natural organization we see in a cell.  Melasma is one such gateway disease.  These issues manifest themselves in many ways. A direct lack of absorption of folate or certain B vitamins can result in a deficiency that causes a loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, headaches, and in severe cases, heart palpitations. They are also linked to thyroid disorders.  Advanced deficiency could even lead to autoimmunity, anemia, and cancers.  They all directly affect the redox potential of the gut lining and set the stage for what you learned about in CPC #8 and the Redox Rx.


Some of the nutrient depletions that I worry most about are vitamin B6, BH4, tyrosine, and iodine.  BH4 is part of the methylation pathways for neurotransmitters, like dopamine.  COMT pathways are quite important for those with sleep disorders and low DHEA.  BH4 is needed to synthesize serotonin, dopamine, conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine and language-related function (autism connection).  The A1298C mutation in the MTHFR gene may also impact levels of BH4.

Remember BH4 is a B like a vitamin so exogenous estrogens deplete BH4 too!!!  Vitamin B6 is required for the production of serotonin and melatonin.  Serotonin gets converted to melatonin in the pineal gland, which is why a B6 deficiency may lead to sleep problems.   Simultaneously IL −6 rises in the brain to destroy melatonin and DHEA signaling.  Here the B vitamins of the MTHFR pathways overlap with COMT pathways.  Sleep problems in these women are often diagnosed and treated with Rx drugs, when a B6 supplement may be effective.  Tyrosine is a precursor for the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are involved in a vast array of brain functions, including motivation, stress, cognition, and arousal.  These are all symptoms of women with melasma and Hashimoto’s.  Hashi’s is a tough illness to solve like melasma.  I believe if you give it 18 – 36 months of changing behaviors,  I  think it is beatable.  The problem is few people check their MTHFR, COMT, or B vitamin pathways.  These are all incredibly important in moving electrons and protons around proteins in the MTHFR, COMT, and B vitamin pathways.  This effects the 3 dimension molecular structures of the proteins in these pathways, that directly affect their quantum superpositions.

Quantum superposition is a synonym for the atomic-molecular arrangements in these proteins.  The problem is people hate trying to understand the details that QED requires of us, to understand the complexity of life and wellness.

Studies of birth control pills (BCP’s) users have revealed that the women taking the contraceptives were almost two times as likely to develop depression and sleep disturbances as non-users in Australia.  Most women with chronic low redox potential and Hashi’s will tell you when they awaken,  it almost feels like life is over.  Instead of thinking this way, begin to understand how physics dictates your proteins and your biologic responses.

Think this:   It’s not always about trying to fix something that is broken…..sometimes, it is about starting over and creating something better. That is why failure is so good for those who are ill.  Few of them realize the lessons it is bringing to them because their brain is not working well……..failure moves off your current beliefs to see a new path you might have missed.  This is where the road to healing lies, in most people’s blind spot.

Just because you understand the picture I am painting,  does not mean you will gain a reversal either.  Why?  Even if you’re on the right road to health with new wisdom, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.   You must realize these gateway diseases are tied to what “you allow” to occur in your environment.

Iodine is critical for oxidation protection of PUFA’s utilized by the brain and thyroid, such as DHA. It also appears that iodine is a lot better protector of all lipids in all cells and not just the brain. With iodine deficiency, the body loses the ability to handle ROS optimally, and other organ systems have to offset those losses to protect the cell from more oxidation.   Supplementation is not the answer.

Regarding supplements:  If you make it normally in your body…….you’re not designed to take it. If you do you are likely to cause collateral damage to your cell because the redox potential is off.  When this happens you could make the situation worse.  Replacement of foods that carry the evolutionary package to your cell is the best Rx.  This helps the cell reorganize based on the quantum blueprint already within you.

When this happens the cell is placed in a chronic survival mode, with its functionality severely compromised. A critical problem here is that Iodine is a constituent of the most powerful inhibitors of lipid peroxidation in humans, in concert with the thyroid hormones. These anti-oxidants are so powerful that they exceed the efficacy of vitamin E, glutathione, and vitamin C in humans.   When Hashi’s patients have lowered iodine concentrations it really depletes them of glutathione making thyroid antibody (AB) production much more likely.  This is why TPO Antibodies’s are a great Redox Rx indicator.  When iodine levels are low and estrogen levels high chronically,  demyelination of the CNS is usually not far behind.  Devic’s syndrome is a classic example seen in Asian women.  These diseases are all cousins of Hashimoto’s and melasma.  Devic syndrome is closely related to the disease that astronauts get while they are in space. <<<<READ THIS.   Today Hashimoto’s and melasma represent two diseases becoming far more common on Earth because the mechanism giving it to you is also alien to our biology.  The environment you live in today is stealing electrons from these tissues chronically.

In fact, it appears the real reason vitamin C may have lost its role in humans, as a powerful antioxidant protector in cells, is because it is not strong enough to protect AA and DHA in human brain tissue nor the thyroid, particularly at the synapse of neurons.  I mentioned this in the brain-gut series many times before.  It seems that breadcrumb went undiscovered.


I’ll give you an example of someone with a spine problem I saw a few years ago……. a total spine fusion skeptic who also had melasma and Hashimoto’s with horrendous case degenerative disc disease. I told the person if they gave me 12 months of transformational behavior,  I might be able to help them from having a cervical fusion on their neck. That got her smiling and thinking differently.   After going over all her history,  I realized casein in dairy products were setting her immune system off;  it was specifically the tyrosine in the casein that what was setting off her immune system.  I suspected she had a COMT defect causing her sleep/ psychiatric defect.  When you have a homozygous COMT defect like +/+ Met/Met you have to consider this carefully.  When this defect is present and it is epigenetically expressed you must avoid tyrosine-laden foods.  I actually talked about this case at Paleo Fx in 2011.  None of them got it.

Her history revealed a constant accrual of food intolerances as time elapsed to new substances.  Most of her “alternative paleo practitioner’s” from the west coast kept giving her an Rx for an elimination diet.   This is much like many paleo practitioners tell people with Hashi’s to do with iodine and seafood.   I know this because many of them send me emails about what they were told in Skype consults from prominent paleo practitioners.  When you understand how the immune system is activated by the AI induction hypothesis (LING) and how it ties directly to water, K+, iodine, and seafood, you should consider telling them something different.

When you suffer from+/+ Met/Met COMT defect this means your proteins will handle charged particles in your proteins differently than other people without the defect.  This defect in COMT tells the clinician that the pathways that catabolize dopamine and norepinephrine are not fully functional, and as a result, the patient exhibits higher levels of both neurotransmitters resulting in increased anxiety, mental slowness, and in extreme cases, psychosis.  The flip side of this COMT defect is the  -/-  Val/Val.   When you have this defect your COMT pathway works too well, and it catabolizes dopamine and norepinephrine rapidly, resulting in very low levels in synapses.   People with this COMT defect will greatly benefit from eating foods high in tyrosine but low in carbohydrates.  Avocados are the ideal food here.  When either one of these defects is associated with dehydration the defects tend to manifest more severely.  This is why high non-native EMF environments are devastating in patients with MTHFR issues with either one of these defects.  It makes knowing this information important for the patient and the clinician.  Few people who treat these condition or who have melasma or Hashimoto’s know this information.  Even fewer people with degenerative disc disease know this information.


When you are missing electrons or missing the potential energy bound to your protons in water hydration shells that surround these proteins what do you think happens chronically to these ladies?  The answer:  their immune system seeks out new food substances to make antibodies to, then attacks the self similar proteins in the affected tissues via molecular mimicry mechanisms.  The end result is the common denominator of protein transformation but the epigenetic trigger event is what is different.  This makes their diseases presentations very random.  This is why clinicians are easily perplexed in these patients.

The small minded idea is to just avoid the foods;  a better clinical suggestion is to check the MTHFR pathways.  Few recommend this course of action.  Can you overcome the MTFHR defects if you build a strong redox potential and limit non native EMF?  Yes you can, but few every get told this because few people know this.  I mentioned it in the podcast I did with Tim Jackson last year.  The right clinical play is to restore the redox potential by improving things that improve the control of electrons and protons to be delivered to the proteins in our cells.  I talk about this in Brain Gut 1 and in this thread on my forum.

Tyrosine is the body’s signaling molecule for tissue and protein creation via the ubiquination pathways.  When proteins are replaced too fast or too slow,  you will also see major sleep problems in these patients.  Sleep is when autophagy occurs in us.  This is why the COMT defects are critical to know about in these people.   Proteins are turned over in our body by these pathways.  If the protein is not optimally energized by electrons or protons it gets marked for replacement in this system.  This occurs during a process called micro-autophagy.  You learned a little about them in CPC#8 and some of the recent webinar’s (February- June 2014).

The amino acid tyrosine is a precursor for thyroid hormones, DHEA,  and dopamine synthesis.  An enzyme activated during chronic bacterial infection (think altered quorum sensing in the gut due to synthetic estrogens)  can deplete tyrosine levels, which is why there is an association between low thyroid function, DHEA,  and chronic sinus infections.  It also lowers iodine and lithium levels.  This is why Hashimoto’s can be a gateway disease to many other diseases like PCOS,  Multiple Sclerosis, Devic’s syndrome, or anxiety/depression too.

These protein ubiquination pathways use way more energy from your cells than any other pathway.  I have already told you when you when you eat carbohydrates consistently out of season, you diminish your methylation ability.  This is how it happens.  We covered this in detail in EMF 4.  So when you mark proteins for replacement with AB’s created by an altered immune system,  what is the real problem?  Is it the AB’s production or the protein turnover?

The ANSWER: It is the protein turnover because it costs you huge amounts of electrons and protons.  These energenic particles are stolen from the immune system and the brain first.  Why?  The MHC1 gene was the linkage we spoke about in the Energy and Epigenetics 7 series early on.  These were the last two evolved systems, so when energy is depleted for any reason at all,  the result is felt first in these two systems.  We steal our electrons from Peter to pay Paul.  We go to our most complex systems, where electrons are always abundant and “borrow” some to cover the deficit.  After a while, the electron borrowing becomes a new disease.

So if you got a case of Hashi’s with tyrosine issues……..you must realize casein contains large quantities of tyrosine on a %, so this is why consuming dairy products was probably increasing their immune organs’ propensity for creating antibodies. AB’s are a function of this connection from the gut absorption. Casein’s tyrosine levels are tied to the amount of dairy that is A1 vs A2 types.  You can read “Devil’s in the Milk” by Keith Woodford on the subject of A1 vs. A2 milk and the casein tyrosine loads.  These casein proteins also cross react with BCM7 and and act as an apomorphine in the CNS to destroy signaling further.  This is why so many obese Hashi’s ladies have trouble losing weight. Obesity is also an electron depletion syndrome.  Think EMF 2.   When you have pain, chronic use of opiates also make you gain weight for the same reason.  Chronic pain is an electron depletion state too!!   Hyperlink.   You want to try to find A2 milk but it is hard to find world wide.  Hashi’s folks need to be mindful of casein loads once the disease is entrenched.  The nutrients that help metabolize them are all awry by the time diagnosis is made.  The redox potential in all disease is tied to water chemistry.  This is where ladies with melasma and Hashi’s need to put their focus.

This disease is very interesting to me,  because Hashi’s patients always have unique features to their condition;  but all of them are buried in how TH1 and TH2 proteins are activated and/or deactivated by electrons and protons from their local environment in the gut and thyroid and HPA axis that the women are forced to live in in our modern world.  Think about how SHBG was activated/deactivated in the CPC# 8 blog.  I talked about this in the recent webinar’s and Q & A’s in detail.  It is the same molecular gymnastics at play.  Hashi’s, in my mind,  is the ultimate non native EMF challenge for the clinician and patient and that is why few solve it.  Enough about Hashi’s……let’s talk about melasma.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE:  The B vitamin link:

Niacin is a B vitamin;  vitamin B3 has been shown to be quite helpful in melasma.  The positive effects of niacin in clinical trials on melasma pull back the veil on something biochemists and physicians might have missed about this condition.  Niacin use simulates ketosis and NAD+ at cytochrome 1.  It turns out, in cold,  ketosis and low light levels are all linked normally in the environment.  This tells us melasma, at its core melasma is a circadian mismatch and not a true disease state.  What links them all together is an altered alpha MSH,  altered estrogen, and abnormal progesterone levels in cold environments.  Melasma is a disease caused by a circadian mismatch that leads to a low redox potential in tissues derived from neuroectoderm.  Neuroectoderm tissues are the brain, skin (melanocytes), and parafollicular cells of the thyroid gland.

The best option for treating melasma is avoiding carbohydrates, rehydrating the insides of your cells and using a high fat diet to reverse the hormone signaling.  The short answer?  Improve your redox potential in your skin!!!  Your goal is to alter alpha MSH signaling in your brain  and lower your estrogens by changing your environment to read the signals correctly.

An increase above normal level of alpha MSH will cause a darkening of the skin. Lower levels of ACTH will also cause darkening of the skin.  Melanocyte-stimulating hormone increases normally in humans during pregnancy.  In pregnancy, progesterone rises dramatically as does water retention.  Pregnancy also increased estrogens,  and its causes increased pigmentation in pregnant women. Cushing’s syndrome due to excess adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) may also result in hyperpigmentation, such as acanthosis nigricans in the axilla and melasma in the skin of women. Most people with primary Addison’s disease (low ACTH) also have darkening (hyperpigmentation) of the skin, including areas not exposed to the sun; characteristic sites are skin creases (e.g. of the hands), nipples, vulva, scrotum,  and the inside of the cheek on the buccal mucosa.   New scars also become hyperpigmented when cortisol levels are altered.  Older scars before the ACTH or cortisol alterations do not darken.  People with metabolic syndrome also get diabetic dermapathy.  This occurs because melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) share the same precursor molecule, Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC).  Here you can see melasma is tied to altered cortisol cycling and excessive estrogens.  These two things are linked directly to the 3 legged stool.

In the EMF 4 blog post,  I told you that vitamin B3, niacin, simulates a ketogenic diet.  Niacin is a very unusual vitamin. Niacin is a methyl acceptor in most biochemical reactions.  At a low dose of 2 grams a day,  niacin acts like a drug, not a vitamin.   This implies that niacin can also alter its function depending upon the environment it is used within.  Its career began with Abraham Hoffer, back in the 1950s on psychiatric wards.  Hoffer tried massive doses of niacin on schizophrenic patients. The idea was to see if they had a poor response to “normal” doses of B3 which could be overcome by excessive doses.   Ironically, it worked very well back in the 1950’s.  Even today, people are linking the redox potential to problems in schizophrenia but they are not connecting the dots why it no longer works,  as I am here.   It also pulls back the veil on why ketosis has a powerful effect on tertiary and quaternary protein folding in the maturing brain.  Schizophrenia is a disease of young males 18-25 years who’s brains are not fully myelinated.

Niacin works best when the redox state is higher not lower.  In Hoffer patient’s back in the 1950’s he got good results from this action.  today, if his idea was re done in the same patients I would predict they would have a bad result because of the excessive non native EMF force in our ionopshere.  If you have the COMT defect you really will struggle;  in cases like this will not do well and you will flush badly on niacin.

In Hoffer’s case,  he was laughed at by my profession,  because most researchers and clinicians had no idea what the redox state was in these patients.  Niacin helps decrease the oxidative load placed upon mitochondria to make all these new proteins in the brain.  It saves the brain energy and increase water binding sites on proteins.  This means it is a thermodynamic solution to a poor energy state.  We can see all these effects on diffusion weighted MRI’s and fMRI studies today.  I have a blog on that coming down the pike on this.

I have said repeatedly on the blog that ketosis is coupled metabolically to the circadian signaling of light and the magnetic field.  If you are a woman with melasma it is a big sign you have a poor redox potential in your skin because the three things involved mentioned above.  This means  your circadian signaling are all off in you in a big way.  The way to find it is reviewing the Vitamin D and A cycle in your body that I spoke about in the pseudotumor cerebri blog.  This is why this problem is so difficult to treat for doctors.  You have to perform a circadian reset to make a dent in this situation yourself.  The doctor is powerless in changing your environment, but you can.  Remember that your mitochondria sense these variables minute to minute daily.  The “change programs in mitochondrial” (autophagy and apoptosis) can adapt to them well,  if the redox potential remains high.  This is why I believe both disease can be reversed.   Doctors can not change your environment, however,  but they should be able to evaluate you for a circadian mismatch.

So how does niacin work in melasma?  Niacin is a significant antioxidant and anti inflammatory for anything derived from the neuroectoderm.  This means it should work wonders in skin and brain diseases.  Niacin stimulates the production of NAD+ in mitochondria.  Niacin uses a special receptor to work.    Just like SHBG and lysyl oxidase, its precise molecular structure has not been fully elucidated because the receptor changes its molecular arrangement based upon the redox potential present.  Moreover, this receptor uses beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) as a ligand to act.  Niacin will not work ideally if one is dehydrated within the cell or if you have a COMT defect.

In fact, if you are dehydrated and have the COMT defects, you will likely suffer from niacin’s famous red flushing more vigorously.  Avocado’s within a ketogenic template are especially helpful to those with a COMT defect when they use niacin.  Niacin is a special vitamin that has a direct effect on lipid metabolism.   BHB a ketone body that is naturally made by our liver in times of starvation.  This also happens when we restrict carbohydrate. Our gut flora becomes more complex when we do this too, and it helps make more electrons for us to reverse the disease.  This is all designed to happen naturally in winter when carbohydrates are not normally in the growing season making them unavailable without man’s modern  interventions.

We can also see the effect when we use coconut oil as part of our diet.   Coconut oil is largely made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which will also produce extensive ketones even when carbohydrate is present in the diet.  MCT are hydrolyzed in the gut’s wall to free fatty acids which then enter the portal vein  for a direct trip to the liver.   In the liver, they are rapidly oxidized and converted to ketones which raise NAD+ levels at cytochrome 1.   Glucagon is a key metabolic signal within ketosis that stimulates autophagy,  as you will find out, as the series rolls on.  Autophagy runs the ubiquitination pathways in your body,  to clear away misfolded proteins and bad mitochondria.  In melasma and Hashimoto’s these things no longer work well in you.  This is why problems arise.  Your change programs in your mitochondria are altered.

So how does coconut oil help?  MCT don’t get in to chylomicrons like regular short or long chain fatty acids do.  This helps explain why MCT do not raise VLDL particle numbers when we test for them.  High fat low carbohydrate diets naturally produce ketone bodies regardless of season if a human employs the diet.  They also have the ability to elevate HDL cholesterol levels too.   Niacin has the very same ability as well.


THE GEEK SECTION:    All women who have melasma have a huge issues with water chemistry at some level.  Most patients are all dehydrated inside their cells, and the number one reason is due to excessive non native EMF.  Some will have the COMT defect but this is not the bulk of patients.  The astute clinician must consider this option in a patient with a good BUN/creat ratio.  Because of this unique circumstance,  they also tend to have high estrogen levels and very low progesterone levels.  They also have abysmal DHEA levels, high IL 6 levels and poor sleep.  They also tend to eat more carbohydrates out of season steepening the effect.  These clinical facts all work in concert to create an altered field in their cells to produce hyperpigmentation by over expression of melanin from melanocytes.   The hyper-pigmentation is linked to altered calcium and magnesium regulation in their skin cells. Taking more calcium or magnesium do nothing for the intracellular voltage channels in their cells to help their skin color.

Using calcium channel blockers might help, but rarely do dermatolgist even know about this possibility,  because they do not understand how the 3 legged stool is behind melasma cases. Altering your native environmental EMF is the smartest first move you can make,  if you have this disease.  Checking your 23andme levels  for COMT defect is a good next step.

Why is calcium linked to this condition?   Calcium is released from skin cells when excessive levels of EMF are present.  There is a big thread at the forum making all these linkages for you.   This has already been proved by ion cyclotron resonance experiments in mentioned in EE4.  This is a physics phenomenon related to the movement of ions in a magnetic field.  In today’s modern world,  the Earth’s magnetic field is no longer in its native state.

Today, we live on an alien exoplanet compared to the one we evolved upon.  This is how ladies on modern Earth get diseases that simulate the effects of non native EMF and micro gravity that astronauts get.  <<<<<Read this.

There is “excessive energies in the ionosphere”,  and this alters the interactions between water and proteins by altering how they can or can not use electrons and protons.   When one is dehydrated,  and eating carbohydrates consistently out of their photoelectric growing time, it creates a huge problem at cytochrome one in the mitochondria.  What is that problem?

It affects the NAD+ ratio’s found in these women’s mitochondria directly.  This no longer becomes a food story or hormone story, it is an electrostatic charge story of the skin’s mitochondria.   This is precisely why dermatologist are perplexed by this condition.  They do not understand how physics underlies all these changes.  This really is a problem involving the Second Law of Thermodynamics at its core.

In my opinion, all foundational sciences should be a quest for the most intimate understanding of nature. It is not to represent any industry set up by man,  for the purpose of validating existing theories and indoctrinating students in the correct ideologies.

Dermatology uses Big Pharma Rx’s , to try to solve this thermodynamic problem.  This is my definition of insanity.  This is why I find it ironic that we allow either of these people to continue to make recommendations about our sun exposure.  Big Pharma is more interesting in making customers,  and not cures.  Dermatologist’s should begin to realize how ludicrous it is to think something fundamentally natural in our sky for 4.4 billion years,  is now somehow killing us now.  It is one of the ‘givens’ in nature’s thermodynamic equation for life.

The changes to our redox potential, occur because the excessive energies in our ionosphere, however is “the big issue” everyone is missing.  Any basic engineering student will tell you this.  My son is in his third year of of his engineering degree,  and he gets this implicitly.  He still can not believe that biologists do not understand this simple thermodynamic issue.  Well you all know they don’t, if you been a doctor and have either one of these diseases.  This is why they invented sun screen!  When you use sunscreen you take away the early warning detection system built into to proteins…….called sunburn.  Ironically, this is why melanoma has a higher incidence and prevalence in those who use sunscreen!  It allows you to stay in the sun longer so the electromagnetic power of the sun can further alter these new proteins to create new problems.

It should be these enigmas, the mysteries, and paradoxes that take hold of the biologists imagination, leading it on the most exquisite dance where the quantum world makes sense of biology.

When you understand the essence of this blog, you begin to realize why biochemists are clueless.  They all believe biochemistry has to depend upon equilibrium.  It turns out classical equilibrium constants are quite irrelevant in biology.  The only time life is at equilibrium is when it dies,  in rigor mortis.  Life is designed to me metastable to react to all events in the environment. Life stores energy and information in its proteins that make up tissues using quantum actions.   When you understand this fundamental process, you begin to see how useful work can be done by molecules in proteins by a direct transfer of stored energy in electrons and protons.  

These particles must be captured and held in place or controlled to access this potential energy and information.  When these particles are captured in proteins,  their energy is stored.  The thermalized energy the sun brings to us cannot be converted directly into stored energy so it is deposited in water for later use.  Water is life’s battery.  That is how biology uses the Second Law of thermodynamics in a nutshell folks.

Sunlight is all about physics.  It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is completely behind out evolution.  It is a constant in the system of biology.  What is not a constant is the variables related to proteins, electrons, and protons.  I believe to make solid recommendations you need to know a little bit more than the association of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum with water and the magnetic field.   I also believe this is why melasma is not well treated in dermatology today.  The same holds true for Hashimoto’s disease.  The key trigger is not well understood and neither are the mechanisms that follow.

They are all linked to protein chemistry changes and the interaction of their water hydration shells ability to deliver electrons and protons to the protein side chains.  It is not a methylation defect SNP story, as most believe.  Having the SNP’s just increases the severity of the disease response.  And if you think think taking supplements in this situation is correct, nothing could be further from the truth.  This is akin to using sunscreen.  It is the excessive non native EMF that causes these proteins to alter to cause new proteins to emerge with new physiologic functions.  This is why autoimmunity is exploding in today’s modern world.   Most alternative medical professionals do not appreciate how the ubiquination pathways and micro-autophagy work with non native electromagnetic forces.  If they did,  supplementation would be the last thing they would espouse.

The decoupling of the photoelectric effect from foods and environment are why we develop the problems we see today.  We remain unaware what couples all these environmental links back to the 3 legged stool that varies by season.   Food is the signal that links the photoelectric effect to the magnetic field that ions are in and this directly impacts the level of alpha MSH in the brain.  Whatever the frequency of the electromagnetic field strength is, strongly dictates how biochemistry reactions will be altered in us,  for the better or the worse.

Today’s CPC is another big clue that ties many blogs and levees of the Quilt together. It shows you how “scales” of things work up and down in biochemistry and in quantum world simultaneously:   Oxidative stress makes calcium go from endoplasmic reticulum/Golgi appartus to mitochondria, where it directly inhibits complex 1 function.  It also alters tertiary and quaternary protein folding in proteins  made in the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus.  This is a post transcriptional event.  This means our nucleic acids CAN’T BE THE REASON DISEASE HAPPENS!!!  WHY?  Because it happens after the protein is made.

This means non native EMF acts directly at cytochrome 1 to cause a metabolic shift.  This is an reactive effect that causes a molecular change in these proteins which changes how they can function.  A metabolic shift is a synonym for a phase transition.  As such we should expect to see more NADH and less NAD+ is present in these patients. This is why these patients are so sensitive to foods like carbs which make NADH in excess.  They crave what is killing them because they feel they need the carbs to replenish poor ATP stores quickly.  This gradient is even steeper in those with MTHFR SNP’s.

The antidote is ketosis,  and in the beginning it won’t make you feel great,  because of the metabolic shift that occurred in the proteins of cytochrome one.  It has to be altered by our mitochondrial change programs!!!  That shift happens because the proteins in mitochondria have changed to try to down regulate ROS from carbohydrates to protect the host.  With time, however,  you will remove those defective mitochondria and you can slowly reverse the process using autophagy in mitochondria.  Autophagy, if regulated properly, ensures the synthesis, degradation and recycling of cellular components, like the mitochondria in the example above.  When the redox potential is poor chronically, as it is in the context of disease, autophagy has been seen as an adaptive response to survival.

Autophagy has its own levee in the Quilt.   Autophagy promotes life,  rather than death.  When you have melasma or Hashimoto’s you are closer to death than to life.  Recent discoveries have shown that almost every genetic, dietary, and pharmacologic manipulation proven to extend lifespan activates autophagy as part of its mechanism of action.  Autophagy is broken in these diseases.  Apoptosis occurs more.  Autophagy and apoptosis are both programmed “change responses” in mitochondria and has several sub-pathways of controls.  Unlike autophagy, apoptosis only deals with cell suicide and death.  What determines which program is selected?  The redox state of the cell.  BOOM.

If the redox potential is chronically low or faces a severe sudden drop,  in these cases it appears to promote cell death and morbidity. Prolonged autophagy activation leads to a high turnover rate of proteins and different organelles.  Autophagy is a protein degradation system used to maintain protein homeostasis.  It has been found that inhibition of autophagy often leads to apoptosis or cell suicide.  In tissues with low amounts of mitochondria, like a beta cells, this causes diabetes.  In the brain or heart, which have large numbers of mitochondria we see slowly eroding function called organ failure.  This is what happens in neuro-degenerative diseases and heart failure.  Recent studies reveal that defects in autophagic degradation selective for mitochondria (mitophagy) are associated with neurodegenerative diseases, highlighting the physiological relevance to the organization cellular functions within the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Another link to the second law of thermodynamics and the mass equivalence relationship of physics,  I spoke about in EMF 2, is that mitochondrial shape defines different types of autophagy a cell undergoes.  Remember in EMF 2  when I told you we get fatter, when we lose energy?   When a mitochondria loses energy it also gets larger in volume.  This is also what happens in a star in any galaxy.  This shows you how the laws of physics are conserved from the largest objects in nature,  to the smallest in your cells.  This enlargement or volume change is transmitted to the collagen cytoarchitecture of your cell because it is a phase transition and alters collagen’s piezo-electric ability.  This causes cellular stress due to a rise in cortisol.  Cortisol steals electrons from collagen and un zips its triple helix.  The cell then increases its volume.  This affects your cells tensegrity.  This information is also transmitted to the hydration shell around the collagen’s triple helix and affect the EZ of water.  This highlighting the interplay between morphology of the organelle and complex cellular responses.

Consider this abstract from here: hyperlink 


“In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, mitochondrial morphology changes when cells are shifted between nonfermentative and fermentative carbon sources. Here, we show that cells of S. cerevisiae grown in different glucose concentrations display different mitochondrial morphologies. The morphology of mitochondria in the cells growing in 0.5% glucose was similar to that of mitochondria in respiring cells. However, the mitochondria of cells growing in higher glucose concentrations (2% and 4%) became fragmented after growth in these media, due to the production of acetic acid; however, the fragmentation was not due to intracellular acidification. From a screen of mutants involved in sensing and utilizing nutrients, cells lacking TOR1 had reduced mitochondrial fragmentation, and autophagy was found to be essential for this reduction. Mitochondrial fragmentation in cells grown in high glucose was reversible by transferring them into conditioned medium from a culture grown on 0.5% glucose. Similarly, the chronological lifespan of cells grown in high glucose medium was reduced, and this phenotype could be reversed when cells were transferred to low glucose conditioned medium. These data indicate that chronological lifespan seems correlated with mitochondrial morphology of yeast cells and that both phenotypes can be influenced by factors from conditioned medium of cultures grown in”

If you are following the Quilt you should be visualizing major things going off in your head now…………

Autophagy only happens during sleep

Autophagy only happens during sleep.  Re Read CT 7!!!!   This is why sleep is regenerative and based around the DC current in the brain and in the peripheral nervous system.  Remember, ketosis makes a ton of NAD+ (so does niacin),  and it is why ketosis is the antidote to non native EMF and not a diet consisting of carbohydrates 24/7.   Think  EMF4 blog post, if you are following this all.  Non native EMF increases energy in the native environment and this requires a change in the fuel source to alter the tissues ability to revert to a new phase transition back so it can work properly as designed.  When the field of action is altered,  you must also realize you have to alter the other variables in the equation.  Your doc can’t live your life for you!!!!

This is what an engineer does when he designs a new machine.  They look at the problem, and then define the given variables in the system.  They know the effect they wants to achieve,  so they design “the machine” using the variables they can alter, and does not focus in one the ones they can not alter.  Life organized around these principles as well.  This is what the three legged stool in Energy and Epigenetics 4 were all about.

RADICAL IDEA ALERT:  All of this leads to an inconvenient truth. When you really understand the core of this blog you begin to  realize that basic idea that electronic induction changes how biochemistry can operate because the new proteins formed by altered protein folding all have emergent properties.   Folks, this is quantum evolution.  Darwin’s ideas have been upgraded.    Some will drive the forward progress in evolution as they continue to act with the electromagnetic force over time, and others will cause neolithic disease under direction of the very same electromagnetic forces around the properties in these emergent proteins.  This is how evolution works.   It is not a RNA/DNA level event as we believe today.

This idea is foundational to all life on this planet and it also belies why many proteins are conserved across many species because they have sensitive and special quantum abilities to capture the information and energy in electrons and protons.  The electromagnetic force that is released by a star back into space controls all these charged particles and bonds all atoms everywhere in the known universe.  Light is the glue for all forms and phases of matter on our planet or anywhere else.  These physical facts underlie all biologic function everywhere on this planet.  Moreover, when you see this quantum mechanism,  you begin to realize where evolution likely came from.

It is a physical process, based in the quantum world of action,  of how the electromagnetic force controls charged particles on proteins.   Everything in quantum theory tells us that molecules never stand still, and proteins are no exception to this rule.  It is already well-known that molecules with the same intrinsic frequency of vibration not only resonate over long distances, but they also undergo coherent excitation.  Life is designed to be filled with energy and information at all times,  to obtain optical coherence in our protein/water lattice.  The only time it is not true is when life if dead.  Under these circumstances our tissues can also attract one another over long distances when the system is functioning as designed.

How would “coherent optical excitations” make the system sensitive to specific weak environmental signals from sunlight or the Earth’s magnetic field?  Such a “weak signal” will only be received by the system only when the system is ‘in tune.‘  Being in tune is a euphamism for metastability, and having all the water/collagen semiconductors in your body “sticky” to catch electrons and photons well.  The native magnetic field is what makes you sticky in case you were wondering!!!  Another way to say it?  This means the cell has to be filled with electrons, protons, and water around proteins to read and react to the environmental cues.  This is how your redox potential is created.  Today, the weak signals of the native electromagnetic spectrum can not be sensed, because of our modern behaviors and beliefs.  You are “out of tune” in a big way.  Moreover, when it is not able to sense the native cues, cell signaling declines,  and disease comes from no where.  This brings us right back to why Hashimoto’s and melasma have exploded in 60 years.

This allows the rules of quantum engagement to create emergent new proteins in us, when these things go awry.   Some of these proteins will be able to drive further evolution (why some people now are immune to HIV in Africa) while others result in new diseases that show up out of thin air like prion diseases or autism/cancer/AD/T2D/obesity.  Connecting any dots yet?  Today’s diseases are tomorrow’s future cures,  or evolution in action.

The modern world can’t see the obvious health solution because they can’t see the real problem, literally or figuratively. What one should do when one sees a situation we do not like is to change it. If we perceive that we can not change it,  then we must begin to perceive it in a new way to solve it.

In the disease state, the power of the electromagnetic force will continue to exert its force on the disease and either result in extinction of the protein or form a new emergent protein that allows for a way out of the disease state.  This is precisely how hemochromotosis and cystic fibrosis evolved in humans.  In this way,  you begin to realize how diseases can be the an evolutionary foe initially, but as time elapses and the electromagnetic force continues to work to change the proteins further to an evolutionary friend.   With time, under the direction of the electromagnetic force they will be extinguished or they will lead to a new solution for the species.  In this way diseases of yesteryear could be an evolutionary friend or foe.  When you also realize that all humans inherit their mitochondrial DNA from their mother’s,  it becomes no surprise how this metabolic shift in mitochondria has speed up evolution from the K-T event;  as such,  it has speed up the changes in mitochondrial proteins that make up our cytochrome proteins.   In this way, a child can be born already with this liability,  into a world filled with non native EMF all round it.  These physical forces will induce further epigenetic changes in proteins,  leading to the explosion of new disease for which we seem to have no answers for.  This is where all of today’s neolithic disease begin.  Many of yesterdays diseases become tomorrows solutions or extinctions under the physical laws of nature.  Evolution is a physical process of nature, not a biologic one.  Controversial, huh?  Good.  Because when something is fundamentally wrong,  you must change the way you look at the process.


When calcium efflux from cells occurs it also activates TCA cycle dehydrogenases in concert, which also means more NADH is generated and less NAD+ is made.   Now recall that NAD+ activates the sirtuin pathways, specifically Sirt3, which regulates mitochondrial superoxide dismutase. When this happens,  too little NAD+ chronically means lower MnSOD activity and too much superoxide is made. This increase ROS big time to cause major cellular damage everywhere. When it is made in small pulses, this helps us signal cellular energy balance well.  When it it is excessive things go awry and gateway disease result.  This is the circle of destruction our mitochondria face when you marry excessive non native EMF and 24/7 carbohydrates in your diet.

When you understand the linkage of NAD+ and sirtuin activation how does this link of the environment of mammals? The short answer is the hormone Irisin. I mentioned it in the Cold Thermogenesis series but no one paid much attention to that breadcrumb. Read the Nature paper from 2012 on how they found it (last cite). It is the hormone of how muscle talks to WAT.  Why would a ancestral human need that when there were no Gold’s Gym’s 1 million years ago? The irisin story is not an exercise story it is a CT story.  Irisin is the hormone coupled to cold environmental temps for shivering thermogenesis. What would fuel it? Proton uncoupling from FFA coming from white fat cells heading to newly transformed BAT to burn the fat to stave off hypothermia. When it is cold is the light cycle long or short? Short. This means no photoelectric effect to grow carbs.  Irisin = ketosis. This is why they are linked by Lady Evolution.  The key issue for mitochondrial efficiency and capacity then becomes Ling and Pollack’s idea of how the proton force would move in cold in water. It’s the exclusion zone (EZ) from  the radiant energy of proton uncoupling that accomplishes this task.   This is really why mammals are warm blooded.

These cycles are deeply coupled in life using biochemical reactions tied to quantum effects of subatomic particles. How is this all mediated? UCP. Remember that from the early leptin blogs? What are UCP co factors? Leptin and T3.  Maybe you begin to see why my CT protocol works for diabetes and non native EMF,  and why people do not see the world as I have for a decade now. Cold ketosis and hydration are all linked by nature’s electromagnetic spectrum, by way of our proteins.

The proof is in how muscle fat and mitochondria work in that environment, via Irisin.  None of this can happen in a women with melasma or Hashimoto’s.  These are two gateway diseases today, that may lead to a solution if they continue to be changed under the direction of the electromagnetic forces on this planet today.  What happened in paleolithic times is immaterial, and now more of an ongoing fantasy for a group of modern humans, who continue to continue to tinker with technology while thinking their food will solve all their problems.  BULLOCKS.  It is a step in the right direction, but it will never do what this blog is showing is possible.

I believe I have better ideas based upon real evolutionary design.  Ladies with Hashimoto’s and melasma have mitochondria in different tissues all undergoing the same mechanism.  They are being slowly and steadily changed by the modern electromagnetic force we are exposing ourselves to and this leads to a steadily broken down mitochondrial stem cell resevoir.  This is how mitochondria are crippled by modern day circadian mismatches.  This is how change happens in a cell here on Earth, in astronaut in space,   or anywhere else in this universe.  It is based on the physical laws of quantum mechanics that rule the day everywhere.

THE TAKE HOME  All women who have melasma and Hashi’s  have a huge issues with water chemistry somewhere in their quantum being.  They are all dehydrated inside their cells, and the number one reason in our environment today is due to excessive non native EMF, altered B vitamins, and low iodine levels,  or a MTHFR defect.  Because of this they also tend to have high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels due to the way modern humans eat out of season.  No drugs will fix a circadian mismatch even if you have a MTHFR defect.

Supplements:  If you make it…….you’re not designed to take it. You must fix your environment first.

Fat and Protein are gateway drugs for modern day sugar burners to becoming a full fledge PPP mammal…………..you are all learning about the magic of the Quilt now.

People with these issues need to learn how to maximize cold thermogenesis using the Fournier effect and eat a ketogenic diet with a lot of MCT.  This is how one controls for excessive EMF in our native world to reverse a disease.  Using MCT’s topically on the skin would also be a smart move for those with melasma.  The reason dermatologists think sunlight makes melasma worse is because the new melanin in their skin is being further altered by sunlight to new emergent proteins that none of their drugs work on.  Instead of avoiding the sun, and further lowering your vitamin D levels,  change the electromagnetic signal to your mitochondrial proteins you can control,  to alter the movements of electrons and protons to offset the sun’s effect.

There is no greater tragedy than bearing an untold story inside of you. Science reminds us that not all of life’s stories are observable: there are still so many stories to be told.  I just shared one with you, a big one, in fact.  






1.Navarrete-Solís J, Castanedo-Cázares JP, Torres-Álvarez B, Oros-Ovalle C, Fuentes-Ahumada C, González FJ, Martínez-Ramírez JD, Moncada B,”A Double-Blind, Randomized Clinical Trial of Niacinamide 4% versus Hydroquinone 4% in the Treatment of Melasma”








  1. Where can I find the study showing increased depression and sleep disruption with the oral contraceptives? I’ve looked but can’t come across it.

  2. I am a dermatologist (graduated from LSU med school actually, and did residency in DC and currently practice there). I struggle with the way conventional dermatology is practiced. This is something that I’ve been personally working on changing. And you have changed my life (as well as the lives of my future patients). Thank you!

    • @Mamina when did you graduate?

      • Hi Dr. Kruse — I graduated in 2009. Then I did a double residency with internal medicine and dermatology. I’m still a newbie physician, but I’m seriously on a mission to really help change the way dermatology… well, really the field of medicine… is practiced, which you are already amazingly doing. I really want to thank you for the added inspiration, and I actually hope that we can connect some time (like in a collaborative fashion). I will be moving back to New Orleans in a year (or somewhere near there where there is less EMF!). Let me know if you are ever open to having a protege (I’m sort of joking, but i’m also being kind of serious!)

        • Mamina come look me up when you get to NOLA. I need MD starfish…….Most MD’s are too dogmatic. I like connecting with people who think or at least have open minds. I have no time for those who cannot entertain the non conformist view. Conventional wisdom serves to protect others from the painful job of thinking.

        • Below is what is happening on Earth under blue lights and 24/7 microwave.

          What happens when you create an alien environment on Earth? What happens when you are a mammal and go underground and hibernate and miss the sun for 6 months? This is why mammals have so much mitochondrial capacity.


          Might hibernation be an extreme form of hypothyroidism in mammals when they they are in a den without any sunlight? Another epigenetic situation that manifests when we inhabit a bad lit environment?
          Hypothyroidism = low quantum yield……….means your cells cannot sort light energy well and are losing light as a result = Stress response = lack of proper coupling of cycles in cells = all connected to light frequencies as water as its molecular adapter = all cycles must be local states (time9) of perpetual return so chaos or randomness of inflammation does not show up to stop the flow of energy. For when energy stops flowing in either the positive and negative feedback side of a coupled cycle extinction occurs = extinction of energy = heteroplasmy = geometric changes on mitochondria = higher % heteroplasmy = disease = too high % of heterosplasmy = death = equilibrium = life equals keep energy flows coming into an energy store house = water and sunlight = EZ.

          For all intent and purposes life is simple………A collection of small closed spaces full of stored energy constantly fed by an open circuit of electrons = sun in the day = magnetic flux at night = In the day our cells are designed to die little deaths (ROS) and under go little re births (melatonin an dopamine) as we metabolize biochemicals all connected to a water sea fed by sunlight. Life is an exotic flower powered by a water fuse box connect to the sun and Earth

  3. Dr. Kruse,

    I found your article very interesting but also difficult to put together. I have melasma and would really like to cure as I believe it is possible. Do you work with patients?

    I would really like to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Kindest regards,

    Sue Foote

    • Sue you can join the forum and begin to learn and ask questions for this issue. Melasma is a complex skin issue tied to non linear optics and free radicals. It is a circadian mismatch in the skin which releases excessive light from keratocytes of the skin which in turn stimulate the melanosomes to darken. The reason this occurs in my opinion is that melanopsin is operational in skin and fat. This is a prediction I have made for some time. Artificial blue light exposure darkens, freckles, and cause mitosis in melanosomes to lead to darkening diseases like melasma and melanoma. Few dermatologist realize that man made light is behind these diseases and they should at least consider it. Decreasing tyrosinase activity is a great prevention strategy for conditions related to the hyperpigmentation of the skin, such as melasma. Sunlight does this because it is a tyrosine kinase inhibotor. This specific sensitive environment found in your skin and around their mitochondrial membranes is required for the proper release of UV light from skin cells. It also related to the mitochondrial function skin in another way: One cannot make the free radical signal in a hypoxic or pseudohypoxic state. UV light increases oxygen levels (and deuterium in the dead skin to get rid of it) in the skin in the presence of RBC’s When full spectrum sunlight hits out skin blood flow in the skin will rise. In melasma it does not work this way because women are blocking the darkening skin from full spectrum light with their make up and exposing their skin to man made light at night. This means we need a constant source of O2 and UV light to keep oxygen as our terminal electron acceptor in our mitochondria of the skin. If we don’t use oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor on the skin it favors the growth of bacteria in skin that use other atoms than oxygen. When UV light is also absent simultaneously this increases their ability to grow in a woman’s skin even more. UV light is bactericidal. This causes a large increase in the phenol content of skin because these bacteria are growing. Bacterial growth is linked to UV light exposure. The reason bacterial growth is linked to UV light exposure is because they contain amino acids that photosensitizes them to UV light. In fact,they contain substantial amounts of photo-sensitive amino acids compared to our cells. They have a lot of phenylalanine and tyrosine and those two amino acids are relatively rare in eukaryotic skin cell proteins by design. The reason for the bactericidal effect of UV light upon them is because they absorb greater amounts of UV light from cells that are emitting more of this light. It should now make sense to you why tyrosinase activity and darkening of skin are linked. Tyrosinase is an oxidase (enzyme) that is the rate-limiting enzyme for controlling the production of melanin in our skin melanosomes. So decreasing tyrosinase activity darkens the skin. It is mainly involved in two distinct reactions of melanin synthesis; firstly, the hydroxylation of a mono-phenol and secondly, the conversion of an o-diphenol to the corresponding o-quinone. o-Quinone undergoes several reactions to eventually form melanin. All quinones are also strong UV light absorbers. Here is where it gets complicated because of the non linear optics. Normal sun exposed skin has a lot of RBC’s in it. This is why sunburns are pink. Sunlight increases blood flow by 40-60% to our skin surface. Increase blood flow brings more RBC’s to the skin surface. This delivers more RBC’s loaded with catalase and porphyrins to the surface. RBC’s are also associated with higher oxygen content. RBC’s have an enzyme catalase in them at high concentrations. Catalase is a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms exposed to oxygen. For example, animals, plants, vegetables, and most fruits have catalase. These things also have phenols in their surfaces. For example grapes have resveratrol in their skin in response to UV light exposure and human skin is supposed to have a lot of phenolic compounds to absorb UV light. Catalase catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (free radical) to water and oxygen normally. It is a very important enzyme in protecting the cell from oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Likewise, catalase has one of the highest turnover numbers of all enzymes; one catalase molecule can convert approximately 5 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen each second. So it works well when the system is yoked properly to UV light exposure in full spectrum sunlight. UV light increases venous oxygen levels and phenols. This means a lack of UV light exposure cause a pseudohypoxia and a drop in NAD+ in our skin’s mitochondria. This environmental situation alters the amount of ROS and RNS signals in the skin. In women with melasma there is a huge circadian mismatch with respect to UV light and having a massive exposure of their skin to artificial blue light. It is usually the frequencies that these women are missing the most because of their location (latitude), the use of sunblock, or the use of glasses/sunglasses/contacts/fake lens replacement. These things all block UV light from the RPE of the eye. The RPE of the eye drives endocrine function in women (my Vermont 2017 talk on youtube). This also alters the visual cycle for Vitamin A production in the RPE (my reality 22 post on Patreon). Full spectrum sunlight normally increases Vitamin A recycling. Missing UV light exposure in the skin and/or eye decreases Vitamin A in the eye and or skin. UV light also increases Vitamin D3 levels in the skin and cause deuterium to leave arterioles in arterioles irradiated by UVA light and that dueterium is placed into dying keratinocytes on the surface layers of the skin for elimination. The deuterium causes DNA breakdown and as it breaks down it acts as a natural solar sunscreen that is quantized to the light environment your skin senses. When the skin is not getting any UV exposure Vitamin D3 levels also drop as does the sulfation of cholesterol and D3. It turns out UV light exposure through your eye clock (SCN) drives your estrogen and progesterone levels via the central retinal pathways (retinal-SCN-hypothalamic-endocrine pathways). When these frequencies (and IR) are missing during daytime hours women usually have very low estrogen levels and anemia. They are also dehydrated as measured via their BUN/creat levels. This is a sign there is too much deuterium in the matrix of mitochondria in these places in your body. Those hormone pathways are coupled to a women’s ability to make RBC’s in our blood and make an enzyme called catalase. RBC’s are also loaded with hemoglobin that has porphyrins. All porphyrins also absorb all frequencies of UV light. If there is no proper AM light stimulus of UV and IR light anemia with low catalase levels should be expected. If full spectrum sunlight is not delivered to the eye clock and the skin simultaneously and chronically in the AM hours we should expect the skin on women to darken where this occurs. Why? When I see women with melasma I always ask them about sunglasses and contact lens use. Why? Modern eyeglasses (glass/plastic) and most ophthalmic contact lenses are manufactured to block UVA and UVB light. The same is true for cataract lens replacement. These eye changes lowers the amount of UV light to signal her SCN to lower her ability to generate RBC’s, catalase, and porphyrins in her blood plasma that should increase in her skin with AM light exposure. The skin is loaded with arterioles especially in the malar regions of the face. This is where melasma commonly occurs in females. Women compound the issue because they wear make up on this area of their skin which also blocks UV light in the AM but allows the blue light from man made light to enter. Melasma is much more common in women who wear a lot of foundation that block UV light on the face. This is why men rarely get melasma. They don’t wear make up! I have seen it in men who wear makeup or use a lot of facial sunblock. A woman who creates this environment chronically on her facial skin will have little catalase present in her skin. Without AM UV light, phenolic skin compounds drop while the RBC mass drops and this alters free radical signaling. Phenols, quinones and porphyrins all absorb UV light. None are present in melasma skin. Therefore the woman’s skin released more ELF-UV because it is pseudohypoxic. The excess release of light drives melanosomes growth and the skin darkens because RBC’s catalase, phenols, quinones, and porphyrins are missing. This alters your skin thickness while making it more sensitive to any light. Artificial light is not full spectrum sun light and is also missing UV light. This makes the situation worse. Most women with melasma work indoors out of the sun. When your skin is low in catalase, porphyrins, and sees constant levels of artificial light frequencies, you begin to make a lot of ROS, like hydrogen peroxide. When H2O2 is made in large volumes you need to clear it fast using catalase in RBC’s that are not there! Your skin darkens. In women with melasma catalase is not there. H2O2 build up normally and interacts with the phenols in your skin and releases light as a photochemical response. The phenols, quinones, and porphyrins are the proteins that normally absorb these UV light frequencies so the melanosomes never get stimulated to tan. If you don’t believe this is how the reaction occurs google a light glow stick. This photochemical reaction is exactly how a child’s glow stick works at night when you activate it by squeezing the three chemicals together. It uses 3 chemicals to make light. H2O2, a phenol derivative are kept separate and when you break the light stick they mix. The 3rd chemical is a fluorescent dye added in for you to see the the light made when H2O2 and the phenols mix!!!! In a woman with melasma, her melanosomes see the light frequencies and not the porphyrins, phenols, and quinones. Melanosomes are optimized to sense “blue light” frequencies most. UV light is in this part of the spectrum and the skin darkens. The inability to clear the ELF-UV light release from a woman’s keratinocytes is what darkens her skin. Dermatologists are powerless in treating this condition because they do not understand the quantum mechanism. They tell the public that UV light is toxic for the skin or your eye!!!! In reality, a lack of UV light causes this condition. It is also why women who take birth control pills get more melasma. Taking exogenous estrogen while having a serious deficiency of UV light on the skin and eye will lower the endogenous production of estrogen further, and this act’s to lower a woman’s, hematocrit and hemoglobin. Often these women will report dramatic menstrual irregularities. Dermatologist rarely ask about this. They rarely ask about eyeglasses, sun glasses, or contact use. The irony is that when women complain the OB/GYN about the menstrual issues that accompany the endocrine loss of estrogen, what do they do for these women? They prescribe exogenous birth control pills to normalize their cycle. This stops the abnormal bleeding and pains, but makes the skin melasma worse. This is why dermatologist think estrogen and sun light is bad for melasma!!!! If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. This is why melasma is the hardest thing they see in their practices. The quantum truth tells us why they believe it. It turns our exposing the skin and eye to normal full spectrum light is quite helpful. I talk about this process in Ubiquitination 23 on my website. REVIEW: If you cannot clear H2O2 fast enough (catalase job) there will be excess light release from the skin cells (Ketinocytes) to darken the skin in this area. This reaction will liberate light normally. The light liberated by this interaction causes stimulation of the melanosomes in your skin and they darken. Melanosomes are relatively large organelles, measuring up to 500 nm in diameter. Melanasomes are dependent for their pigment on a set of enzymes within the cell (especially tyrosinase) that synthesise the large polymers of melanin. This is why blocking tyrosinase is being carefully studied now. Very complex optics I described here; but the smart move is to get full spectrum AM sunlight on your face and skin. Do not wear make up or glasses until you reverse it. Glass blocks UV. The other thing to do is increase the amount of flavinols in your diet. Curcumin and resveratrol are the ones I talk about a lot. Things with Vitamin K 2 work too. They all have quinone rings in them that also absorb all forms of UV light. I had a friend who I gave this information to and she created an elaborate bio hack using a lot of optical ideas. Her results were quite good without a lot of medicine. She was spending 300 dollars a month on glutathione injections into her skin with the dermatologist for 5 years to control her skin darkening. It never went away and she got really bad splotchy spots doing this. She had this condition since puberty and she made some Epi-paleo Rx dietary changes (DHA with flavinols) and used black lights at her home and office and her melasma went away in 12 months and psoriasis and arthritis went into remission.

      • Resveratrol’s peak wavelength: 312nm which is firmly in the UV range. 311-315 is also the peak ranges used to treat psoriasis.

      • ^^^^^^^^ solid gold right there. Thank you!

      • Kimberly Pratt says:

        On the black light biohack, do you know if it was incandescent, LED, or? And the wattage? I googled it a bit and there are a lot of black light variations. I have the DHA down and following all of the recent webinars and blogs on light. Would like to try this biohack for large red spots developing on my left cheek. Hashi’s Dx’d in 2004.

        • Kim I had to buy a lot of bulbs and then do the spectral analysis. Mercury vapor bulbs were best……but I also found some Party Floods black lights that I am currently testing.

      • Marijke Neyt says:

        Hello Dr. Kruse,

        So happy to have found your melasma explanation. It is a real bitch to deal with 😉

        I am not medically trained but understand the mode of action quite good I think. You write about the effect of ketogenic diet to reverse or reset hormone signaling in the mitochondria. I know the effect of ketogenic diet throught the Terry Wahls Protocol for curing MS. So I can put two and two together for the effect on other health issues. On the other hand, in your comment to Sue, earlier, you conclude by saying that melasma has nothing to do with food. Which might explain why not many obese women seem to have melasma, I suppose. In case of a link with food, gut health, hormonal disbalans, you’d certainly expect them to get it too, not? Which also might explain why women who are vegetarion, vegan, gluten free or not glutenfree, paleo or not paleo can get melasma too and those on a lot of processed food not necessarely develop melasma.

        Is it then really needed to put all my effort in a ketogenic diet? I eat organic, only whole foods, almost sugarfree, alcoholfree, gluten low, moderate carbohydrate, lots of coconut oil, … would that be not sufficient in the long term to get healthy mitochondria?

        I understand it is important to get real sunlight exposure too, to help reset the skincells signaling in stimulating pigment. I found a distributor here (Belgium) of Real Life lights (fullspectrum) with lamps with our without UV a and b. Do I have to choose the UV containing ones?

        You also mention other treatments like avoiding manmade EMF, having cold sauna treatments, …
        Of al those options, what are the most important ones to be succesful at healing from melasma? Doing them all is not really an option for me.

        Thank you for your advice. I will share it with my “melasma sisters” in our worldwide facebookgroup (we are +800 members)

        • You might want to get your FB group into the Quantum Health FB group based upon light water and metabolism.

        • Hi Marijke,

          I am a 30 year old female from Belgium who suffers from melasma too.
          I would love to join your melasma facebook group. Could you give me the exact name please?

          Thank you so much!
          Kind regards,


  4. Forgive me if I sound like an idiot. I think maybe I am in info overload. I have melasma and the reason I am so confused is because it developed AFTER I started a ketogenic diet. About 4 months into it, I developed the melasma and my hormones were worse. I just don’t even know where to start. Do you take appointments?

    • Jody melasma is a light mediated disease. Read the reply to Sue Foote; it has nothing to do with food and everything to do with light exposure. You must have full spectrum light exposure and not a partial sun exposure. The sun is free so you only need an appointment with it………

      • Ok. Trying understand as much as possible, I have been laying out between 10:30-11:30 and the Melasma gets worse. Do I just try to keep it up? It’s very embarrassing. Do I need to ck thyroid? (Per your blog on Melasma) I’m sorry that I’m a lil confused, I’m not trying to waste your time. I’m desperate. Thank you!

  5. Dr. Kruse,
    Can you share any general info for people that have atypical moles and any prevention tips to keep them from turning into melanoma? Or ways of helping to prevent melanoma in general ? Thank you!

    • Addie my Dr. Jack Kruse FB has a ton of info on that in the last few days. The Ubiquitination series has a blog on cancer called epi-oncogenesis.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I have had a lot of sunburns in the past and a few atypical moles and thus want to learn about prevention strategies. Thanks again!

          • Hi Dr. Kruse! Just finished listening. Love your realism. Thanks for sharIng that link.
            To sum up, for melanoma prevention, get outside uncovered, limit blue light, increase purple and red light and rebuild cellular membranes with DHEA and limit carbohydrates and utilize ketosis. Is there anything else that can reverse the cellular changes that have already occurred such as atypical moles? Very greatful I found your site. You tell it like it is!

          • If you use ketosis look at Thomas Siegfried and Dom D’Agostino’s work. Make sure that youre getting UV full spectrum throught the eye daily if you do…….ketosis without UV light via the eye is a bad idea.

          • Will do. I did ketosis for while but my body did not do well on it. I tend now to do a lower carb diet with a lot of saturated fat for hormones. I have premature ovarian failure.

            Sorry, one more thing. This might be an over simplification but are Basal and squamous due to an over exposure of ultraviolet light and on the flip side melanoma not enough?

          • nope…..a lack of full spectrum light = epi-oncogenesis

  6. Thank you! I appreciate your answering so much! Wish you the very best.

  7. Hi Dr. Kruse,

    What “type” of Doctor do I seek further advice from that would understand the principles discussed in the article?

    In summary… I’m nearly 44 & have an olive complexion
    1. Was on birth control for a few years & went off it 15 years ago
    2. Noticed degenerative disc disease at age 30, diagnosed at age 40 when I had severe sciatica in 2012. I have an 8 mm bulging disc on my L4 & L5. Signs of other discs doing the same…
    3. Became highly gluten intolerant at age 33, have been on a GF diet since.
    4. Became lactose intolerant at age 35, have been on a lactose free diet mostly since age 38.
    5. I react to highly processed foods so rarely eat them
    6. Developed very dark melasma within the last 12 months…
    7. Tried prescription cream a few months ago, little improvement.
    8. Have been mostly vegetarian since 19, started to eat salmon in 2012 when I started to crave fish/tuna… eat salmon once a week now. No meat whatsoever.
    9. Rarely do I eat processed foods…

    Any idea of what’s going on? Is the above all a coincidence? 🙂

    I live in Western Australia & would like to seek further advice from a Doctor that will help me to hopefully reverse the melasma…

    Thank you

  8. Thank you for replying so quickly!

    Dr. Lamaro is in Victoria… However from reading what he’s about, I can most likely find a Doctor in Western Australia that practices medicine along the same lines… I hope 🙂

  9. Debra Campos says:

    Hello Dr. Kruse,

    As a layperson, my read translates the need for;
    Vitamin B3
    Ketosis Diet
    Sunlight via Eye
    and a gained understanding to your Mitohondrial Proteins state in order to control.

    With this understanding in a situation where you are taking medications that have sun sensitivity warnings like in blood pressure RX’s, how would an individual be able to manage this conflict?

    On another note do you have any comment in the use of Sea Salt to obtain the iodine levels needed?

    Thank you in advance for your response


    • No Debra. The translation is sunlight , CT , and water and grounding…….then comes food……ketosis. Why? This itemized prioritized list shrink respiratory proteins as a plus but to keep them shrunk you need AM UV and IR too. Reduction in heteroplasmy first is critical to get right before ketosis to drive ECT because you can shorten telomeres and build new mitochondria. Mitochondrial DNA is controlled by melatonin cycles so this is why being cold dark and boring is key in the beginning. The cooler the surface the more UV you absorb and the more heat your mitochondria release to condense the respiratory proteins to control local geometry. This is controlled on a macroscopic level by dopamine and melatonin cycles. Time 9 re read it…….carefully

      • HI Dr Kruse
        I am also a melasma sufferer and I want to get rid of it. It’s encouraging to know that you personally know someone who has reversed melasma. Can I ask that lady’s personal email or FB account? That will allow me to understand her treatment protocol and implement those changes in my life style too.

        I have already fixed my diet as per your suggestions. I am fit and in excellent general health. I am having a tough time fixing my sleep hours since I feel sad if I get up early in the morning. Melasma brings with it depression that sometimes is hard to deal with. But, I now know that my sleep hours have to be perfect and I have to allow morning sun on my face and eyes. So, that’s the next biggest change I will be doing.

        What’s the best way to reduce impact of nnEMF? I can’t be away from computers since I work as an IT consultant. I can reduce the use of computer and mobile phone for personal use to almost minimal. I can change all lights in my house to emit black light if you clearly say which lights are the best please. I can take cold showers if that helps.

        I want to reverse this disease since I am unwilling to live not looking my best. What can you do for me sir? The best is if you can share the details of the lady who’s already reversed this disease. She can help me for sure.

        • In the USA patients have rights and with her consent there is no way that could happen. Light is the key. UK has a horrible spectrum of light year round. That will make your dealing with this very difficult while being blue light toxic as an IT person. That is why you have this condition.

          • I developed this condition due to use of hydroquinone and not wearing sunscreen on a sunny holiday. I was also using birth control pills from 4 years prior to that. I am in a perfect health apart from vitamin d and calcium deficiency.

            I don’t think I would have developed melasma if I wasn’t on birth control pills and hydroquinone or wearing sunblock on a sunny holiday.

            My working in IT may be hindrance to treating it but I disagree that’s the cause!!
            Hydroquinone and birth control pills increase sun sensitivity so skin produces more melanin to protect itself hence melasma surfaced.

            Is this not your understanding?

          • My understanding is in this blog.

          • What kind of biohack she developed? I can use blue light blocking glasses, replace bulbs at home with black light , and get morning sun on my naked skin. I haven’t done that in 5 years now since I have melasma but willing to risk darkening of skin if it can reverse this condition. I am already on paleo -keto diet. Looking to include meditation in my daily routine to destress.

            Are you able to give practical recommendation what I can do?
            Any health practitioners in London who can help me with thus?

          • Melasma requires sunlight not artificial sources. So where you live is a real problem and so is your job. I don’t know anyone one in London who does any of this inside or outside the NHS

  10. Petra Alonso says:

    I have been battling what I believe and looks like Melasma for about 3-4 years now. I am a women 36 years old (born in Switzerland) and was on BC for about 13 years. The first 5 years I was on the depo/provera and then switched to BCP. I got off all BC on January 2010, when I was 30. During the use of BC I only had slight Melasma on my upper lip. I was concerned, however, not too much. I would say in 2012 I started noticing my melasma spreading on my face to my cheeks. Today I have a complete butterfly on my face. I am very sad about this, I barely want to take pictures. NOW, here is the question for you. Could all this mismatch in my body create my infertility?

    My husband and I have been married going on 15 years. We decided to finally start a family in September of 2010. Here we are 6 years later, 4 rounds of IVF, 2 rounds of FET without success, not even a miscarriage, ever. I am starting to think this infertility is linked to BC.

    Fertility DX: left blocked tube, retrograde uterus.

    IVF #1 with ICSI +pgs (D3) testing– all embryos abnormal, no transfer, 6 out of 6

    IVF #2 with ICSI +pgs (D3) testing—1 embryo normal, transferred->failed 1 out of 5

    IVF #3 with ICSI no testing–8 embryo’s, transferred 2 (D3), failed, froze 6 (D3)
    FET #1 only 3 survived the thaw, transferred 3, Failed

    IVF #4 with ICSI no testing–7 embryo’s, transferred 2 (D5), failed, froze 5
    FET #2 thawed 3, transferred 3 (D5), failed.

    Next month doing 3rd FET.

    Could the BC use/abuse have caused my mitochondrial changes in the ovaries/follicles causing chromosomal abnormal eggs?

  11. Petra Alonso says:

    Could you do a piece on the complex world of reproductive endocrinology aka infertility?

    PS: I live on the space coast in Florida, I get a lot of sun in my pool. I don’t ware sunscreen since reading this article. I hope my melasma will start clearing. I also started taking iodine plus.
    After reading some of your Facebook posts I have a hard time doing my job ( I’m a RN).

    • Simple Petra:Why did we have to build http://www.theQuantlet.com for the masses? To give modern humans a third eye to assimilate light via their eye clock. We want the RPE mitochondria ATPase to spin faster to make more melatonin dopamine, norepinephrine and melanin. Why? It reverses circadian illness fastest. Today the lighting in virtually all research laboratories is still the responsibility of the janitor and is classified as ordinary building maintenance instead of being part of experimental design. This is why the research in nutrition and biochemistry is worthless, in my opinion. When you add in the fact that they usually study mice and rats who are nocturnal they completely miss all the good data because humans have photopic eyes and skin. Why? Your human photopic eyes mean your biology is not designed around scotopic eating of food or light. Simple quantum rule says Mother Nature’s mitochondrial design. Mice and rats retina’s are scotopic. People aren’t using digital tech to entertain themselves today, but rather, to distract themselves from the shitty environments and suboptimal places they reside in. This creates their digital distraction, an optical delusion for reality. Almost like the human obsession with social media on the web, we play life in a simulation for the kicks of it so we dont have to live a real life in nature. It’s ironic to be discussing about the convenience or harm of social media on facebook. It’s like having sex for the sake of virginity. Every generation of the iPhone the risk of nnEMF has risen because of the changes to the internal antenna. Every “G” the network goes up Americans get fatter, more AI’s, and their sex steroid drop and we get closer to extinction because we stop screwing and can’t get pregnant without a fertility doctor. So when you decided to distract yourself from the joy of living realize how you connect to the net is slowly disconnecting you from your life force.

      • Petra Alonso says:

        Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is so true it is simple!!! We have to get back to simpler living, we are so vested in technology we loose ourselves and our identity. That’s why I deleted all my friends, not deleted Facebook, but deleted all my friends/contacts on Facebook in February and I tell you what, I’m not on but a couple of days a week. It was hard (almost like an addiction) but so liberating at the same time. I get on occasionally to read your post and earthporn posts. this got me motivated to start my small garden that I so enjoy. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get away from the internet completely, however, I can limit my exposure.

  12. Dr kruse
    Does that mean that there is no hope for me?

    I know of women who reversed melasma with diet and supplements mainly.

    Are you saying if I follow your recommendations , I am unlikely to succeed in reducing melasma due to my job and city?

    So, there is nothing I can do?

    • That is what I am saying. When you mix a blue light environment and a low quantum yield environment and you do not or cannot change is substantially you will not get rid of the issue.

  13. I don’t switch on any lights during the day and lay in sun everyday for 1 hour or so. Obviously I don’t expose my face at the moment.

    I can reduce use of artificial lights and get more and more sun…

    My diet today is full of green juices/smoothies, milk kefir, no wheat or sugar, supplements for liver detox, b vitamins, and anti oxidants.

    I can look for cryosauna if that can help?

    Is there any hope for me?

    I wish the lady who fixed her melasma would come on forums and share her experience. There are many success stories with diet, and supplementation on the skin forums, and I have learnt from those women. Also, many of these women do state that they threw away sunscreens when melasma continued to spread because they realised it wasn’t helping.

    Why don’t you say what needs to be done at least? whether I can do it or not is down to my efforts and resources.

    • Mandy given the quantum design of our surface and tissue, I consider no human being itself should be considered impaired innately, instead there are environmental short comings that cause the impairment. Thus, it is incumbent on the on the clinician to recommend treatment of the environment the patient is in. Physicians can tell you this but the patient has to act on this advice. People react to an inferior environment, way before their genome is altered. That is what the science of epigenetics and ubiquitin rates are telegraphing us, but the modern paradigm is not listening. You must.

  14. Dr kruse
    You still don’t say how can I help myself. I can take cryosauna to negate nnEMF.
    You understand my surroundings, so maybe you can give some advice.
    I am an educated person and wish to make contribution to my health and future.
    But I can only do so if I know what needs to be done.

    • I did. I guess you don’t get it. Your vision for success is already built inside of you. You just have to remove what is not part of that quantum story. Genius is quantized into your mitochondria and transferred to your DNA. Mediocrity is self imposed by our choices. Ultimately, we are only responsible for what we say and not for what people understand.

      • I have read your blog several times. I thought I will ask some direct questions and get some direct answers so that I can make practical changes in my life to reverse melasma.

        You said it’s difficult in my situation due to my country and job.

        I am asking can cryosauna help me I’m that case? I want to learn more about biohacks that can help me.

        You have said earlier sun and ct are the most important.

        Before I venture out into sun and worsen my condition, I need to understand how to maximise chances of success.

        Sorry it I am a bother.But, I would appreciate direct answers.
        I read that you do CT to reduce nnEMF. And you live in busy city and do brain operations.

        So, there maybe remedies for me as well!!

        • cyrosauana is likely not going to help. CT in water is a better choice. But if you had read the blog you’d know that. Your beliefs won’t change your solar exposure until you begin to understand why melasma is due to an altered spectrum of light on your skin. You said you read my blog but clearly you dont understand it so therefore I doubt you’ll add the actions I mentioned. So until you do, you’ll do as you always have and get what now have. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired then and only then will you adapt. It is no bother…….it is direct answers that you’re not ready to accept or hear because you don’t understand it well enough. Read more until you do. There are remedies for everyone who is willing to change their modern environments for the natural ones our skin is adapted too.

          • Okay, so I have to do CT to reduce effects of nnEMF if I still want to live in London and work in IT.

            I have already altered my diet. I have fixed my sleeping hours. I eat more than 50% raw. Eat berries, coconut oil, and take curcumin capsules.

            I can go out in the sun in the morning and get direct sun on my face.

            Now, I want to change bulbs in my flat. And, also buy blue light blocking glasses.

            CT is the real challenge for me!!
            It is not easy!! it sounds so difficult. Is there any professionals who can help learn CT?

            I have read your blog on how to do it. It’s not easy at all!! Do you think cold water with some ice that’s tolerable to the body is also effective or it has to the way you described in your blog on CT? I can sit in cold water and slowly start adding ice to it as I increase my tolerance.
            I wish there were professionals in London who can help learn CT at home. Do you know anyone who can teach to do it correctly?

          • Cold water is easy to do in a city. The biggest issue will be th black of chronic balance solar spectrum on your skin tone and halpotype. Your skin is adapted to a totally different environment and the amount of blue light you are getting on your skin during the day from work is a real problem. To my knowledge there is no make up that blocks blue light. All them block UV light which is another rhine issue for women with melasma

  15. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Protector-Accurate-Films-Diagonal-Hazardous/dp/B00OL26BVK

    Something like this might work then?
    Also there are software programs that remove blue light from the video display units.

    Regarding the CT , are you saying cold water showers from head to toe can work or your protocol on cold thermogenesis has to be followed? It would be difficult to arrange for so much ice!! What should be the frequency of using CT?

  16. Should I get the 23 and me test done and determine my halpotype? Would that help me in deciding how much time to spend in the direct sun every morning?

    I need a complete recipe…

  17. Thanks Dr Kruse.

    I shall wait to hear back from you then. Please do respond as soon as you are able to.
    BTW, you say that women get melasma due to maybe using sunscreens. But there are parts of the world such as rural Indian where many pregnant women get melasma. They neither know sunscreens or computers or mobiles..they eat organic straight from their fields. Still their melasma never disappears!!

    Also, I have chatted with older women ( 60-70 years old) who had melasma for over 30 years. According to them it’s because there were no sunscreens during their times so their melasma continued to spread without sun protection!!

    Then there are genuine reviews of women who reversed melasma with diet and supplements. They tackled issues such as copper overload, adrenal fatigue, declined immunity and lack of nutrition to combat this condition!!

    I don’t doubt what you say but your theory can’t be based on American on European population alone. There is a huge world in the East where melasma is prevalent.

    Sometimes, I wonder if melasma is just skin damage that once set into deeper layers of the skin can’t be reversed!!

    Your credentials are great and I couldn’t find a better resource to help me out with this. But, all you say is still just theory until there is at least anecdotal evidence that melasma is reversed with blocking artificial light and exposing to the UV light!! I understand that any internal reasons of skin sensitivity have to tackled also.

    I would put my best foot forward if you give me a nod that I am covering all grounds for success.

      • “Classical” photoaggravated dermatoses
        – Lupus erythematosus
        – Atopic dermatitis
        – Psoriasis
        – Jessner’s lymphocytic infiltrate – Dermatomyositis
        – Lymphocytoma cutis – Actinic lichen planus – Erythema multiforme – Acne vulgaris
        – Pemphigus and chronic benign familial pemphigus – Darier’s disease, acantholytic dermatoses
        – Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis
        – Pellagra
        – Viral exanthema, including herpes simplex
        Other photoaggravated dermatoses
        – Allergic contact dermatitis – Seborrhoeic dermatitis
        – Rosacea
        – Mycosis fungoides
        – Vitiligo
        – Bullous pemphigoid
        – Linear IgA disease
        – Dermatitis herpetiformis – Chronic ordinary urticaria – Facial telangiectasia
        – Pityriasis rubra
        – Reticulate erythematous mucinosis – Keratotic pilaris
        – Actinic granuloma

  18. DR Kruse, I have ordered my 23andMe test. I will try and learn from it’s report. Hope it’s not too difficult to understand.

    Can you please comment how important you consider CT for melasma reversal?
    Is it important to follow the protocol for CT that you have described in a blog or there is an easier way to do it at home?

    I can try submerging in cold water but the kind of temperatures that you suggest are hard to get used to and doing CT by putting ice on chest sounds equally difficult as there may be real danger of causing injury to the self. Whereas sitting in cold water and slowly lowering the water temperature is easier to accomplish.

    how about just doing CT on the face? is that not useful on it’s own?

    Please comment. morning sun exposure, CT,blocking blue light, diet and some supplements…i guess that’s the recipe you are suggesting here..
    I met a new dermatologist in London and he didn’t believe this stuff!! he said i will only make melasma worse by sitting in the sun!! it’s kind of scary to be very honest!! not easy walking around with a dark face!! it’s very embarrassing…

  19. Dr kruse, I have already tried several treatments for melasma but had no success so far. That’s why my search for an effective treatment continues. And, you speak about tyrosine inhibitors in your blog. That doesn’t work in deeper pigment as there is no effective mechanism to supply creams to the deeper layers of the skin. I think dermatologists use most patients as guinea pigs to try out new peels on the market. In most cases, treatments are not effective.

    I wish to build a treatment protocol for success. Can you please comment how important CT is, how often to do it and what’s the easiest way to do it on regular basis at home?

    I wish other women who had success with your protocol would come forward and share their experience. It would have been very helpful. I assure that I would write a full testimonial along with before and after pictures once I have cured myself. I can’t describe how disabling this condition can be especially for women with severe melasma.

    Please comment on CT. And any Web resources that can help understand 23 andme reports and how to interpret the result.


    • Dr. Tim Jackson can help you with 23andme.

    • Petra Alonso says:

      Dear Mandy,

      I’m a 36 year old female in good shape, I live in Florida specifically Merritt island (space coast). I am originally from Switzerland, I left there when I was 10.

      I feel that melasma is a complex problem. I believe, that each person has their own protocol. Even If I were to tell you how I cured my Melasma (which I have not), it may not work for you. Everyone works at a different level. That’s why it’s so hard to treat melasma. However, with that said, remember baby steps. If you jump into all this information head first you are going to drowned. For instance, I’m working on one concept at a time and hopefully at the end I can piece all the concepts together and apply them. I also expect there to be changes within a concept because I know that change is a constant.

      For example, I have a complete butterfly on my face. I did hate it, however, since I started reading Dr. Kruze’s blog it has shined some light (hahaha!!) on the problem and I have embraced my butterfly. I stopped using sunscreen/sunglasses and am embracing the sun at its fullest for the past 6 weeks. I feel that I do see a slight change in the appearance of my melasma, for the better. Or could be that I’m super tan and it’s blending in well. I know it’s so opposite of what derms tell you to do, but hey what do I have to loose by trying. Nothing!!

      The things I’m doing at this time:

      -Out in the Florida sun some in the am, but mostly pm (almost naked)
      -raising chickens and eating the AWESOME EGGS!! (they run around on 3 acres)
      -increased my seafood consumption
      -Iodine plus 12.5mg daily
      -Vitamin d3, 5’000 IU daily (I know Dr. Kruze, you probably do not approve of this)
      -Ashawaganda root 1000mg daily (adaptogenic)
      -Alkaline water <— this i have been doing since November '15

      The things I'm working on:

      -anti-Blue light non rx glasses (for computer use, watching tv, and especially work)
      -anti-blue light screen protectors for my ipad, iphone.
      -Cold therapy

      • Hello, how is your melasma looking now? I am on my sixth week of dr kruse’s protocol but so far I don’t see any change.
        Since winter is around the corner I do feel that I should try out some fade cream since I won’t get full spectrum sun but I have become addicted to sun exposure now and feel sad if I can’t get sun on my face due to use or topical products.

        Please update if you notice any progress.

        Thank you

  20. I should correct myself there..i tried treatments for fading the dark spots and maintain fading using sun block…definitely no hopes to actually reduce this skin sensitivity to sun and cure melasma where i no longer have to wear any sunscreen. That is impossible according to dermatologists!!

  21. Dr Kruse, I will soon consult with Dr Tim.
    can i ask you if you advise taking capsules for internal sunblock such as pycogenol or heliocare?
    i just wonder if that will prevent inflammation in the skin when i start exposing my face to morning sun,
    i am eating berries, taking curcumin capsules and drinking green juices everyday.. hope that helps the skin from any further damage

  22. I have an amalgam filling from many years which I am going to get replaced by a natural substance. It could have contributed to my current skin issues. Any scratch on my face leave permanent hyper-pigmentation. Maybe I have some kind of fungus toxicity…

  23. Thank you so much Petraeus. Great you exchanged notes.It really helps to heal together!! Great for motivation. I am going to start exposing to morning sun from next week. I don’t tan so I should see clearly if sun exposure helps my melasma. I know I have issues with chronic stress because since past 10 years my body has become overly sensitive. Any touch of metal leaves permanent spots. I can no longer wear any metal on my body. Jeans buttons or wired bras leave awful lot of pigment on my skin. So , clearly something changed long before I got melasma. 4 years of birth control pill use along with chronic stress is to be blamed for sure.

    I believe that melasma is a call for making dramatic changes in all aspects of life. Can’t afford to stay stressed anymore…can’t suffer from low self esteem due to one or other reason and worrying doesn’t help either..

    Hopefully healing from melasma would mean healing from many other mental and internal ailments too and at the end of this I would feel grateful to have melasma as it forced me to change the way I have been living my life.

    I am going to put blue light blocking screens on electronics and do some form of CT atleast!! Planning to buy a plastic tub and sit in cold water and slowly keep lowering the temperature. It sounds easier than putting ice on the chest..

  24. Dr Kruse
    I have ordered thermometer and inflatable tub for CT.

    If I work on computers about 8-10 hours every day excluding the weekends, how much CT i need to do per week?

    I am awaiting my 23andMe results, when I would know more about my ideal sun exposure requirements.

    Can you please comment what’s ideal CT per week for my profile?

    Apart from melasma, what’s your opinion about other forms of hyperpigmentation such as Post inflammatory pigmentation from acne or spots? Does sun help that too?

  25. Do you believe that role of hormones can be ignored in melasma? For example, if my hormones are out of order and I expose to sun then I may worsen melasma.

    In your protocol, don’t you think hormone checking should be important or sun exposure can fix hormones on its own ?

    • All harmonies are linked to light frequencies……..how many times do I have to say it?
      New talk out: Schooling food guru’s. Please share this message and help some of your friends and family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-_DTk9hYvI&feature=youtu.be

      Pink fluorescent light wilted the plant’s female flowers, but when he replaced the lights with bluish fluorescent bulbs and raised a new pumpkin, the male flowers perished. Based on these findings–and coupled with difficulties he’d encountered growing morning glories, corn, and apples–Ott deduced that light wavelength could dramatically affect plant maturation, and that full-spectrum light, the kind that streams from the sun, greatly enhanced growth. http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/obituary/Content?oid=902493

      • When your brain has too many tabs open can you focus on what matters most? In this situation can your brain, specifically the first part, the retina or your skin, collect light waves from the sun to accurately release your sex steroid hormones from your pituitary via the retinohypothalmic tracts in the central retinal pathways? Can you skin thickness or melanin levels be optimized to avoid melasma in this situation? No they cannnot.

        This is effectively what nnEMF and blue light do to a human brain and the human skin. Both are light detectors for natural sunlight and not man made light. Man is the only species smart enough to manufacture a version of light, but they are also th most unwise species who decided to live under it. It distracts it and affects performance. We need to listen to the trees as they sway in the wind and not the iPod. Their language appears foreign to us today, but not the gestures they provide us. That version of quiet, creates focus for us. The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break the pattern of modern life and allow yourself to reconnect with your focus.

        The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and soul that something your mind knows is a lie. Today’s modern world simulates this bio hack. This is why when you put a modern human back in nature even for a few hours human instincts is engaged and they sense something is happening to them. The irony is that the modern human cannot tell exactly what it is that has improved them so quickly because of the disconnection they have allowed into their life. The obvious is only obvious when it happens to someone else, so bring your friends, family, and kids outside today and teach yourself a lesson on how humans are designed to plug into to the world to operate. http://www.psypost.org/2016/07/feeling-connected-nature-linked-reduced-anxiety-study-finds-43958

        • One of the things I emphasize in my teachings was that the body is very wise.
          It has billions of years of quantum wisdom built into it. It works even when you don’t understand it. It is a survival machine. It thrives ONLY if it given good inputs from nature and does its best to survive if given bad inputs.
          You are what you settle for.

  26. Thanks dr jack kruse. Any comments on how much ct is required per week?
    I can sit in cold water daily for 45 minutes if that can help my case. But I want to be aware of the optimal duration.
    I am going to take six months off work and make a little use of the technology at home. I want to try this out best I can and if I get results, then find out how to avoid exposure to nnEMF in the future. Technology is an integral part of our lives today and most jobs require computer use.

    • AS much as you can tolerate. Technology is part of you life……..by choice.

      • Well sir, I have formal education and 14 years experience working in IT. I would have to retrain myself if I want a different career!!

        • Well I have a 30 year history in neurosurgery and without health your training is worthless. Examination using a Wood’s light in a darkened room demonstrates enhanced contrast of hyper pigmentation affects the epidermal layer of skin. This layer of the skin is not well penetrated by UV light but it is by blue light. The skin docs do not seem to realize this? Why? Is your IT computer screens your real problem? More? Vitamin D3 is made from UVB light. It’s correlate is Vitamin A. If vitamin D3 is the cause of melasma why would you have to use A vitamin A analogue to bleach it? Tretinoin 0.1 percent (Retin-A) cream and hydroquinone, a bleaching agent available in 2 to 4 percent creams and gels, have been the mainstays of topical treatment by skin doctors for years. Combining tretinoin and hydroquinone applied at different times during the day can potentiate the effect in some females. Might the reason be that Vitamin D and A cycles are uncoupled in the epidermis because of altered light cycles? Is this more plausible than topical UV exposure? You realize most women get sun on their WHOLE face…….so why doesn’t melasma ruin the whole face? Why does it seem to effect the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip only? Ask you skin doctors to explain these unusual aspects of the disease if the sun’s light is the cause. You better start learning about the penetration of blue light from a source. The key anatomic feature of all these three sites is that the bone is located close to the skin surface in those three areas and that is likely why melasma is found in those areas due to Fermat’s law and Snell’s law for how light travels in a dense medium……..bet you won’t hear that from your experts.

  27. Dr Kruse, do you and your family/friends wear any kind of sun protection?

  28. I have signed up for your e training for bio hacking. Hopefully that will help.

    -I am limiting use of technology to an hour a day and getting rid of wifi at home.

    – I will go and sit in green spaces for few hours everyday and might invest in a grounding mat.

    -I have started CT.

    -I am sitting in morning sun for about an hour. No worsening of melasma so far.

    -I have ordered a black light bulb and a red light lamp for use at night. I will stay put of all blue light now.

    – still awaiting my 23 andme test results. I will send these plus my blood test reports to dr tim and see if he has any suggestions.

    What else can help my case? How soon yiu expect some visible results in melasma?
    One positive thing that’s already happened is that I am not restless and feel very peaceful at home. I really like the way I feel.not sure if it’s diet, morning walk in sun or being at home that’s helping. However, I do wonder sometimes if this protocol is going to help melasma as nothing I have done so far worked for me.

  29. Dr kruse, since morning sun doesn’t have uvb. How do I get vitamin d3 if I only sit outside in the morning sun?

    Also, there are many wifi signals around me that I can turn off. Although I am limiting the use of cell phone and computer at home to about few hours each day, but there are still many external wifi signals around me..Does that mean my treatment may not give results?

  30. Correction – there are many wifi signals around me that I can’t turn off

  31. I still find it hard to believe that these lifestyle changes will remove the stubborn black patches from my face..It will be a miracle if it does. I got melasma from use of birth control pills, hydroquinone as topical and no sunscreen while using hydroquinone which increases skin sensitivity to sun. I don’t know how much blue light or nnEMF contributed to it!! I couldn’t have melasma with birth control and use of chemicals on face. That’s my belief! ! Maybe impact of blue light and nnEMF is much less in this skin condition or atleast in my case. I have perfect weight and never fell sick in my life. Apart from few fibroids , I don’t have any other illness.

    • Look up cognitive dissonance.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be able to distinguish what’s right and what’s not. A lot of what you say is just theory until women get reversal of melasma. Also, there could be more factors involved that are unique to each individual. I am also concerned that I may not be blocking nnEMF as much as I should. I will try n learn more ways to block nnEMF at home. I have no blue lights at home anymore but I am still using my phone and computer.
        Would CT cancel the effects of nnEMF?

        • Would CT cancel the effects? Is the CT done in water or air? Water is a Faraday cage for nnEMF. Now about this nonsense about theories………is the photoelectric effect a theory or a law of the universe. I am really tiring of your questions. It is time for you to realize the UK and your computers are causing your problems. Until you fox that…….nothing will move your needle. That is REALITY.

          • Okay. No more posts now until I notice change in my melasma.

            I can’t leave London as I have nowhere else to go. But I am off work and stay away from technology.

            Still no chance of success while living in the UK?

          • your margin for success will be much lower in a poor quantum yield environment.

  32. I will invest in emf canopy to use at home to shield from nnemf. Think they work well as per YouTube videos. I can also go n live in india or Canada or anywhere within uk where there is low nnEMF. Any suggestions?

  33. I wish there were professionals who can help people like me to secure my living space from nnemf. I am learning about bio hacks and should keep adding to my apartment everyday. Seems like windows can be secured using metal sheets, bedroom can be secured using canopy. I can reduce the effects of nnEMF in my apartment , but rest is out of my control. To me, it seems that this treatment protocol is almost impossible to implement for average person with average means.

    • Why do you need professionals? Does the hippo or polar bear rely on them? Why don’t they? They rely on their instincts built around their native environments. You are a creature who thinks she needs professionals because you do not live in a natural environment. There is a big lesson here.

      • Sir, I need to bio hack my environment so that my living space has minimum nnEMF. The solution you suggest has ro be applicable in the current modern environment. People can’t leave their houses and jobs unless nnemf sensitive which I am not because I don’t experience any problems such as headache , dizziness , or fatigue etc. Apart from melasma , I don’t have any other health issues. There must be many women like myself who probably have kids and other liabilities in city life. So, abandoning your life and living like a refugee doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution.

        We need bio-hack experts who can secure our living spaces from nnemf. I can stop using phone and computer too but even that’s not enough while living in London. So, more professional help is needed from people who are experts wit this kind of stuff.

        You obviously don’t think it’s a big deal uprooting self from the current life leaving friends ,and jobs behind. That’s impractical.

        • Maybe you did not read the blog carefully enough…….melasma is the canary in the coalmine of what is coming your way.

          • I understand you and trying to learn as much as possible. But melasma has many causes. I got it from birth control pills and use of harsh chemicals on the face. How could have light or nnemf contributed to it? But yes cure of this condition might lie in fixing my environment entirely. I have exposed my face to am bright sun past week and happy that there is no darkening of my pigmentation. I can possibly quit sunscreen for good. There is a nnemf free zone in France where many sensitive people seek refuge. Maybe I can live there for sometime but permanent relocation seems very difficult.

  34. Polar bear is an animal and doesn’t have brains unlike humans who build careers, relationships and assets that bind us ti where we live. We can’t uproot ourselves and start living in jungles. If modern technology is killing people, then resolution has to be achieved while surviving in the modern world only. I was hopeful that staying away from the corporate job and doing daily ct will lead to resolution of melasma…But it seems like that’s not enough..

  35. Dr Kruse, do you use earthing mattress? I watched a video from your friend/colleague Rubin who recommended grounding mattresses. Obviously, he didn’t say where to buy one from. With hundreds of products available, I would really appreciate if you can recommend a grounding mattresses that I can sleep on and hopefully gain some health benefits in the long run.


  36. Dr Kruse,
    I’m not as intlelligent as yourself and I struggle to comprehend Some of your writing. I just want to clairfy I get the gist. Melasma is caused by lack of unfiltered sun exposure on the face thanks to sunscreen/makeup? The effects of this lack of sun can lead to multiple autoimmune diseases is that correct? So potentially diseases such as vitiligo could also benefit from sun exposure and a reduction in blue light? Am I following correctly or am I way off?
    I personally also have Melasma but I’m inflicted with hypopigmentation too. I live in Darwin Australia, the tropics, can you please let me know if ones location will effect the time needed to spend in the sun? Tropical sun is pretty intense.
    I actually grew up on the south east coast of Australia where I lived at the beach, sans sunscreen because I wanted a tan! I always burnt myself red raw, I feel like I’ve scared my dermis from years of overdoing it! I honestly believe in your writings, I feel the sun is integral to life and I physically yearn to lift my face towards it. However do you have any thoughts on too much of it? Would there be an idea that consistant burning in the sun can scar the deepest layers of skin to produce a ‘type’ of Melasma or perhaps too much sun could cause this ‘evolution’ within our bodies? Mind you Melasma didn’t completely show until pregnancy.
    I am looking at moving, please what are your suggested locations. What type of area should I be looking for, I’m assuming property out bush? Would a cold or hot environment have a different effect? Whist the heat of the tropical sun is intense, I feel I actually burn easier on the south coast…
    I appreciate any advice or support?

    • I don’t think that you can pinpoint one cause for melasma. I know so many women with melasma now since I am a member on the fb group and each one has their own story. For example, I was on birth control pills when I first noticed brown spots on my neck, and 4 years later I used Hydroquinone on my face and then went on a sunny holiday without any sunscreen. Sun didn’t cause it but due HQ and birth control pills, my skin was overly sensitive to sun and that’s why I developed melasma on my face.I never wore sunscreen or any makeup in my life. It was hormonal fluctuations from the use of birth control pills and skin sensitivity due to HQ use that caused melasma in my case.
      Many women get it during pregnancy, some during menopause and many because of other underlying illness such as thyroid or Addison disease. Sun precipitates melasma but doesn’t cause it. That’s why many dermatologists tend to advise pregnant women to wear sunscreen because their skin may become overly sensitive to sun due to hormonal fluctuations.

      I know of few women who got melasma due to laser procedure gone wrong. So, skin injury can cause it too..some get it from waxing their face!! so many reasons to be honest…
      Can sun cure it, we have to try and discover for ourselves…due to so many other influences such as nnEMF and city we live in, sun exposure may not work for us, But I am trying out and two weeks of daily sun exposure hasn’t caused any worsening of melasma which I am pretty glad about.

      It’s a hard condition to live with. Many women found a miracle cream that got rid of the pigmentation. I wish I was so lucky!!

      • Hi Mandy, did you successfully reverse your Melasma? Did you have to make the sacrifices Dr Kruse implied?

        • Hi , I have been on a paleo diet since past few months and have been exposing face to sun every morning since the past two weeks. I am also blocking blue light using coloured glasses. So far , no change in melasma but it didn’t get worse either. I am also doing CT on face past two weeks at night. I feel much better due to the daily sun exposure. I sleep better and wake up around 6am without an alarm clock. Melasma is still the same but it may be too early to judge the results. I will maintain this routine for as long as sun is out. I have also ditched the sunscreen. I am now looking to invest in nnemf blocking products so that I can work on my laptop more. Jack seems to be of the opinion that due to living in London, my results may not be great. But I am doing all this for improving the quality of my life. I had massive issues with sleep and depression which is getting much better now. I remember not being able to fall asleep for days in a row . I have a feeling that I will benefit eventually!! I also had hormonal tests done which needs to be evaluated soon. If someone pops up, maybe fixing that will help melasma too.

          This protocol is good. Sun exposure makes you feel great. I don’t think any woman has anything to lose by following this protocol. It’s good for health and in the process maybe we can also lose melasma. Any time I notice any results on melasma, I will post here and provide before amd after pictures. Hope this is helpful.

          • Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes, please keep us updated on your results (both blood work & melasma). Good Luck!

    • Your environment in Darwin needs to be bio-hacked. Something about it must be amiss.

    • I would suggest you pay attention to this podcast about an hour in when I start talking about Autoimmune conditions in Australia.http://jamiegward.com/2016/08/14/2-dr-jack-kruse-mitochondria-sunglight-quantum-biology/

  37. Wow in CA! says:

    Wow, I am so glad I stumbled upon your research here. I’ve had this innate feeing that I haven’t evolved with the Earth properly or something. I feel like an alien out of place often thinking that all food is poison to me causing more harm than good. I’ve been trying to find the cure for my melasma and recently my thyroid is flaring up off and on. I have also been trying to heal my gut (probiotics and Diatomaceous Earth) and reduce ovarian cysts (I used to take Myomin, but now I just eat one Brazil nut per day for the selenium)

    With my problems above (despite my healthy eating) You can see why I had a lot of “Ah ha!” Moments after finding you here! I own a company and sit in my office all day managing it, I usually don’t even leave for lunch, I just eat a salad at my desk under fluorescent lamps. Then I go home to mom duties. Fortunately I live in Southern California and can change my sun exposure! And I do sweat profusely in the sun.

    I have had very good success balancing skin and completion in the past with Lyn-Genet Recitas’ elimination diet which focuses on seasonal foods that cause inflammation differently for each person, but it is very hard for me to keep up with. I mention her Plan because I think you will find that she picks up where Paleo leaves off.

    I wanted to share something with you about one of my breasts. When I was a new mom in my mid twenties, I’d be busy, busy, busy and would often tuck my cell phone under my right bra strap or in my right bra cup trying to work on my phone and tend to an infant. I know, I know, so young and idiotic!! Well, currently my right breast is far smaller than my left. Probably about two cup sizes. In my gut I know this is from cell phone storage 10 years ago, although I would never tell a doctor for fear of being fitted for a tin foil hat. Well I am concerned about the permanent effects this may have and was wondering if you had any tips for me?

    Thank you in advance, I am off to watch another of your YouTube videos and to research bio hacking my office. And when the sun rises tomorrow, my family and I will eat breakfast under it!

    Thank you again!

    • It you CT the breast and expose it to sunlight things can reverse.

      • Wow in CA! says:

        Thank you so much, Dr. Kruse! I sat in the sun this morning for as long as I could before work. When I went back inside, I had a huge orange circular field of vision for several minutes! I am immensely enjoying your youtube videos and studies. I love reading about space and I always say that without the sun and gravity we wouldn’t exist. The answers were right there in front of me the whole time!

        I will sunbathe in the nude on my enclosed balcony and see what happens to my right breast. Thank you so much for putting so much work into this research and sharing it! I just know that you are 100% right. Every instinct within tells me so!

        Now I have to figure out what to do about this cell phone tower 100′ from my office 🙁

  38. Dr Kruse, thank you so much for a answering my queries in the past. I really appreciate that you took time to respond.

    Can you please confirm that the products on your website including the earthing sleep pad are only available for shipment within the USA? I am in London, UK. Any option for me to order some products from your site?

  39. Ruthus Keller says:

    Hello Dr. Kruse, how much Niacin dose do you recommend? Thank you for all.

    • This topic is covered on the forum

      • Hello Dr. Kruse, I don’t know at which forum do you think. It is on this? Well, I didn’t find it.

        Anyway, I am a male from mediterranean roots, healthy, sportman, on keto, most of the year, since 2 years. I live in a small town with a lot of trees and a river. Very clean air, inthe southwest of Germany.
        On Keto I noticed that only I could normalize my 17 progesterone that was 200% over the limit. Now It is at the limit. But I have twice the limit of SBGH and Estradiol is and was always normal. I Have also BetaThalassemia, with 11 of Hemoglobin. My ferritin is 10% over the limit. I use 6 hour per day the pc. with F.lux at 2700k.
        I have Congenital Adrenal Hiperplaxia late onset. It is a mild deficiency in the P450 enzyme convertion of cholesterol into cortisol but the main problem is that to palliate this lack of comunication/convertion I produce more ACTH and it is a little elevated. I have 68 when the limit is 60. And maybe this is the reason why I have my skin pigmented since many years. Well, that is a lot about me!! 🙂

        And here comes my question: I read a study in ncbi that Niacin inhibits this enzyme P450.
        Do you think this will impede even more the convertion into cortisol and elevate further the ACTH if i take Niacin?
        I started with 100 mg today.

        PS. I am doing since 1 month, for the first time in my life, the sunlight treatment without any solar cream. It is getting darker but I know I should wait at least 2 years.

        Thank you in advance!.
        Have a sunny day!

  40. Dr Kruse,

    I want to know if the physical sunblock containing zinc oxide/titanium oxide/iron oxide can also block the artificial light when worn indoors?

    Physical sunblock reflects light rather than absorbing particular frequencies. I am wondering if it can protect my facial skin from artificial light. I wouldn’t wear it outdoors in sun but only indoors at work.
    The below article suggests that sunblock containing iron oxide can block visible light too.

    Would you be kind to comment if this will be a good protection against the indoor lightening and should be a good armour in fight against melasma?

    I am fixing my environment one by one. I would use various clothing available on your site to protect from nnEMF while travelling and at work. It may not be 100% protection but it will definitely minimise the exposure substantially. I am happy to be always seen in a silver hoodie and scarf if it helps improve my health. I would also wear a mask on face while working on my PC at home. At work, I will block radiation from my PC using the monitor shield, keyboard shield and processor shield.

    Please help me finding a cream that can block indoor lights on my face.If nothing is available, then using a face mask is the only option but I am unsure how my employer will respond to that.

    Thank you.

  41. Hi ,
    One another woman has reported fading of her melasma by 90% In 9 months using ketogenic diet , unlimited sun exposure and yoga.

    She’s produced her pictures also on the fb melasma group.
    So, there seems to be positive evidence that the protocol will produce results.
    She lives in Arizonia and tells me that it’s 360 days a year summer in her country. I checked population density is huge in arizonia.

    Could I get similar results in London?
    She didn’t even block blue light just the sun exposure and diet helped her. She doesn’t work in IT either.

    I get no blue light exposure whatsoever and will shortly start wearing protective clothing while working on computer.

    I am already 6 weeks into this protocol.

    Could it work for me too if it’s worked for her?

    Is the winter sun as useful as the summer sun?

    I plan to spend whole weekends reading in the local park during winters and stay in natural light and sun.

    • AZ does not have the population density of London. Not even close. And AZ light environment is way better than London because of latitude altitude and population density

      • Okay. Another woman who has a similar story and she lives in Zagreb, Croatia. No diet changes, only extended hours in the sun without any sunscreen has faded her melasma by 95% within 3 months..

        Maybe sun exposure on it’s own is sufficient!!

        I need hope..I am trying much harder than these women. I know you have already expressed your view about my chances in London…but I am trying much harder with blocking nnEMF, blocking blue light, yoga and CT in water. I avoid crowded places and late night parties now. I will start spending long hours in the local park soon that spreads over 30 acres and should be safe with less nnEMF. at night, I will use emf blocking blanket plus very soon will have curtains made that block radiations.

        During the office hours and travelling, I will use a emf blocking garments to protect myself..

        There has to be some possibility for cure for me too if it’s worked for other people…

  42. Zagreb population is about half that of London!!

  43. Doctor, if you feel I am missing certain frequencies of sunlight due to latitude in London city, then suggest some way for me to fix my light environment.

    Could UV lamps help me during the day? I can fix one at work too during the winter months and get UV light during the day!!

  44. Btw, friend of mine has used sunbeds for psoriasis. Could that work for me?
    Does that have all what’s needed from sunlight as melasma cure?

    Please say more…

  45. Dr Kruse

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I have researched. Sunbed radiations are no different to mid day sunlight. I know you recommend am sunlight.
    I am going to chat with Dr Tim Jackson this week and he would advise me on my ideal sun exposure.
    I can use sunbeds in a reputable centre at mild settings and for short durations only and see how my skin responds.
    I didnt react badly to hot sun during summer this year. Being an indian I dont burn and had plenty of sun exposure since childhood.

    Don’t you think I am safe candidate for sunbeds?

    What kind of risks you are talking about? Please give more detail.

    I can only live somewhere in Europe or india Mumbai or delhi.
    I prefer trying some lightening or sunbeds if you would talk more about this please.


    • The spectral densities of sunbeds and the sun are quite different.

      • Okay, thank you for responding. Sun beds seems to emit very strong UVA compared to natural sunlight.

        I checked few face tan lamps on amazon. Users aren’t too happy as they only get slight tan and feel it’s not strong enough as a sun bed.

        That might be safer than using a sun bed. These face tan lamps are being used by psoriasis and SAD patients too.

        Any comments?

  46. Hello Doctor,

    One last question, is the warm cities within Europe such as Crete, Cyprus, Malta, Canary Island etc provide good sunlight for melasma reversal?

    I can plan to spend more and more holiday time in these cities during the winter months and stay out in the sun for good results.

    I know you speak about longitude, altitude and population density being deciding factors. I wonder if Europe is entirely bad in that respect or these warm cities might give me the sunlight exposure I require.

    Being a UK /Indian citizen, I don’t have rights to immigrate to any other country. So, my choices are limited.

    But, I can spend time out holidaying in the cities that are best for my condition. Which place in the USA will benefit me the most if I plan a two week holiday during winter time? Can you please suggest areas that are most beneficial?

  47. Dr. Kruse,

    I have been fighting Melasma for the past six years. I have never used contraceptives. My Melasma started Summer of 2010 after moving to the USA. Dec 2010 I became pregnant with my first child and my melisma worsened. After my son was born the Melasma somehow faded (not fully). After 11 months, I became pregnant with my second son and it got even worse. My face was all covered with black/brownish mask. The mask didn’t go away even after the birth of my second son. 12 months after, I became pregnant with my 3rd son. Throughout this 3rd pregnancy, my face was at its worst state. My youngest son is now 23 months old and my face is covered with black/brownish mask (I did TL after my 3rd). I hate to say this, but I hate my face. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed some compounded cream. I applied the cream and my face started to clear. However, I decided to stop using this cream after realizing that I was just addressing the symptoms and not the cause. Now, I am writing to you with desperation. I read your article but not easy to put everything together (especially if you don’t have medical background). Please tell me what steps I can take (in a layman language) to address Melasma.

    • Very simple…..avoid fake man made light and get natural solar light on your skin and eyes. Minimize glasses contacts skin creams while outside in the sun and protect those tissues from made fake blue light inside.

  48. Thank you much Dr. Kruse for your prompt response. In addition to Melasma I have been having constipation issues for the past four years (not sure if these two are connected or not). I think I live pretty healthy life: eat health food (stay away from junk), drink a lot of water each day (at least 80 Oz), workout for at least 30min four days a week. But still not sure why I have been having this constipation issue. Five months ago, I had blood work done (thyroid, vitamins, hormones…etc.). Everything was okay except Vitamin D (which was very low). My doctor advised I get the Vitamin D3 (5000 U.I) which I have been taking. Not sure how I can get sufficient natural solar light (I have to work from 7-4pm and after I have to take care of my boys. Crazy life in deed.

  49. Hi dr
    I am now using these lights at home. These are fluorescent full spectrum lights with little uva and uvb. I want to know if these are good replacement for lack of sunlight in winter.
    Also bit scared of ageing effects of the uv lights. Is there ideal time and duration for exposure? I am also hoping to up my vitamin d levels with these lights . Is there any better lights or you find these will do the job. Please take a look at the link.



    • Sunlight contains the best sources of light. If you persist to live in a poor sunlit country using technology you will have to bio-hack the results because you should expect variable results because artificial light has many non linear effects.

  50. Dr kruse , there may be alternative ways to balance hormones. I am currently working with a physiologist who has reversed melasma in three women already. All the three women has extreme lightening within a month of starting on his protocol. He carries out several blood and urine tests to evaluate full hormonal profile and then suggest diet and life style changes along with supplements to balance hormones.

    I think your protocol is natural and better for overall health. However , melasma could be coming from one or few internal cause such as low progesterone or low cortisol etc. Once the stressor is removed , it may be possible for skin to regain original complexion.

    I am incorporating all the good points from all the sources that I am able to trust. I protect with emf blocking garments at work.8 hours I am seen wearing a hoodies and glasses. I know people notice. always wear uvx glasses in artificial light and follow paleo diet. It’s important for me to balance and not be obsessed because that Instills fear and causes stresses.

    I am still going out for morning walk and luckily sun is still shining in London almost everyday. indoor lightening is just an add on. Migration not possible and losing career is not worth it. But I am going to be shameless soon and start wearing a head scarf to cover my whole face at work. Also sleep in emf blocking quilt at night.

    So , something would click sir.. I have to keep faith…

  51. Dr kruse , can you please share which water do you drink ? do you recommend any specific water filters or bottled water ?

  52. This blog is brilliant. Am neither a doctor nor a science graduate, but I follow healthcare very closely. Being a Pranic healer, I can safely say, all that Dr. Kruse has scientifically elaborated upon is completely validated by ancient texts and energy healing principles.

    Enjoyed reading it, was indeed in depth and insightful.

  53. Dr Kruse, thank you so much for your previous replies sir.

    Can you please comment whether you and your family eat organic food or you don’t care?
    There is lot of confusion around organic food where many people believe it is better than non organic produce as it’s more nutritious and there is much less use of harmful pesticides while growing organic food where others believe it’s no better than non organic food.
    I spend whole lot of money on eating clean since past 6 months.

    So, I would like to know if it’s any use or I am throwing my hard earned money down the drains!!
    I am in London, UK and buy from major retailers who mostly sell organic food at premium price.

    What’s your opinion?

  54. Thank you for writing so thoroughly on this, Dr. Kruse. I developed melasma a few months after I began working as a writer. I went from having a healthy social life and plenty of time outdoors, to spending most of my time at a computer. While I’m not the hermit I was then, I still spend hours on my computer each day working and, unsurprisingly, still suffer from melasma (also recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, though I’m unsure if the cause is Hashimoto’s). Anyway, this is the only thing I’ve read on Melasma and its causes that actually makes sense in my case. It pains me to consider a career change, but I imagine someday I’ll look back and be grateful I did. Thanks again.

  55. Hi Dr Kruse

    I have had melasma for about 4 years. I did much reading and thought it was pointless to go to a dermatologist due to difficulty in treating, but I just started wearing sunscreen on my face, which i am not sure did anything. I also read that it is common in epileptics which I am, so that was another reason I did not pursue any solution.

    This year only, to lose weight, I went low-carb and I did notice patches of it significantly fading. I was also a vegetarian and have just started eating red meat in the last few weeks.

    I have ditched the sunscreen and now also expose my skin to the sun to improve Vit D.

    So my question – is the epilepsy connection true and should I now take a Vit B3 supplement to improve further?

    Thank you in advance

  56. Thank you. I appreciate your response. Would your solutions still apply to epileptics or those on these types of drugs?

    • I would try to avoid the bad ones like dilantin…….but yes.

      • OK, for me, your suggestions are working. I have seen some further improvements since I read this blog. It is daylight savings here, so have just been able to eliminate indoor lighting completely and getting lots of sunlight exposure and priortised AM sunlight on the melasma. I dont profess to understand everything you write, but I can read between the lines. Thank you.

  57. Hello Doctor

    Do you mind commenting on effectiveness of your protocol for melasma that’s caused by extrenal skin injury such as chemical peel, or laser?

    Dermatologists diagnose melasma as symmetrical patches on the upper lip, chin, forehead and cheeks,


  58. HI Dr Kruse

    I have a question unrelated to melasma. Do you believe that mind can cure body like it has been demostrated in films such as ‘The Secret’?

    Morris Woodman was called the miracle man after he disagreed to trust doctors on very poor prognosis on his health and instead strengthen his mind that he will be full recovered and continued to try hard to beat his disfiguremet after the place crash.

    In your material , you focus on nature as a cure for ailments, how about power of mind?

    What’s your opinion?

    • Their is not mond body separation. They are one and the same and of course thinking can control your DNA. That has been on my twitter handle for years. And the current blog Reality 3 has a massive section on melasma

  59. Can you share your perspectives on water fasting as a treatment for melasma? Could it help, or would it make matters worse? And if it might help, what kind of fasting schedule would be best (e.g. alternate day or extended)? Thanks.

  60. Dr Kruse
    There is so much information about what kind of diet is best. I know you emphasie more on the light than food but food also aid to good health and bad health too. So, I would like to hear from you if you think that plant based diet with some meat is better or something more balanced such as 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein is better?

    I had a dutch test and various blood tests done to find some reason for melasma on my face. There has been issues with liver, dehydration, and various nutrient deficiencies. My coach has put me on a 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein diet. And that means that first time in my life, I am eating fish, livers, lamb, turkey and eggs every week and 2 out of 3 meals per day has some meat/fish included.

    I worry about this change whether it is actually healthy to consume that amount of meat or not.

    Can you comment on this please?

    • When you ask this you lose me at the beginning. Light not food should be your focus. Plant based eating is good for herbivores. Humans are not herbivores because of the thermodynamic constraints of their brain. I have no time to argue with the religion of veganism.

      • I am trying to attack melasma from various angles. I do expose to am sun and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I also switch off all lights and electronics after 6pm. My sleep is very good now.

        On various skin forums/fb groups, we have success stories of real women who have reversed melasma using combination of diet, supplements to balance hormones/reverse nutritional deficiencies, going makeup free, and also going spf free.

        I am currently working with an intergrative physiologist who has diagnosed various nutritional deficiencies in me. My progesterone and testesterone is very low, androgens on higher side, very high afternoon cortisol, and liver issues. My diet contains 30% fat + 30% protein now mostly from animal sources, and mostly vegetables and fruits for carbs.

        We have one woman on skin forum, who had almost 100% clearance after she started eating meating after being a vegan for over 10 years..within six months, her face cleared up. I do think melasma can have various causes and some cases may just be nutritional deficiencies.

        I am not an expert or a medical professional, but my knowledge in this matter comes from cases of real women. And,I am trying to incorporate everything in my lifestyle for long term health and melasma reversal.

        • Then read the reality 3 blog…….that is reality.

          • I have read your blog. I already expose to am sun and don’t wear any spf anymore. Is there anything more I could do? Think you suggest red light can inhibit melanogenesis. I use red light lamp in the evenings and my computer is always in the darkroom mode that is combination of red + white + black lights only.

            Sir, If you don’t mind helping me, could you please comment whether using food supplements for short period of time is safe or not?

            I am taking quite a few under the observation of an intergrative physiologist. I do worry about sideeffects. All supplements are medically graded and GMP certified. I am taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Astaxanthin, NAC, Digestive enzymes, milk thistle, omega 3, high strength multi vitamin and multi mineral, probiotic, relora, calcium d glucarate and zinc.

            It has been one month and my coach has told me that apart from relora for cortisol regulation, and few others, he will take me off the rest of the supplements in about 1-2 months.

            Sir, I know you don’t recommend use of supplements. There is also lot of bad press about supplements and how they may cause more harm.
            But I have many deficiencies, liver issues, and hormone imbalance and my coach believes that with use of supplements for few months, all these issues can be resolved. Not to forget that he equally emphasises the importance of good diet with 30% protein + 30% fats + 40% carbs mostly from vegetables/nuts/fruits. He has also advised me to walk 5 mins every hour to improve detoxification of body. No exercise until cortisol is balanced.

            Do you feel supplements maybe too many or could potentially harm me? These must put some extra burden on the body I assume…

            Please spare few minutes and share your true feelings.

          • You keep asking the same questions over and over again…….can you get good sunlight in the UK 8 months of the year. No…….fix that.

  61. I apologise..
    Could you tell which cities in Europe are good ? Someone told me anything north of spain doesn’t get good sunlight.So, cities under spain maybe good? I can try looking for work there…

    Also, is indian cities such as Delhi or Mumbai or south india any good?
    I think we need cities close to the equator….

    I know you have already given the formular to work out but it’s not easy to work out..Some general guideline will be appreciated

    • Can you recommed some light solutions to be used at home? You said in your new reality 3 blog that red light can hinder melanogenesis. Which lights to use and what time of the day?

      Moving city is tough especially when I am single and work as a mainstream professional. Maybe I could try out some lights at home to get light..I am out in the sun everyday it’s shining in the hope it’s helping me but you kill the good feeling and i am back to the square one. Exposing to sun since Sept 2016 now in the hope one day melasma will reverse itself….

    • Use the Dminder app to figure this out.

  62. Thank you. I understand but I think I am in denial. I don’t want to leave London as I have got a new job and want to work towards my progress and also have a good social circle. ..melasma is hard to live with ..but career n friends are also hard to live without …

    Wish you would suggest some lights …I am thinking of buying black lights for vitamin d production actually ..my last experimentation with lights failed …I really wish you would suggest some products that can provide good light to use at home…I don’t use blue light at all n I use red light in the evenings …f blocking quilt at night..Will expose to summer sun every morning …what more can a modern human do? Isolation m lack of friendships can also kill !!

    • Here you go Mandy:Air pollution in London is worse than Beijing China……….

      On Monday London mayor Sadiq Khan issued the highest air pollution alert in London for the first time, and said on Tuesday that the capital’s ‘filthy air’ is now a ‘health crisis.’

      At the banquet table of nature, there are no reserved seats for any living thing. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can hold. If you can’t take anything, you won’t get anything, and if you can’t hold anything, you won’t keep anything. And you can’t take anything without circadian organization. Simple. This picture shows how pseudohypoxia in the environment can ruin an entire countries mitochondria. China futures is being canabilized by poor ideas ied to their lack of action. http://www.sciencealert.com/china-s-smog-is-so-bad-right-now-you-can-only-see-the-tops-of-skyscrapers

      The take home:Smog = air pollution = blocked sunlight = lowered quantum yield = Latitude = lowered solar power in all ranges = lowered UV exposure = Earth does not have its full spectrum of light = Tarp over a tree = trees dies no matter if they are watered and have access to CO2 and minerals from the ground = your modern world modeled. We need water to assimilate the deep power of sunlight. Fake light causes your mitochondria ECT to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling while also creating singlet state electrons….…..when ECT slows, you up-regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. All this occurs just from the change in frequency of light you experience in the UK………..THIS SHOULD MAKE THE POINT CLEAR.
      Air pollution with nnEMF, and blue all act in unison to ruin the Vitamin D and Vitamin A cycle in the retina/brain and skin. Hence since all opsin use both Vitamins this explains why melasma will be next to impossible to cure in LONDON when it occurs without a change in quantum yield.

      • Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to write back.
        I am thinking about it. I don’t even know if the skin darkening I have from laser is definitely melasma since I don’t have just patches but my whole chin is darker shade!! I have a combination of melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I also wonder if somethings are permanent. Same as losing a limb!! Skin damage from laser may not be melasma and may be permanent as skin has acquired a new colour!!

        Now, regarding moving out of London, what are my options? Where would you go if you were a British citizen? Please give me some pointers..I know the formula..But please suggest some cities that you would choose to live in..I can try this out for this year and see if my skin changes for the better!!

  63. Hello Dr Kruse

    Apologies in advance if my posts are bothersome. I don’t mean to write to you so much but I get no help from anyone regarding this on the other forums.

    I went through your latest posts about the tests to check low quantum yield environment. If I can find one village that’s good for me to live, then I can travel there every weekend and get good sun environment on the weekends to begin with. And slowly, make it 50-50 split by working from home on friday and mondays. I can also avoid air travel, and use train + ferry.

    It’s finding that ideal location in Europe that’s a challenge for me. If you could give few pointers like all cities with less population under spain or Italy etc..then that will be great..Please give some pointers so that I can execute this plan this year and see how melasma responds..

  64. How is Croatia/Zagreb in your opinion?

    One of the best success stories from melasma is of woman from from Zagreb. She tried many things, and have been super depressed for years due to melasma. She was on paleo diet for 2 years. And, one summer she decided to stop using spf and only used organic oils on the face while going out in the sun. She also took supplements for low progesterone, thyroid, adrenal support, vitamin d, and probiotics. It took about 2-3 months for her face to clear up almost 100%. I think she posted her pictures on your fb group too.

    I was comparing with her that if Zagreb sun environment is as bad as London then maybe I also have a chance. I apologise, I know population is much lower than London and it’s close to the sea…

  65. Hello Doctor
    Do you believe God can heal any human of any disease?

    There are so many testimonials on YouTube from people who recovered from illness through prayer when medicine didn’t work for them.

    Is this fake? or there is any substance in this?

    • What does Genesis 1:3 say? Let there be light. It says light is the key but it never tells us how to use it or what the recipe is. That is the point of life…….to figure it out. Most don’t. Why? Biology without data is just religion or dogma. Neither one solve any problems they usually just create more.

  66. Hi Dr Kruse,
    First want to say thank you for all your valuable information you share here.
    My question to you is: how does Costa Rica seem as a place for getting sun exposure and being grounded? I ask because I first got Melasma 2 years after I moved Costa Rica.
    My whole life I’ve avoided sunscreen, I’ve never been on birth control (except for trying it a couple weeks 15+ years ago) and my diet is mostly local.. fruit, veggies, meats, rice & beans.
    I haven’t made 100% switch to keto, but I am taking morning sun, using blueblocking on electronics, and lately trying to stay more grounded.
    Is a diet switch the only thing necessary to see improvement? Because right now, it’s only getting worse.
    I should mention, melasma came shortly after use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. (If I knew then what I know now 😢)
    Thanks for any feedback you might have. I truly appreciate your work.

    • Depends on the location in the country. San Jose is not so great due to population density.

      • Thank you for your quick response! I am located in the province Heredia. We are about 1.5 hours from the beach, city of Herradura. I take beach trips more often now. (Currently a little red from last weekend’s trip 🙂
        Google has conflicting info on population, but in the city center is apx. 45,000, the province as a whole looks to be quite a bit more.
        Could nnEmf be the only reason I have melasma?
        Even though I am getting a lot of sun exposure and fruits grow all year round here, should I try to keep them at a minimum?
        Like many women, I’m desperate to cure myself naturally and will do everything I can to adhere to your advice.
        Thanks again🌴

  67. Dr Kruse
    Is the London sunlight environment ideal for melasma treatment during the summer months?
    SInce you suggest AM sun exposure, does that still apply to London or some other hours are more suitable due to location?

    I understand for Vitamin D production, afternoon sun is ideal and I will also use the DMinder app.

    I am already doing a lot to protect from nnemf. Today I ordered a emf blocking sleeping bag that can also be grounded. Just in a search of few stockings to wear with my dresses. Along with my hoodie, stockings/tights can give me 95% coverage at work. So, I am protecting myself for about 16-18 hours a day. London underground has no wifi thus far which means my travel time i.e. 2 extra hours is also safe.

    I just didn’t get a chance to expose to good sun so far since I have stopped wearing SPF only last Aug. This summer I want to try my best If I am sure of the ideal hours for morning exposure.

    Any idea please?

  68. Dr Kruse
    I have seen some further improvement in my cheeks since I have made some basic level changes, but I have started wondering why so many women do not have melasma despite the location they live, the use of contacts and sunglasses, staying up late in blue light etc. I got thinking about other females in my immediate family who don’t have it. We all live in the same city and operate day to day similarly, ie office jobs, CFL bulbs, computer based work, sunscreen, sunglasses etc……yes we are all a bit tubby, but only I have this problem. I have epilepsy – they don’t, but this reason is surely an outlier. Just curious – again thank you.

  69. Hello Dr Kruse!

    I live in central Canada and although sunshine pretty much daily isn’t a problem – cold is! 🙂 I have a wonderful sunroom with huge windows and wonder if sunbathing in there would have the same effect as outside?

    Thanks so much in advance for your time and response!

  70. One more question – what’s the ideal daily dose for Niacin that will get some results? I took 500mg without knowing what a niacin flush is and well … now I know. lol

    I reduced down to 125 and am working myself up.

  71. I should have asked as well – is it damaging to be directly exposed to the sun through the windows over an extended period of time because glass filters out the UV light?

  72. Dr.

    I would like to know what causes melasma in a male?

  73. Dr.
    What do you recommend to a pregnant woman who sees the pregnancy mask covering her face ?

  74. I hope you could enjoy your visit in Paris anyway!
    I am about to order blue-blocking filters for iphone, ipad… and glasses on LowBlueLights website.
    You think it is good ?
    Thank you Dr.

  75. Dear Dr.
    Which kind of bulbs would you recommend :
    – bulbs from Low blue lights :
    – Incandescent bulbs ?
    Thanks a lot.

  76. I try to use a minimal amount of artificial lighting. Never before the night is really dark.
    I need light:
    – in bedrooms (mine and my new born baby) and in the bathroom: i need to use it before going to bed and at night when I wake up to breastfeed and change my baby.
    – in the living/kitchen space (it’s the same space) for cooking and having dinner in winter when night comes early.
    Thanks a lot Dr. to kindly answer to all my questions.

  77. Dr Kruse, The mandate to use a personal pic to join your forum makes me paranoid about someone from work seeing it, but I did want to acknowledge to you that your solutions here are working. One side of my cheek has nearly gone and I cant believe how clear the skin is thats replacing the melasma covered skin. Thank you.

    • Pat I won’t bend the human avatar rule because I believe that theinternet fosters poor behavior when we do not know who we are talking too. When we see your human face it helps us communicate and it is tied to dopamine creation. I would suggest you read Roeland Van Wijk book and look at all the bio-photons released from the face toprove my point.

    • Hi Pat..i have melasma from past 4 yrs ..please let me know what u been doing that cleared it melasma on one cheek . I have melasma on both cheeks. I started morning sun walk.. one hr to 45 mins everyday bare face skin. Also evening sun. But I see its increasing more now. Are u taking any supplements also.

  78. Hello Dr Kruse,
    At this point i would like to kill myseld, i’am 33yo men. Two years ago i put the horrible cream : lifitane de SVR. 10 min adter i have melasma, and sun get it worth. I live in the dark from two years. I stopped alcool feom 2 years, i drink only water and i eat better.

    I just want to know what do you recommand
    to dind back my skin before melasma.

    1)Is there an oral treatment you recommand me to talk to my next Doctor ?

    2) Is , put hat + glasses +spf50 sunscreen forever, the only solution you recommand ?

    i stay all the time in a room with formaldehyde and blue screen (tv computer and phone).

  79. Dear Dr.
    Since I use blue light blocking filters and a minimum amount of artificial light at night, my sleep is much better (even if I am at my last month of pregnancy). Melasma is still there but I know it will take time.
    1/ Do you think face dunking could help?
    2/ What do you think about the latitude and the amount of nnEMF in Paris?

  80. I live in Mumbai India. I have hypothyroid, melasma and have menopaused early at 40. I also have low progesterone.

    So do i understand correctly that the cure is morning sunlight with no sun protection and reduced artificial light (from all sources)

    Would that cure melasma?

  81. Joe Canti says:

    Hi Doc, it occured to be that the CD38 protein might have a role to play. One of it’s jobs is calcium homeostasis. It also gets upregulated with immune activation, converting NAD+ into ADP ribose, and hashimoto’s patients seem to have more of it. Personally, an organic acids test showed upregulated pyruvate to lactate conversion and sub optimal fat metabolism, as well as high oxalic acid and candida markers. At first, I just thought the high lactate was just another backup energy production pathway – now I’m thinking it’s a deliberate mechanism to regenerate NAD+ from NADH, perhaps in the presence of upregulated CD38, which may be upregulated via EMFs, oxidative stress and dna damage.

    A hair test also showed high intracellular calcium and low potassium, which is a hallmark of low thyroid. I’m beginning to figure out why!

    Still not so sure exactly how this fits together. What do you think?

    Thank you for your work!

  82. Hi Dr. Kruse,
    I’ve been spending some time trying to understand all this moving from this post to other blog posts you’re mentioning.
    I understand the am sunlight exposure and limit blue light – so I will give this a try.

    Few things about me:
    34 years old – grew up in Belgium but moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago.
    Had hair loss in my 20’s and was diagnosed with hypothyroid even though I don’t have any of the other symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain etc.
    Went on t3 only meds to bring down my very high reverse t3.

    *** developed melasma 3 years into t3 medication treatment. (now 4-5 years of melasma)

    rt3 went down – non existing t4 – t3 got high towards the end.
    Saw different doctors/naturopaths. Put me on t3/t4 combo. Along with an insane cocktail of supplements. Results still poor.
    I don’t have any lab tests that suggest auto immune disease. (ANA test negative)

    Consistent extremely low Dhea, cholesterol, Alk phos, coq10, low vitamin d (this last one went up a bit with supplementation)

    Dutch test showed poor methylation and high OH-4-E1 (the bad estrogen)

    My thyroid or any other levels would never improve or level out in the 7 years since diagnoses.

    ** Maybe not unrelated: I did break pelvis and sacrum when I was younger and have sciatica in right leg with back pain. Pretty chronic but I stay very active as it is better. Used to take a lot of advil for pain but stopped that as well 10 months ago now.

    May of 2017 – went off thyroid meds completely.

    Now seeing a herbalist in LA here that is treating me for gut and sinus issues. Eating a lot of veggies. No supplements at all anymore either.
    He says I need to get my body back to being normal. He also recommends 15 min of sun in the am every day.
    I’m also making food with turmeric more and making “turmeric lattes” – and eat a few brazil nuts every day for selenium. (keeps rt3 down supposedly)

    Aside from the lab tests showing thyroid and other issues, the melasma is what bothers me the most.

    Before the melasma started, I was in the sun though, so why would it have happened then in the first place if sun is such a big factor in your path for a cure. I barely wore any makeup before I had melasma but I do now of course.

    I’ve ordered the blue light blockers for all my electronics already. And went in the full sun this am for 5 minutes (baby steps). And no more sunglasses.

    Given all this info about me and my past and current health – are there any other recommendations you may have? I read one of your blog posts about dhea supplementation but above you say you don’t like supplementing with anything that your body should make naturally.

    Also – the resveratrol, should this just be taken through wine/chocolate?

    I realize this is a lot of info and a long post. Appreciate any insight.


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